Bangladesh Students’ Association at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada





Bangladesh Students’ Association



  • 2.1 to promote cooperation and friendship among the Bangladeshi students attending UBC
  • 2.2 to organize cultural and sports programs, and other social events
  • 2.3 to create awareness about Bangladesh among the UBC students, and offer a common platform for students of all different backgrounds, who are interested in issues related to Bangladesh
  • 2.4 to work with other clubs at UBC to organize joint events to promote ties and friendship between students of different countries and cultures.
  • 2.5 to orient Bangladeshi students with the local communities in Vancouver



  • 3.1 Active members (any student at UBC who wishes to join and pays membership fee)
  • 3.2 Associate members (Current or former students, faculty or staff of UBC or other Canadian universities and pays membership fee)
  • 3.3 Other members (Other individuals (16+) living in Canada who are interested about issues related to Bangladesh and pays membership fee)


The executive of this organization shall comprise of the following positions:

  • 4.1 President
  • 4.2 Vice-President (External)
  • 4.3 Vice-President (Internal)
  • 4.4 Secretary
  • 4.5 Treasurer
  • 4.6 Associate Vice-President (Sports)
  • 4.7 Associate Vice-President (Culture)
  • 4.8 Associate Vice-President (Liaison)
  • 4.9 Associate Vice-President (Web)


All financial dealings shall be done through the AMS Administration Office. The sole signing officer of this organization shall be the: Treasurer. In his/her absence/resignation, Secretary will be the signing authority for the interim period.


6.1 All amendments from within the club shall be passed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority at a general meeting where quorum is present, and shall be presented at a general meeting at least two (2) weeks before it is voted upon.

6.2 An amendment may be proposed at a general meeting if it is passed by the executives and presented with a signed minute.

6.3 An amendment may be proposed at a general meeting if it is presented by a signed petition representing twenty percent (20%) of the active membership.

6.4 All amendments shall be forwarded to the SAC secretary, and shall be favorably voted upon by SAC in order to become effective.

6.5 The constitution may be amended by a minute of SAC




  • 1.1 There shall be a minimum of one general meeting in fall, one in summer, and one in spring session.
  • 1.2   A general meeting shall be called by the Secretary at the request of the executive committee.
  • 1.3   A general meeting shall be called by the President on receipt of a petition representing at least twenty percent (20%) of the active membership.
  • 1.4   Notice of the general meeting shall be emailed and phoned to all members at least seven (7) days before the meeting is to take place.


  • 2.1 The election of executive officers shall take place during the first two (2) weeks of January
  • 2.2 Voting shall be by secret ballot.
  • 2.3 Nominations shall be submitted to the Election Commissioner at least twenty four hours before the election meeting.
  • 2.4 The president may accept nominations from the floor of the general meeting.
  • 2.5 The new executive shall take office at the first executive meeting after the election.
  • 2.6 Results of the election shall be submitted to the SAC secretary (604-822 2361, SUB 246) no later than seven (7) days after the election.
  • 2.7 The election session will be presided by an Election Commissioner, who is an active member of the club, selected by the executive committee, who will not run in that election
  • 2.8 Any member of the executive committee can resign from the position by a written letter addressed to the President, and forwarding a copy to the Secretary. A one month’s notice is required to quit one’s position.
  • 2.9 The President in consultation with the VP (internal) will organize an election in the immediate next general meeting to fill up that post. In the interim period, the executive committee will assign another member of the executive committee to take over the charges for the resignee’s position
  • 2.10 An executive committee member must notify the President and the VP (internal) for an absence from duties of more than 1 month. Moreover, the post of an executive committee member shall stand vacant if the person concerned is absent from three consecutive executive committee meetings without any obvious reason. The executive committee will assign another member of the Bangladesh Students’ Association to take over the charges for the absentee’s position for that time being or for the vacant position till the next election.
  • No member of the Bangladesh’s Students’ Association can be the president for more than a single term.
  • Irrespective of the time of graduation, a member of the Bangladesh Students’ Association shall retain her or his voting privilege till April 30 of the next year.


  • Only living, active members of the Bangladesh Students’ Association shall be eligible to hold executive offices.


