Student Letters: Archived

PSYC320 Sep2010 Class – Letters to Future Students
Date: Saturday, April 16, 2011
Subject: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Guoying C
Hello, Its my pleasure that I can make some suggestions to you. One thing I noticed is for our 2 major text books, theres no bold fonts that represent the terminologies which otherwise might be easier for you to find the terms that is asked in. Private Study unit via web. Therefore, if youre kinda the type that leaves everything at the last minute, its pretty consuming to find the terms. Of course, I wasn’t posting the negative opinion or feedback, I was just giving you kind suggestions. The best thing which also is positive is to study extensively all the material youre asked to study, that way you wont feel its stressed, and you can also learn lots from this course! Regards!

Date: Monday, April 4, 2011
Subject: new information!
Author: Emily N
I found this course served its purpose well, met my expectations, and some. I selected this course in part because I have been frustrated by situations I have faced in professional and social/group situations where I felt that I was possibly sending out the wrong vibes and effectively inviting men to interact with me in ways that I have often felt crossed lines of mine. Now I feel that I have a better understanding, that it is definitely a two-way street and that I was taking too much responsibility for what came at me at times.Next, the questions asked of us…I believe that the study of gender is equally important on an individual level and societal level. What happens at a societal level feeds into what happens at an individual level and vice versa, I believe that they are not mutually exclusive.I was aware of some of the effects of gender on my own behaviour, thoughts, feelings, and choices, etc. but not so much that I do what females tend more often to do/think/feel, on the contrary, I see so much of myself falling more into the male category that does not surprise me at all, in fact, I came into this course expecting this and I have come away knowing more about why this is the case. Now that I have this new/confirmed information, I feel more comfortable about where I am, its neither right or wrong, theres outliers in everything. My upbringing points me largely to where I am today and I am thankful for it and appreciate it even more than I did before. At the same time, however, it does sadden me somewhat because I believe that my upbringing helped to make me less verbally communicative and more task-oriented which has been satisfying to me but at the same time, I wish that I had acquired more balance but its not too late, I recognize it and just need to work on it with this knowledge in hand!As for the course overall, I found that the amount of reading was quite heavy, I feel a bit overwhelmed by all that I need to review for the final exam. But that being said, the readings, overall, have been interesting with a great choice of textbooks and supplementary materials. I never expected that we would cover some of the topics that we did, particularly the material outside of the three textbooks — I found these pieces especially interesting. The group assignments were also very interesting to do, especially in this distance-learning format, and I found the online presentation format was enjoyable. My experience overall was very positive and enlightening, I wish that all courses had such a wide scope and variety of activities (but I wish that my professional and personal schedules allowed me to enjoy the course even more than I have had been able to allow for it).
Date: Sunday, April 3, 2011
Subject: Reflection
Author: Tyler R
Before I started this class I was obviously aware of gender differences in the world and in the field of psychology itself. I was also aware that women made less money on average for the same job but now I feel like I maybe more aware of certain situations in which one gender dominates in a certain profession but I really feel that some genders are better suited for some jobs and that these jobs shouldn’t change and may be benefited for the gender inequality. In listening to the online presentations I was shocked to hear females say that they would want more male servers to serve them. I was not shocked that maybe they wanted more male servers but the fact that they would be taking away jobs from fellow females. These serving jobs are away for many females to make really good money with tips, and if there was to be an equal amount of male servers, this would take away from a large job population. I don’t think I have really changed my view as I wasn’t ever sexist and I agree that females should have equal rights as males but I found the context of the book to be extremely painful and frustrating at times. I found that these books only focused mostly on how females were treated poorly and they were not treated fairly. From personal experience I feel that females I hang around with are treated equal, if not better in a lot of areas and this includes jobs and career options. Especially thinking critically about sex, when I finished the book I just felt it was always trying to show how females were more aggressive, or more at blame or had more things to deal with. It didn’t seem like the male ever had more of anything and it was extremely frustrating. That being said I enjoyed hearing other peoples presentations and I really enjoyed being able to express how I felt in the Journal entries. I think I was able to reflect on my own circle of friends and the environment that I have been in, not only with opposite sex but with myself and how I can see stereotypes of guys affecting how some of my male friends act, so I did learn more about myself and other people which I enjoyed but reading was hard to get through.


