Event Organizers

Workshop Organizing Committee 

Workshop organizer – Natasha Klasios (she/her)

Natasha is a PhD Candidate the Tseng lab in the Department of Zoology/Biodiversity Research Centre at UBC. She completed her undergrad at the University of Toronto where she conducted her honours thesis with Dr. Chelsea Rochman, investigating microplastics and PAHs in bivalves from San Francisco Bay. She is currently quantifying microplastic pollution in various lakes across BC, in partnership with the Provincial Long Term Lake Monitoring Program. She is also interested in investigating the impacts of microplastics, particularly fibers, on zooplankton and fish, in combination with climate-change induced stressors such as temperature warming. When not in the lab, Natasha enjoys cooking, hiking, running, and all things relating to soccer!

Workshop coordinator – Jihyun Olivia Kim (she/her)

Contact email: jihyun03@student.ubc.ca

Jihyun is a UBC MSc student of Botany in the Tseng Lab, where she is examining the effects of temperature warming and heatwaves on phytoplankton communities and their nutritional quality, as well as how changes in these variables could impact their zooplankton consumers. Her broad research interests are in human impacts on aquatic ecology, particularly at the species and community level. Jihyun completed her BSc in Environmental Sciences also at UBC. Outside of her studies, her hobbies include reading, trail running and going for bike rides!

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