  • 4.1 Only active members of the Bangladesh Students’ Association shall vote, sign petitions or be elected to the club.
  • 4.2 To let the Bangladeshi-Canadians and non-Bangladeshi learn and experience Bangladeshi culture.
  • 4.4 To help settling newly-arrived Bangladeshi students/exchange students
  • 4.5 To unite diverse ethnic and religious groups of Bangladesh in a friendly environment.
  • 4.6 To obtain information, sponsorship and tickets for various events organized by different Bangladeshi Associations of British Columbia ie. concerts, formal dinners, general meetings.
  • 4.7 To form a voice for the Bangladeshi students in the BC Bangladeshi Community
  • 4.8 To notify upcoming interesting events at UBC through e-mail, phone or fax.


Title Duties
    1. Officially represent the Bangladesh Students’ Association, UBC at UBC, to the media, and to community
      1. Preside over the Executive Committee and General Body Meetings
      2. Prepare and submit all regulatory paperwork and documents for the club to continue
      3. Plan and formulate overall and long term objectives of the club
Vice-President (External)
      1. Perform all the activities of the President in his/her absence

5.2.2.  Build working relations with other Bangladeshi

organizations in Canada, Bangladesh, and in any other country

      1. Develop programs with Canadian organizations working (or interested to work) on Bangladesh related issues
      1. Develop joint programs with Bangladeshi students attending SFU, UVic and UNBC
Vice-President (Internal)
      1. Take feed-back and suggestions from the members about the club activities
      2. Develop joint programs with other student organizations at UBC
      3. Build and maintain liaison with AMS, GSS, and International Student Office at UBC
      1. Organize meetings, inform members
      2. Perform tasks assigned by the President or VPs
      3. Develop promotional materials of Bangladesh Students’ Association (e.g., brochures, souvenirs, booklets, posters)
      4. Act as treasurer in his/her absence
Treasurer 5.5.1.   Administer the finances of the Association
5.5.2.   Receive and make payments for events
5.5.3.   Prepare the annual budget for the AMS
Associate VP (Culture)
      1. Plan and budget for cultural events, get those approved by the executive committee
      2. Organize cultural events (e.g., debates, writing competition, musical and recitation programs)
      3. Plan and organize joint cultural events with Bangladeshi students at SFU, UVic and UNBC
Associate VP (Sports)
      1. Plan and budget for sports events, get those approved by the executive committee
      2. Organize sports events (e.g., soccer, cricket, badminton, table tennis)
      3. Plan and organize joint sports events with Bangladeshi students at SFU, UVic and UNBC
Associate VP (Liaison)
      1. Keep contact with and provide relevant information to all incoming Bangladeshi studentsbefore their arrival
      1. Arrange to receive new students at the airport and manage temporary accommodation
      2. Organize to help the new students to settle initially (e.g., to register for courses, open bank account, guide them to find places at UBC and shops in Vancouver, guide them to rent a place for living)
      3. Provide logistic support to the students who are leaving UBC/Vancouver after attending UBC
      4. Plan, organize and budget for farewell programs, subject to the approval by the executive committee, for the students who are leaving
Associate VP (Web) 5.9.1 Develop a web-page of BSA and maintain it
5.9.2  Create and update contact lists of all members


  • 6.1 All procedural matters shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.
  • 6.2 Any further discrepancies shall be decided by Student Court, which is the final authority.


Unless otherwise stated, the quorum for all meetings shall be not less than fifty percent (50%) of the active membership of the club.


  • 8.1 Fees shall not be refundable under any circumstances.
  • 8.2 The executive may amend the fees at the first executive meeting of the winter session, but the amendment shall not be valid unless passed by SAC.
  • 8.3 Active annual membership fees shall be: $5.00 CAD
  • 8.4 Associate annual membership fees shall be: $8.00 CAD
  • 8.5 Other annual fees shall be: $8.00 CAD
  • 8.6 There shall be no fee for active annual membership for the undergraduate students during their first year of membership.


Committees may be appointed by the executive or at a general meeting. Each committee shall be supervised by an active member selected by the executive committee. Appointed executives or committee members shall not have a vote in executive decisions, but shall have regular voting privileges at Annual General Meetings.


  • 10.1 In accordance with the AMS Bylaw 13 (6) (Subsidiary Organizations), all funds shall be remitted to the Vice-President Finance.
  • 10.2 An annual report including a statement of club proposed expenditures and expected revenues shall be submitted to the Vice-President Finance by April 1 of each year.


Nothing in these bylaws shall be interpreted in a manner contradictory to the AMS Constitution Code, rules, regulations or policies enacted from time to time by the Alma Mater Society.