The River, The People and The Industry: The damming history of the Ottawa River Watershed BY LEVELLER WEB PUBLISHER ⋅ NOVEMBER 17, 2015 ⋅

This article found in the Leveller discusses the public educational event where Peter Di Gangi told the story of the Ottawa River Watershed. Peter Di Gangi is the Research Director for Algonquin Nations Secretariat.  The story explains how Di Gangi shared the long history of development along the Ottawa river and describes how native communities have been profoundly affected.  Development decisions have altered the landscape, have had environmental impacts and forced communities to change their way of life.  The discussion of pending wind turbine projects in Ontario lead Di Gangi to explain how Aboriginal communities are not in agreement in whether they support the projects and conversations between communities are ongoing.  He reinforces the point that Aboriginal views on ecological matters are too often assumed to be homogenous.

Module 4 Entry 1
Brendan Clark

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