Dr. Jens Christiansen

Dr. Jens Christiansen (Lund University) is an Economic Geographer (PhD, Lancaster University) focusing financialization, global value chains and environmental governance. As part of the Tracing Biodiversity Capital project, Jens focused on the challenges of attracting finance for sustainable ocean activities and turning capital into environmental impacts. During his PhD, he analyzed the role of blended finance, parametric insurance, thematic bonds and value chain upgrading as they have been applied in the ocean economy. Furthermore, Jens has experience researching how individual transferable quotas (ITQs) transform fisheries management and coastal communities. Being employed as a postdoc at Lund University, Jens continues his work on value chain restructuring and biodiversity finance.

Selected publications

Christiansen, J. (2021). Fixing fictions through blended finance: The entrepreneurial ensemble and risk interpretation in the Blue Economy. Geoforum, 120, 93-102.

Christiansen, J. (2021). Securing the sea: ecosystem-based adaptation and the biopolitics of insuring nature’s rents. Journal of Political Ecology, 28(1), 337-357.

Christiansen, J. (2024). State capacity and the ‘value’ of sustainable finance: Understanding the state-mediated rent and value production through the Seychelles Blue Bonds. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 56(2), 402-417.

Høst, J., & Christiansen, J. (2018). Nordic fisheries in transition: future challenges to
management and recruitment. Nordic Council of Ministers.

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