Entry 2: Sounding Out!

Sounding Out! is peer-reviewed weekly podcast/publication that unites sound artists, scholars and professionals all with the aim of investigating how sound effects us politically, culturally, and emotionally. In addition to their regular contributors, Sounding Out also curates other peoples work and allows outside contributions from interested researchers, artists and readers.

What I like about this project is that they are providing a platform for contributors to present work that otherwise do not have access to  academic communities.

Essentially, Sounding Out can be considered a searchable portal for a very underrepresented sonic community.

Through the site I have managed to find the following topical recordings & writings:

Unsettling the World Soundscape Project: Soundscapes of Canada and the Politics of Self-Recognition

Sounding Out! Podcast #47: Finding the Lost Sounds of Kaibah

Sounding Out! Podcast #40: Linguicide, Indigenous Community and the Search for Lost Sounds

Sounding Out! Podcast #60: Standing Rock, Protest, Sound and Power (Part 1)

Sounding Out! Podcast #58: The Meaning of Silence


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