MEDIASMARTS : Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy

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This site is a great resource for teachers wishing to impart to their native students the importance in understanding the digital world as it relates to them.  This site “hones in on many issues that are specific or unique to Aboriginal people in Canada, including the under-reporting of crimes against Aboriginal people by news media and the unique challenges faced by Aboriginal people seeking to produce content for their own communities.”  It also provides teachers with content and lesson plans that relate to the experiences and perspective of today’s native youth.  On lesson title “Who is telling my story” focuses on how minority cultures have been portrayed in the media.


“They consider the key media literacy concepts that “audiences negotiate

meaning” and “media contain ideological and value messages and have

social implications” in discussing how different kinds of representation have

become unacceptable and how those kinds of representations were tied to stereotypes. Finally, students discuss current examples of majority-group

actors playing minority-group characters and write and comment on blogs in

which they consider the issues raised in the lesson.
I found this site to be a wealth of information that any teacher would benefit from exploring and using in their own teaching.

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