August 9 Handouts and Notes

Happy last day of class, everyone! We have some special, fun stuff planned for today.

Plan for today’s class:

  • We will wrap up the extremely fun and exciting proof of correctness for our SP reduction.
  • We have a special worksheet on Google’s PageRank algorithm (with subsequent opportunities for BPs).
  • You will have time for TA and course evaluations.
  • Prof. Steve Wolfman will be giving a guest lecture on the development of the QuickSort algorithm.
  • If we have extra time, we will have Q&A about the final exam.

Administrative announcements for today:

  • There will be a TA-led final exam review session today from 12:30-3:30 PM in DMP 310. This also means that there are no tutorials today.
  • Remember that Assignment 6 is out and is due SUNDAY (not Tuesday!).
  • A few end-of-term things you should remember to do:
    • Read the Piazza post about final exam information if you haven’t already done so
    • Register your iClicker/REEF mobile device
    • Review your grades on Canvas and Gradescope to make sure nothing is missing or obviously wrong in some way
    • Complete course evaluations (if you don’t manage to do so in today’s class)

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