Felipe Eltit

PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

University of Chile, DDS, Faculty of Dentistry
University of Chile, MSc, Faculty of Medicine

My main research work is about Cellular reaction to biomaterials, more specifically I have been focused on understanding the etiology and pathogenesis of adverse reactions to metal implants. In this multidisciplinary project, different techniques have been used, in the different field of analysis. To analyze the materials behavior and corrosion in the human body, we have use SEM-EDX, and Synchrotron-powered X-ray fluorescence and XRD (in collaboration with Qiong Wang in the Canadian Light Source). The tissue analysis of biopsies included Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence, at the time that cell culture experiments combined with flow cytometry, q-PCR and antibody microarrays have helped in the understanding of the cellular reaction to the corrosion products generated by the orthopedic implants.

In a parallel research line, we work in the understanding of the mechanical behaviour of the human dentin. Through mechanical testing and novel observation techniques, including LSCM, SEM and Micro-CT scanner we aim to understand the deformation process in human dentin in order to develop better restorative dental  materials.