Unravelling the Stories

“The goal of Indigenous research is not to comprehend the world as an object,

but rather to move through

the world as a way of knowing in a journey that transforms all those involved.”

~ Sorsen C. Larsen {referencing Cajete, 2000)

While keeping with my initial theme of story, the following links focus more acutely on the authenticity of story due to its source and connection to place.

A Deeper Sense of Place: Stories and Journeys of Collaboration in Indigenous Research – by Jay T. Johnson and Soren C. Larsen



This book contains excerpts from multiple writers relating the concept of place to personhood, belonging and identity. The place experiences of the authors range from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Canada. In particular, these two chapters are of keen interest to me regarding story and place:

“Awakening to Belonging” ~ written by Anne Godlewska

“The Micropolitics of Storytelling in Collaborative Research: Reflections on a Mapping Project with the Cheslatta-Carrier Nation in British Columbia” ~ written by Soren C. Larsen

  • This resource can be accessed online through UBC Library.

America Indians in Children’s Literature – A blog by Debbie Reese and Jean Mendoza


Visiting this blog has the potential of revolutionizing one’s mindset when approaching First Nations literature. Although the focus is on American Indians in children’s literature, many of these same books are relevant to students in Canada. Debbie Reese, particularly, is brilliant at pinpointing and rebuking stereotypes that have been, and continue to be, accepted in the stories presented into the hands and minds of children.

To glean further from Debbie Reese, these two videos are worth the watching:

Following are native-owned online bookstores, with the hopes that the resources available will prove to represent the lives and stories of First Nations peoples with respect, truth and integrity.




Birchbark Books


Theytus Books


Johnson, J. T., & Larsen, S. C. (Eds.). (2013). Deeper Sense Of Place : Stories And Journeys Of Indigenous-Academic Collaboration. Corvallis, US: Oregon State University Press. Retrieved from  http://www.ebrary.com

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