• Midterm: in class Wednesday July 24, 9:30-11:00 AM.
  • Final exam: August 13, 12:00-2:30 PM, WESB 100.

Office hours

For TA office hours, check the CS department’s TA office hours schedule and check upcoming office hours for CPSC 320.

For instructor office hours, please see the People page.


Lectures are MWF 9:30-12:00 in DMP 310. Come prepared (having done any assigned pre-class work) and ready to solve problems!


Sec Day Time Room TAs
T9A Wed Fri 12:30-13:30 DMP 201 Gareth and Jose
T9B Wed Fri 13:30–14:30 DMP 201 Gareth and Zoe
T9C Wed Fri 14:30-15:30 DMP 201 Jose and Zoe
T9D Wed Fri 15:30-16:30 DMP 201 Jose and Zoe

NOTE: tutorials begin on the first day of class (Wednesday, July 3). In most weeks, the Wednesday tutorial will be a quiz and the Friday tutorial will consist of lessons/activities intended to reinforce understanding of course concepts.