Good day all,

Welcome to Connor Runnalls’ English 301 Technical Writing Webfolio. This Webfolio is designed to demonstrate the hard work put in towards a well-rounded site featuring accomplishments in class, and the next steps towards admission into Law school. In this web-folio, one will find links to examples of my best work in class, blogging throughout the units of the class, and integrated work or school assignments, such as the application package, resume, and a developed LinkedIn profile.

To clarify the navigation of this Webfolio, at the top of the page one can find the following tabs:

Connor Runnalls Home Page– The page that is currently being read

English 301 Home Page – A introduction page detailing the English 301 class both from my perspective, as well as the course outline.

Bio– This page features a little bit more about myself, my interests, and my goals

The Application Package– This page showcases an application package addressed to The Holness Law Group, including the job posting, a cover letter, résumé, and requests for reference letters.

Online Resume– This page features the same résumé included in the application package

Examples Of Best Work– This page features examples of my strongest work throughout the semester in English 301

LinkedIn Profile– This page features my updated LinkedIn profile

Blog– This page includes blog posts throughout the semester outlining development and reflection, as well as an application and correspondence with potential “writing teammates.”

I hope you enjoy the Webfolio and find it revealing as to who I am as a student and worker.