PSYC320 May2010 Class – Letters to Future Students

Date: Saturday, December 18, 2010
Subject: Over but Will NOT be Forgotten
Author: Carolina H
Before I took this course, Im not saying that I wasn’t aware of gender inequality but I was pretty indifferent or maybe accepting. At the end of this course, I couldn’t feel more enlightened and happy that I took this course. Over the last 8 months I have learned so much about the gender issues that impact us on a daily basis (female AND male) and the ones that have shaped us into the people we are today. As hard as it was at times, I also reflected and learned of gender issues and stereotypes that I am guilty of reinforcing too. Nobody likes to think of themselves as oppressing others, even indirectly, but the first step to correcting it is recognizing it. This course has given me the necessary tools to do so, it’s opened my eyes and honestly it’s given me a new perspective on the world. In this course you will be surprised, you will be humbled and you may even cry (come journal writing time) but its all worth it. Even though this is a distance ed course, you’ll be surprised by the amount of intimacy that is generated. People sharing openly and honestly in a safe and non-judgemental environment definitely was a highlight of this course. Even though the overall experience with this course has been positive I have struggled a bit. This was mainly with the amount of reading and commitment that goes into it. I’ve taken a couple of distance ed courses in the past and did well but with this course I discovered that I’m very much an out of sight, out of mind type person. So, the biggest piece of advice I could give anyone is to STAY ON TOP OF YOUR READINGS!!!!!! Delegate an hour each day after classes to doing work, otherwise its TOO EASY to fall into a I’ll get to it later habit. My biggest regret with this course is that I procrastinated too much and I feel like I could have gotten SO much more out of it had I more time to leisurely go through the material. I’ll definitely be re-reading my text books. I feel like everyone should take this course! This is information that you will carry and apply for the rest of your life. Do it if youre not afraid to have your foundation shaken and especially do it you know you can commit! Best of luck! -Carolina Horna

Date: Friday, December 17, 2010
Subject: Letter to future psych students
Author: Danielle B
Before delving into the course of gender psychology, I had no idea what to expect, or what I would really get out of taking the course. It was basically to achieve 6 credits, and seemed to be refreshing compared to many of the other courses I was taking. I had no idea what gender really meant, or how people are formed into either male or female. However, after fulfilling 8 months of gender psychology, I am SO MUCH AWARE of what gender means, and the knowledge about women, men, and gender.In the past, when I would watch television, flip through a magazine, and engage in conversation with other people, I was never fully aware of gender, sex, or how gender is socially constructed and a system of power relations that has dominated society for centuries. I would never catch myself making sexist comments, and I would talk differently to men and women because of their gender. I was NOT AT ALL focused on the reasoning behind gender because I thought it was normal, and just how society worked.!Now That I have finished the course, I am so much more aware of gender and the understanding behind how gender is formed in society. It has opened my eyes to see and understand the history of the feminist movements, and the purpose behind studying gender, including motherhood, childhood, midlife and old age, how we are formed into a gender, and the understanding of what intersex, transgender and homosexuality entail. I mostly focused upon my years growing up, and how I WAS FORMED INTO BEING A GIRL, DOING GENDER. I had a change regarding my sexual orientation. Although it was always there, I realized while taking this course that sexuality is fluid and flexible, and that there are no rigid boundaries for sexual orientation.The process was a roller-coaster of which there were moments of pleasure, and even moments of pain-realizing how society makes us into gender, and discriminates against women. This was very painful to research and fully grasp, especially not knowing earlier in my life.

Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Subject: Future Students: A world beyond just theory
Author: Anum K
So, I am a fourth year student and had finished all of my psych requirements 2 semesters ago but continued to take psych courses because I truly enjoyed them. Realistically, I figured that I had probably learnt all the theories’ and just needed to perhaps learn a few more. Having taken sociology of sexualities (a course I highly recommend) and sociology of gender as well I thought I knew the basics and that this would be a refresher and an easy A. Realistically, I learnt way more than I would‚ have if the course had lived up to my academic expectations of theoretical, statistical and stereotypical education. It was all that except with a focus towards really living the experiences. Applying it to your life. Suddenly everything was about gender what is was and/or the equalities and inequalities that exist in he different aspects of gender. At every moment you were forced to question the opposite and not take the status quo for granted. I had a great time listening to others experiences, relating or being amazed by them. Knowing your class mates on a level that even a class room experience cannot give you. You don’t merely sit next to someone a whole semester without even saying a word to them. You communicate, listen, understand and well it‚ is like an ongoing conversation where value is given to personal experiences and personality. Looking at gender from a purely academic sense as I have done before in some courses was not as eye opening as this course in terms of learning things that are related to gender that you might not otherwise think so! In this way the online participation open to any and all discussions without fear of being judged was a great way to discuss topics. I highly recommend that you take time out at least once a week to reply to and ask questions from other students EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THE READINGS! It is inevitable that as other courses things start piling up we fall behind on readings and that sometimes can deter from participation. Don’t let that get in the way of participation. You can always add something of value even if you haven’t read the particular chapter on it. My other favourite part was the teleconferences. I love listening to other students and their various different individual experiences. My one and possibly most important advice to you is that when you get to the second group project, please use your peers. It wasn’t until the discussions started that realized that there was a wealth of knowledge within my peers that would have not only made my project a lot better but forced me to look at the topic in different ways and gain so so so so much more knowledge then I would have otherwise! Enjoy the course! Read the text but remember to learn from the experiences of others both in class discussions online in teleconferences and via email with your professors! Anum

Date: Sunday, December 12, 2010
Subject: Letter to Future Students
Author: Emma G
Hello future students!I hope that this letter gives you a better understanding of what to expect and to get out of The Psychology of Gender.Looking back at my first journal entries in the course, I had hoped to get a better understanding of the implications that gender has on our society and how influential it can be in our everyday lives – whether we are aware of gender as a player in our actions, reactions, and thoughts… or not. I feel that this course has been influential in my experience of gender, as well as opening my eyes to notion that gender is (contrary to what many people believe) a spectrum, and that matters of gender are not black and white.I initially thought that the study of gender would be more relevant on a societal level, with an emphasis on how society can stigmatize and influence the actions of individuals. I had watched a lot of movies and read about homosexual individuals who had been stigmatized, and I was eager to learn about more about the reasoning behind certain actions – as the course progresses, I found that ignorance still prevails as a leading factor in many of the gender-biased reactions people have to each other. I am proud to say that this course has changed my outlook on many gender issues, especially those regarding transgendered individuals (I did my group 2 presentation on this topic).I believe that this course has opened my eyes to gender and has made me more aware of the closed-mindedness and gender stereotyping that our society enforces –I also know that I also fall victim to this sometimes. I would like to think that, at the very least, this course has helped me be more understanding of different genders and tolerant of the ways that an individual chooses to live their life and express himself or herself.There were two aspects of the course that I really enjoyed. First, I found presenting, as well as listening to the teleconference presentations to be very interesting and eye opening. They provided the class with first hand accounts of gender experiences and encouraged us to look at our own life experiences through a gender-aware lens. Secondly, the journal entries were also great in promoting a deeper thinking about our gender experiences. The journals opened my eyes to a lot of my own experiences, which, previous to taking this course, I would not have attributed toward gender, or the influence of society on our perceptions of gender.Though this course was very challenging, I am thrilled to say that I enjoyed it very much and I am proud to say that my outlook on life has changed to be more gender-aware. There are many (very interesting and thought-provoking) readings and assignments for this course but the workload is very manageable if you adhere to the course outline laid out by the professors. Organization and participation are essential to succeed in this course.I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning about the implications of society and culture on the way we perceive gender for individuals as well as larger populations. All the best in your gender experiences!Emma G

