Handouts and Notes 2017/04/03

Second-to-last day of lecture!

Today, we’ll continue with our Bloom Filters notes.

  • Here are sample solutions to the Bloom Filters notes.
  • There’s no pre-reading for the last day of class. Review your readings in preparation for the exam!
  • Don’t forget the assignment due Thursday (different date than usual!). Please carefully read the notes on which problems to choose and how to submit them.
  • Please fill out course/instructor evaluations online before 9 April.
  • The last day of the (regular) term is Thursday. So, no regular tutorials/lectures/office hours after Thursday. Also, no prepared material for tutorial this week; instead, the Tue/Wed/Thu tutorial times are open office hours. We’ll post exam period office hours on Piazza soon.
  • Thanks to your work gathering bonus points, we’ll have an end-of-term party on the last day of class :). We’ll also have some problems you can work on during the party.

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