Roles of executive members

All graduate students, as the ordinary members of CHBE GSC (“Grad Club”), qualify to become the executive members of CHBE Graduate Student Council and to join as committee members.

The roles of executive members are explained below:

President Oversees the events and provides guidance to new committee members.

With secretary and other committee members, negotiates an annual full-term budget with the department.

Holds the signing authority of the CHBE GSC bank account at Bank of Montreal (BMO).

Attends the monthly departmental meeting.

Liaisons between the department administration and the graduate students.

Secretary Proxy of president at departmental meeting and other meetings in case of president’s absence.

Assists the president with finance matters, co-signer of CHBE GSC bank account with the president.

Handles the day-to-day administrative duties of the Grad Club, such as returns, cash transaction record and other activities.

VP Communications Manages the CHBE GSC Official website, “The Blog,” and its official Facebook Group.

Communicates the CHBE GSC and CHBE department events to the graduate students and other members in UBC through posters, electronic displays, and verbal communication.

VP Academics


Leads the organization of the monthly Professional Development Seminar (see The Blog for more information).

Helps to form the committees for other academic activities, such as 3MT and Research Day.

Advocates for the CHBE graduate students’ academic improvement.

VP Sports Leads the organization of sport activities.

With the help of VP Social, organizes the outdoor activities of CHBE GSC, such as barbecues and hiking trips.

VPs Social


Organizes indoor social activities.

Leads the organization of the coffee break and CHBE social activities such as Halloween Pumpkin Carving and other festive events.

Helps keep the weekly Friday Coffee Break running.

Committee members (3 to 5 people)

These committee members are proactive graduate students who wish to contribute to the activities of CHBE GSC and to support the organization of events.

They attend the grad club monthly meeting to provide their opinions and to help out during event organization.