Keynote Speaker 

Alessandra Cera

Alessandra Cera (MSc) is a current PhD Candidate in Molecular, Cellular and Environmental Biology at the University of Rome “Roma Tre”. Her PhD research has focused on analyses of microplastics in water, sediment, and fish from a volcanic lake in Central Italy. Her expertise extends to the analysis of water quality using bioindicators (macrophytes and macroinvertebrates) and biomarkers (Hydra vulgaris). She is the author of two reviews focused on freshwater environments and microplastic pollution (linked below).

Cera, A., & Scalici, M. (2021). Freshwater wild biota exposure to microplastics: A global perspective. Ecology and Evolution, 11(15), 9904–9916.

Cera, A., Cesarini, G., & Scalici, M. (2020). Microplastics in Freshwater: What Is the News from the World? Diversity, 12(7), 276.

Workshop Participants 

Quinn Allamby

MSc, McMaster University

Presentation: “Toxicity and accumulation of microplastics in freshwater macroinvertebrates”

Kennedy Bucci

PhD, University of Toronto

Presentation: “Environmentally-sourced microplastics cause trans-generational impacts in fathead minnows, while pre-consumer microplastics do not”

Madelaine P.T. Bourdages (she/her)

PhD, Carleton University

Presentation: “Characterization of microplastics in surface water from the Yellowknife River and Yellowknife Bay, Northwest Territories”

 ​Gen D’Avignon

PhD, McGill University

Presentation: “Using Community Modules to Study the Fate of Microplastics in Freshwater Food Webs”

Miguel Eduardo L. Felismino (he/him)

MSc, Concordia University

Presentation: “The effects of microplastics on the development, behaviour and cognition of juvenile convict cichlids”

Shaun Forrest

PhD, Carleton University

Sam Gene

PhD, Queen’s University

Presentation: “The effects of a microplastic mixture on wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) growth and development”

Alex Jardine

MSc, Carleton University

Presentation: “Quantifying microplastic ingestion in Walrus and Ringed Seals from the Canadian Arctic.”

Natasha Klasios (she/her)

PhD, University of British Columbia

Presentation: “First insights into microplastic contamination in BC lakes”

Yaryna Kudla (she/her)

MSc, University of Guelph

Presentation: “Testing the impacts of microplastics on juvenile freshwater mussel Lampsilis siliquoidea”

Desiree Langenfeld 

MSc, University of Manitoba

Presentation: “How microplastics affect freshwater zooplankton communities: Preliminary results from a large-scale in-lake mesocosm study”

Natasha Neves

MSc, Queen’s University

Presentation: “Future plans: Effects of microplastics on litter-associated macroinvertebrates”

Cody Veneruzzo

PhD, Lakehead University

Presentation: “Effects of microplastics on Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) metabolic rates”

Colleen Wardlaw

PhD, McMaster University

Presentation: “Microplastics in White Sucker (Catostomus commersonii) and Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) from the Upper Thames River, Ontario”

Jessie Wilson

MSc, Acadia University