Vice Presendent External

Vice President External

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Erika Siren

PhD Candidate in Chemistry


University of Toronto, M.Sc
University of Toronto, (Hons) B.Sc.

My research with Dr. Jay Kizhakkedathu works at the interface of chemistry
and cellular biology, where I design bio-inspired polymers for use in cell
surface engineering. This methodology is used to prevent delayed graft
function and rejection in whole organ transplants by creating an
immunoisolation barrier between the blood and vasculature. My experiments
are conducted using a microfluidic platform to mimic perfusion based cold
storage of organs and post-transplantation blood flow.

Outside the lab I enjoy sailing in the summer, attempting to use my skills
as a chemist to perfect my cooking techniques, and a healthy dose of yoga.
Research Methods: Flow Cytometry, Microfluidics, Enzyme Mediated
Bioconjugation, Organic Synthesis, Confocal Microscopy