Date: Sunday, December 12, 2010
Subject: Future Letter!
Author: Natasha C
Hey everyone, hopefully some of my answers will help many of you excel in this eye-opening course! 1. How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?To be honest, I was aware that gender stereotypes existed and perhaps influenced many of our thoughts/behaviours, however this course, allowed me to realize that at times I was unconsciously perpetuating many of these negative stereotypes. Even though, in retrospect, I thought my comments were innocuous, its very easy to see how I was not looking at gender as a whole. I also thought gender as a construct was more biological than social and thus was responsible for much of the reasons behind behaviours, (which I now know is incorrect) 2. Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?My eyes have been really opened regarding the subject matter of gender, as I truly believe this educational course has promoted my acceptance of gender as a social construct. I feel as if Im far more aware of the negative consequences of gender being seen as a dichotomy and thus have been able to adopt a stance of understanding gender composed of many diverse elements. I feel as if I have become a more empathetic individual because I feel like its easier to understand the many motives and behaviours people of different genders display. All in all, I am definitely way more open for discussion in terms of gender related topics. 3. If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).I think hearing and discussing with other people in the class really enabled me to change and take on their perspectives in order to understand their challenges relating to gender. Knowing that there are other people capable of overcoming certain issues is extremely inspirational because its a reminder that many of us are dealing with similar situations and hearing success stories really encourages and motivates you to speak out regarding the impacts of negative stereotypes on the self. 4. Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful?This process was definitely a combination of everything. I think at the beginning it was a little difficult and at times painful because you come to realize that that once invisible voice telling you to act or look a certain way was all just perhaps a social exploitation of gender. I think at first, realizing that you had fallen prey to the enduring pressures of certain gender roles makes you uncomfortable, however through much perseverance, you find strength to help others avoid the same pain. So now that the course is over, I have definitely taken more pleasure out of this process!This class is definitely amazing, and I recommend it for everyone. Good luck with your studies, and try to personally dig deep in order to get the best out of this course!

Date: Thursday, December 9, 2010
Subject: Letter to Future Psyc Students
Author: Amine B
How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?I feel that I was fairly aware of my thoughts and feelings as related to gender I have tried from a young age to pay attention to not only what it is I am thinking but why I am thinking it in order to understand where such thoughts have originated within myself. Having said that, I am now aware that, while I have done my best be aware of my thought processes and behavioral motivations, much of the information that I considered to be true concerning gender (biology-wise, especially) has been proliferated by media and other social, informational avenues.Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?I am much more aware of the processes by which young and men and women are socialized to be believe they are inherently different, and meant for inherent roles. One of the most interesting things that I have learned, and think about on a daily basis, is the idea that there is more in-group variability than there is variability between groups. I realize now that while the majority of people may feel bound to act in socially normative ways, their behavior is not necessarily a representation of their innermost feelings.If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).The major change that I have noticed in myself relates to language. Firstly, I am much more aware of my language, and strive to use gender-equal terms to describe men and women. Although I still say chicks‚or “girls‚” I make an effort to use “dude‚” and “boy‚” in the same contexts the fact that language shapes many of our cognitions and thus our day-to-day view of the world has proved a powerful impetus for me in realizing linguistic changes. Realizing that the words we use in conversation, and even in our own heads, has led me to be more aware of and careful with the language I choose to express or describe my thoughts and feelings.Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful. Personally, I don’t think school is for me, but maybe that’s because I’ve been in school for 16 years (including kindergarten). Unfortunately, as a result, keeping up with deadlines, papers, projects and discussions is not my strong suit and caused me inevitable frustration and difficulty. Regardless, the content of the course was exceptionally interesting and eye-opening, so, overall, I would have to say that the process was more pleasurable than painful.Future AdviceThe best advice I can give is to stay up to date with the readings, keep a log of your thoughts concerning them (making journals easier), and contribute at least every other day to the discussion boards. I felt that it was necessary to write lots of detail, which is good sometimes, but other times simple comments concerning your own thoughts or those of others can provide a good framework for later discussion.

Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Subject: Letter to a future student
Author: Arpen T
Hello Students, Here are some of my thoughts regarding my personal experience through this course and also my general advice for you to succeed in this course:How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?Although I was aware that I possess gender stereotypes which influence the way I perceive other people, I didn’t realize how much I was directly influenced by them… For instance, when I was writing the journal entries throughout the course, it gave me an opportunity to be fully dig deep into these stereotypes. 2. Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?I think the biggest things is that I’ve been able to identify are the various factors which have influenced the decisions I make. Not only that, but I think that it has I’ve become aware about why OTHER people make decisions and behave the way they do. Its allowed me to be a better friend as well because I’ve been able to understand their perspectives as well. 3. If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).Although I cannot pin-point the exact reasons because it was a gradual change, I think as I was reading through the course material and engaging in dialogue with my classmates, the topic would be in my mind so that when I was navigating through my own daily life, I was able to think about it more carefully from a gender perspective and lens. 4. Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful. The process was more pleasurable than difficult… I would say it was because I was open to the change and open to understanding why I do the things I do. I can see that this process is hard for people though and I think one of the processes which was more difficult for me was thinking about the topics from the telephone conversations. It was because I found that it was hard for me to relate to the speakers at times but it was this experience, for me to become more aware about various gender issues..General advice:It is important to stay ON TOP of your readings.. I did a lot of travelling in the summer so I found that I fell behind really quickly. However, I was able to catch up and still be able to finish my assignments. As for discussion, I think interacting with your peers is the one of the biggest ways you will learn because it will allow you to see topics/issues from a different perspective. I really enjoyed the teleconference participation and presentations and enjoyed working on the group activities. The class is very interactive so I did find it to be time-consuming however, it was a great way to learn about the topic 🙂 Good luck!

Date: Monday, November 22, 2010
Subject: Letter to Future Students
Author: Gabrielle D
Hello fellow students, I guess by the time you read this I will have graduated! I hope your studies are going as planned and that this course helps you to step a bit outside of you comfort zone. That said, gender is a fascinating topic! The professors have outline all the online course information to guide you along nicely. But remember, there is no weekly physical classroom time scheduled so you will have to be very strict with yourself to allow time each week to read your texts, participate in discussions, and fit in all the other assignments. I havent taken the exam yet, but I am nervous because I am better at expressing my knowledge and answers in written form. Multiple choice scares me! This was my first online course and I honestly dont think I will take one again in future studies. I am a visual and interactive learner. This format is well structured but not necessarily best for my learning. To each their own. A more practical bit of information: when it comes time to complete Group Activity 2, prepare yourself. You will need to be constantly near email communication or some other form of communication between group members.It is not an easy this to do putting a presentation together when a physical meeting is not possible is undoubtedly more difficult. Everyone has different writing styles, access to certain programs, and most importantly busy schedules. This causes some difficulties when communicating between one another. In all my group worked hard and we got it done but my suggestion is start early and communicate often!I hope this helps you to prepare for your success in this course! Happy studies :)Gabrielle D. 4th year

