Jens Christiansen

Jens is a transdisciplinary social scientist and PhD Student at Lancaster Environment Centre, UK.  His PhD research is supervised by Professor Christina Hicks and Dr. Patrick Bigger at Lancaster Environment Centre, UK, who provide expertise on ocean governance, biodiversity conservation and environmental finance. Empirically, Jens’ doctoral research focuses on how conservation and biodiversity finance approaches are being mobilized within the so-called ”Blue Economy” through private financing of marine protected areas, blue bonds, individual transferable quotas and insurance products. This research aims to understand the institutions, economic models and stakeholders that come together in order to make marine conservation bankable.  This furthermore implies understanding the transformations that happen when conservation finance implemented in marine spaces. Besides drawing on recent scholarship in economic geography, Jens has an academic background in economic history and political economy, which he mobilizes in his research.


Selected bibliography

Høst, J., & Christiansen, J. (2018) Nordic fisheries in transition – future challenges to management and recruitment. Copenhagen: Nordisk Ministerråd.