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This month:

Jump-starting the immune system, abdominal fat and how we get tall.


It’s all in the enzymes:

Researchers are developing techniques besides the usual by figuring out how to stimulate the body’s immune response to disease, resulting in reduced lag time and (possibly) prolonged defensive response.

UBC scientists find new way to mobilize immune system against viruses (CityLab)


The fat ’round the middle:

Material I acquired as part of a Health Psychology class convinced me that abdominal fat, the type that pads the space between our organs, is especially dangerous. The article linked below gives some background and advice on what to do about it. Hint: improve physical activity and watch portion size.


The visceral type of fat is in the abdominal region, surrounding the organs. Source: StemBook.org

Abdominal fat and what to do about it (Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide)


Taller than your grandfather, on average:

The last time I was part of a group discussing physical development and by extension height, the major point seemed always to be nutritional access. Turns out it’s nutrition and sanitation. When infected with disease, nutrients will be diverted as “growth takes a back seat to keeping the heart and organs functioning”. If disease is common enough these diversions can be prolonged enough to visibly affect growth.

How We Get Tall (The Atlantic)

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