Date: Monday, November 22, 2010
Subject: Letter to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Jenna K
How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc. Before starting this class, I knew that I was definitely influenced by many of the common gender stereotypes out there. I figured that this would be a “common sense‚” course, that I would read the textbook, and afterwards simply think “well, duh!‚”I was aware that gender played a huge role in our lives ‚ and figured that this was largely due to socialization. I have always been a “girly girl,‚” and have grown up in a house with somewhat traditional gender roles. I knew that this type of upbringing would no doubt influence my behaviour and choices however I always assumed that my feelings and choices would remain neutral. Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed? Not only have the gender stereotypes that I am so often influenced by been brought to my attention, but I have realized just how influential they are, and how many norms are gender influenced. I now realize that virtually all things that I just assumed to be automatic responses are gender based. The thing that has impacted me the most through this course has been realizing that many of my feelings and choices that I assumed were my own, are biased based on the gender norms that I have been brought up in. I guess I never realized that gender has such a huge impact on all our lives, and I find myself wondering what life would be like without gender.If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s). A lot of these changes came about after reading through comments on the discussion board, and listening to teleconference presentations and discussions. Also, when writing my journals, I would have to force myself to recognize the gender stereotypes in my personal life that I had never really thought about. It was this –realizing that my beliefs and norms were not as natural as I had always accepted them to be — that truly made a difference.Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful. Learning about gender has been a much more rewarding and much less “common sense‚” subject than I had previously thought. I have especially enjoyed interacting with the rest of the class, and learning about their experiences with gender. I find that this class brings up many personal, and sometimes difficult to discuss subjects. That has been the best part of this class, as I have never partaken in such a personal and intimate course thus far during my experience at UBC (and this is an ONLINE course!). The online nature of the course was probably the most challenging. I’ve now taken a few online courses, so I’ve kind of got the hang of it however, despite my experience, I have realized that it is still very easy to procrastinate. The most important thing is to stay organized, create a schedule, and stay on top of readings and discussions. Other than that, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this class and wish future students the best of luck!

Date: Sunday, November 21, 2010
Subject: Letter to Future students
Author: David U
How aware was I before the start of this class that gender has determined your behaviour , thought , feelings etc?
In certain respects (sex-play in childhood) I think I was conscious of gender from a very young age. There were always new avenues to explore over a lifetime, over 77 years. Gender, always processing, did determine my behaviour, my thoughts (including genderized fantasies), my feelings and my choices. They were not always good choices, sometimes dangerous, but it fit in to my exploratory mode.
Now that I have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?
The awareness has vastly increased. What were either genderized fantasies or quite frequent gender “mishaps” now, more and more during the past 6 months, I’ve come to realize that it’s OK to “talk” of ,literally, anything at all. In my presentation at a teleconference, with 3 other presenters and many students listening and commenting I was able to talk for 5 minutes without notes, about my gendered experiences and awareness.
Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful?
It was certainly both. My first attempt at a Journal was agonizing, yet extremely important in my understanding. Using Vista was definitely a mix: initially it was incomprehensible now it just flows and is a source of happiness in using it.

Date: Sunday, November 21, 2010
Subject: Letter to future PSYC320 students
Author: Maria R
1. How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.- It wasn’t so much that I thought I was aware or unaware of the concept of gender, but after taking this course my view on the subject of gender has done a complete 180 in how I go about my behaviours, how I think things through before talking about issues related to gender as well as my feelings about the variety of different people that there are and the choices I make in my day to day life. Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?- My awareness has changed in the sense that I look at the entire 360 degree view from perspectives outside of my own. I try to put myself in new positions just to see how I can handle something that is outside of what I myself consider the norm. My awareness has led me to want to immerse myself in a completely new set of experiences that will greater my understanding on the day to day trials that gender brings upon our society. Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful?- The process was never painful, however it was difficult to begin with. Its hard for a person to grow up for 21 years having all of these thoughts and feelings and in turn acting and behaving in a manner to accommodate these thoughts and feelings and then suddenly to have all of these brilliant new concepts placed in front of oneself that you have to adjust to. The adjustment was hard in the beginning, but as knowledge and discussion continued to grow, it was easier and easier to become more comfortable with stepping outside of the comfort box I have built so steadily for my entire life. Knowing that nobody is going to judge your ideas or opinions, and for the most part usually agree or take into some extended conversation made it easy to be able to speak your mind and in turn grow as a person.

Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010
Subject: Letter to Future PSYC 320 Students
Author: Stephanie W
This course, PSYC 320, has been a real journey for me. Throughout the past 8 months, I have found myself questioning things that I never used to give a second thought to. Before starting this course, I was aware of gender stereotypes, but it wasn’t until I started this course that I really realized just how much certain gender stereotypes are subconsciously engrained in my mind. I have become more aware of how my gender and societys expectations influence my behaviour, thoughts, feelings, and choices. The teleconferences and journal entries have played a major role in helping me become more aware of how deeply gender affects my life. The journal entries, as well as the teleconferences (the presentation in particular), encouraged me to really question my position in society as a female and also encouraged me to examine the basis of my thoughts and actions. Although I have enjoyed this process, it has been a very difficult journey. This course has pushed me to challenge my own behaviour, thoughts, feelings, and choices. As a result, I believe I have become more of a critical thinker and I am now more willing and eager to challenge certain aspects of the society we live in.
Date: Friday, November 19, 2010
Subject: letter to future student
Author: Hannah Ha
How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful?At this point, you will also be going through the process of reviewing the course, in order to prepare for the final exam. For that reason, you should be able also to point out to future students areas or aspects of the course that you found especially challenging, or particularly delightful.Hello Student,I wanted to provide you with a little insight into the course you are about to take. Prepare to critically analyze all of your preconceived opinions regarding gender, hopefully you can be open to new thoughts and ideas. When I first started this course I wanted to learn what was myth and what was fact regarding gender. I was s sick of hearing people base emotions or behavior on their biological sex. Though, without proper knowledge I did not know if there were certain dispositions that females or males held that influenced how they acted.I feel that the study of gender is relevant on both a individual and societal level. I have found a better understand of myself, my attitudes and beliefs. Though I have been able to utilize this understanding to recognize the reasons for cultural rituals or norms.There is always more to learn, it is a life long process. I believe we are continuously undergoing self-analysis to understand ourselves. In a way I feel that I now understand what gender is. I believe it is a constructed social norm based on societal standards. For this reason, it varies significantly across the globe.Before beginning this course I was very independent, and I did not feel that gender influenced anything about my personality, behaviour, or emotions. Growing up with many brothers, I felt that it was an excuse to attribute success or failure to ones gender. Having taken a few psychology courses and biology I thought females and males have the same brain structure, thus there is no evidence to imply that we are psychologically different.After finishing the course my opinion has changed. I still do not support individuals who feel that they are not capable of something because of their gender, but I can acknowledge that our gender has an influence on our personality. Weather we agree with our cultural standards or not, they impact us on a subconscious level. We either act in accordance to or in defiance, of how our society depicts our gender appropriate roles. This change occurred when I had to reflect on situations where gender played a major role in my reaction or behaviour. I now am aware of the implications behind offhand comments or slight gestures.The process is not easy if you are closed to the idea that alternative knowledge is out there. Also, for the practical side you must ensure that you treat this class like any other class. Set aside time each week to do the readings, discussions, and notifications. If you don’t you may become overwhelmed or feel lost in the course.Overall this course will impact you for the rest of your life. The knowledge you learn about gender can be applied everyday, what other class offers this? Good luck!
Date: Saturday, September 11, 2010
Subject: letter to future PSYC320 Students
Author: Kaitlin G
1) How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.? Prior to taking this course, I had very little awareness about how my behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc…were influenced by gender. 2) Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?The topics in this course and the discussion board discussions really raised my awareness about the role that gender plays in shaping my life. 3) If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).The learning modules and discussion board topics for this course led to this change. Reading other classmates discussion board postings helped me see the topics from other perspectives. The teleconference presentations also allowed me to see things from another perspective to realize how my life has been structured/influenced by gender. 4) Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful? To be honest, for me the process was difficult. I really struggled in writing the journal entries for example to access how I was really feeling in a given situation in order to explore how gender has influenced/shaped my life. However, this did provide me with a learning opportunity to grow and recognize areas for personal development.Good luck!

