3D Modelling Miniature Paintings

The Model Images project brings together art history and visual arts researchers to examine how 3D modelling software can be deployed as a tool for art historical and creative inquiry. Using 18th and 19th C North Indian (Awadh) miniature paintings the team is first tracing miniature paintings in AutoCAD tracing, developing multiple interpretations of the possible plans and elevations and building 3D models using Autocad and Autodesk 3DS max. The team is also deconstructing the paintings using Adobe Photoshop layers to analyze representations of carpets, portable objects, clothing, etc. We aim to be able to create a model of the paintings that one can walk into virtually and examine what new insights into the conception and representation of 3D space are possible as a result. Student researchers also benefit from acquiring practical drafting and modeling skills in conjunction with traditional humanistic research skills.

Date – June 2012 – present
Funding – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for Canada
Researchers – Hussein Keshani, Fan Yiqiang, Herraj Luhano, Robert Rast, Nadine Bradshaw, Alexa Porteous

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