Vice President Internal


Vice President Internal


Toni Tang

PhD Candidate in Materials Engineering


Huazhong University of Science and Technology

My research is dedicated to studying the biomechanics issues, to be more specific, materials mechanism of hip fracture. My main research focus involves studying the fracture and deformation process of bone when being applied under tension, compression and bending. To probe this issue, mechanical tests, optical microscope, digital image correlation technique, SEM and other related techniques are adopted. This coupled approach will provide insights into the how the bone, especially the hip, will response to the complicated and dynamic mechanical functions at the nano-scale.

I’m an active “gym monkey”. I love doing my weights in the gym early every morning, but I have a complicated relation with cardio 🙂 My favorite cardio is running the wreck beach with my best friends! I love hiking on weekend during summer. I usually aim for intermediate to difficult trails, and I just love conquering all the difficulties for the ultimate beautiful view! I go for snowboarding in winters, and love whistler mountain! I’m a big fan of tennis (Federer would be my favorite forever) and soccer (barcelona would be my love no matter what), although I’m not into playing any of them myself.