The Ethos behind Tales of Creation


The spirit of the creation story told by King depicts a world that is cooperative and where everyone is treated as equals. A world that is kind and where everyone belongs and is willing to work with one another. King clearly demonstrates that the culture behind this tale is a cooperative one that believes everyone should work together in order to create a working society and a sustainable world to live in. It characterizes the society in a more peaceful way.

The creation stories that I know of have both similarities and differences between them. The one I am more familiar with and remember believing is the story where the Earth was created in 6 days. Where the first days were for the light and the dark, and the land and the sea, before any creatures came along. I also learned of the story of Adam and Eve, a tale with more of a negative connotation. Neither of these stories tell much of cooperation. In both cases, God is said to have created everything. There was no mutual building of the world. In both these stories, creatures like animals and humans were also later brought in.

In a sense, the building of the world in 6 days story of creation did appear as if everything was equal. Everything made equally to enjoy the wonders of the world. In the story of Adam and Eve, God is clearly superior.   As well, it seems some things were made specifically for the human Adam, although some variations may differ in this respect.  As well, the 6 days of creation story had a more positive feel, or at least neutral – similar to the one King told. The story of Adam and Eve, on the other hand, had a more negative message to it, which God was all powerful and banished Adam and Eve from the garden for a sin they were not wholly aware they were committing. As well, which King’s story goes from disorganization to harmony, the story of Adam and Eve does the opposite.

I can also see King’s story being received as beautiful. Not only the way it is written but the content within itself. The stories in genesis, as one blogger pointed out, cannot really be seen as such. King story also has a more fictitious feel, while the stories in Genesis feel more assertive and historical.  I found this the case with many Native American creation stories. I loved how these tales are told and how they give a more storytelling feel, even if they feel more like myths than truth. It is defiently interesting to see what different stories different cultures create.

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