What happened this September

September 30th, 2013 § 0 comments

This month:

Microsoft and Nokia get cozier, the US government shutdown, and Big Gods


Microsoft acquires Nokia’s handset division

The mobile handset-maker that once was global king-of-the-hill, and is now relegated to just about 3% of the smartphone market, has been sold to Microsoft.

Where Nokia went wrong (The New Yorker)


US government shutdown

An economics professor at UBC answers some questions about the shutdown. For example: Why is this even happening? Because the Congress can’t agree on a budget while part of it tries to delay “Obamacare”.

Breaking down the U.S. government shutdown (UBC News)


Big Gods

A new book explores the question of whether cooperation among strangers increased because of the cultural spread of faith in so-called “Big Gods” that see everything and punish amoral transgressions.

Big Gods: How religion transformed cooperation and conflict (UBC News)


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