English 301 is a dedicated writing course that is offered online. This course focuses on writing and online communication principles specifically in a business and professional context. This course is intended for students that are in commerce, science, education, health science and the Co-Op program.

The course is divided into 4 units. In unit 1, students will be introduced to the principles of technical and business writing. Specifically,  students will focus on the genre of business correspondence In addition, students will work together on the student forum in small teams. In unit 2, students will start their formal report project. This is the unit where students create and peer review their report proposal and also summarize a partner’s report proposal. Students will also start exploring the Linked-in website. In unit 3, students will work on both their formal report project as well as their job applications. Finally, in unit 4, students will spend time re-writing their formal report and to complete their job application assignments. 

The major purposes of the course is to introduce writing in the professional context and to engage students to perfect their techniques for professional writing through writing assignments and creating an online portfolio on Linked in.

My expectations for this course would be that it is writing intensive and there would be many opportunities for small assignments. I would expect that this is an english course that is different to other english courses because it focuses on professional writing versus analytical essay that are commonly written in university. I would expect that this course is practical in that techniques learned would prepare us for writing in our future careers. I would also expect to receive feedback from peers through opportunities of peer review. Given our peer reviews, I would expect opportunities of self reflect and self edit to perfect our professional writing.