Trying to Have it All

Yes you can.

One of my favourite TV shows is 30 Rock. It follows the hilariously awkward life of Liz Lemon, head writer of TGS with Tracey Jordan, a Saturday Night Live parody. She works long hours, deals with idiots otherwise called her staff and actors, while trying to achieve the impossible: having it all. Having it all means getting a boyfriend, having a baby and eating healthy, none of which have panned out except for the first one in the lastest season.

At times, everyone puts exceedingly impossible goals for themselves. Getting a six pack. Going into space. Holding Walt Disney’s¬†cryogenically¬†frozen hand. But what Liz is trying to do isn’t impossible. There’s a push and shove. She doesn’t want to give up anything like time in her work and eating Cheezy Blasters while achieving her goals, but sometimes you can’t “have it all”. You can have certain things, but not everything.

Liz’s crazy life has got me to thinking about balance and achievable goals. I’ve set goals for myself for this summer, within the next year, within 5 years, and my entire life. Something’s gotta give and I have to be realistic. I’ll probably never date Jennifer Aniston or be an animated Disney character, but that’s ok. I have other goals. Goals that are doable. Goals are dreams with hard work. Goals I am working towards bit by bit every day.

As long as you are a little bit crazy, crazily passionate, dare to dream a little higher, you can do anything. Don’t give up on what you like. As Lemon says:

Hey, I don’t bail. I am still watching Smash, Criss. – Liz Lemon