Bonus assignment (PageRank algorithm)

For anyone who is interested, here is a written tutorial and bonus mini-assignment on how to compute the PageRank of a graph. You can earn up to 3 course bonus points for this assignment by submitting it online on Gradescope up to 48 hours after the final exam (i.e., by 2:30 PM Thursday).

A few caveats:

  • These bonus points are FAR LESS IMPORTANT than your final exam! Do not sacrifice ANY necessary final exam practice/study time OR any necessary rest/relaxation to work on this. Unless you feel 100% confident that you are totally prepared for the exam, do not waste your pre-exam time and energy on this! (Also, if you DO feel 100% confident that you are totally prepared for the exam, you should read this article on the Dunning-Kruger effect before you decide to work on the bonus assignment instead of studying.)
  • There is some probability and matrix algebra here, so it’s possible that not everyone will have the necessary background to answer all the questions without struggling a bit.
  • Because this assignment is all for bonus points, I won’t provide any help with these questions (because bonus questions are supposed to be a challenge!).
  • I will probably not release the solutions to these problems.
  • I’ll return the assignments on Gradescope (possibly with feedback), but will not allow any regrade requests (because this is a bonus assignment and because we want to be prompt about submitting final grades).

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