Class of Sep 2009 Letters to Future Psych 320 Student

Subject: Best Course Ever.…
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Catherine P.
Date: April 29, 2010 1:37 PM
Welcome to the new students and congratulations on selecting such a fabulous course. I have learned many new and wonderful things from my peers through the discussion forums and teleconferences.

I really enjoyed the personal journal assignments that encouraged deeper assessment on a particular issue as well. I loved this course so much that I talked about all the new things I learned or was reminded about regarding stereotypes and socialization that all my family/friends continue to ask me to share more information.

Good luck to you on this journey, you will never regret it:)
Baamaapii miinwa (until the next time – Ojibwe First Nation)


Subject: Dear Future Students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Marcel P.
Date: April 16, 2010 11:12 AM


If you are ready to insightfully examine your beliefs, understandings, and personal scripts regarding gender, then you are in the right course!!

One of the questions asked of us at the beginning of the course was “How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?” I have to admit that my attitude and perception at the beginning were along the lines of ” genderization has not really had an effect on my life. I’m a strong, independent woman, and have cruised through life with very little negative stereotyping or bias.” Boy was I naive. This course completely takes the blinders off and allows you to see yourself and your environment through ‘the gender lens’.

Prior to this course, I don’t think I gave much thought to how gender and society’s view of male/female persons had impacted the person I am today, but now, after critically looking at what factors and societal constructs have influenced my thinking, beliefs, behaviors, and choices, I have a deeper understanding of just how significant a role gender plays in life, and have felt every emotion from disgust to joy.

Now that I have finished the course, I feel stronger. I say this because I now better understand myself and the influences of gender in our society, and have stronger convictions as to what theories and modalities feel right to me.

I didn’t necessarily agree with everything presented, but always feel that knowledge is power, so whether I agreed or disagreed, I know something about myself that I didn’t know before. I do think that this course offers not only knowledge, but the opportunity for growth and change.

Journalling your thoughts and experiences, and the interactive discussions with other students allows for practical implementation of the course work, and personalizes the knowledge. Much of the anger I felt at times was worked out through these processes.

The instructors were great. Responses to questions or statements came back quickly, and feedback always contributed to the learning.

Enjoy the learning and Good Luck!! This really is a course that brings awareness that is used dailey and that you will remember years down the road


Subject: A letter to future Psych 320 students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Aoi T.
Date: April 15, 2010 8:59 AM

1. Before the class, I was aware that males and females behaved differently, however, it did not occur to me that it is gender and its societal meanings that have influenced our behaviour. This course helped me to understand the extent to which we are influenced, a great amount by our environment. If we took away all environmental factors, perhaps the “differences” between men and women wouldn’t appear to be so profound. But what the course has also taught me is that in reality, the differences amongst women are greater than the differences between the genders.

2. I am more aware of the negative effects gender has around us. What I am trying to take notice to is also the positive affect gender may have on us. It’s definitely more difficult to find the more positive aspects of gender sterotypes. I came out of this course with a realization that we have had gendered glasses put on since birth, and through awareness and conscientiousness, we are able to take them off.

3. The journals gave me the chance to think introspectively and observe why I behave the way I do, what would the society be like if it were not gendered and if it’s even possible to have a non gendered society. Also, receiving the feedback from our instructors reassured me a lot in that my private thoughts are valid thoughts, and that it is healthy to question the values that our society has been feeding us.
Challenging, but pleasureable. It was challenging to keep up to the readings after the first unit, but when you do read them and answer the questions, it takes you away for a moment from that “classroom” setting, and you get to have some alone time, thinking and pondering about the questions. Whereas in an actual classroom you have a limited time to answer a question, you have all the time you need in the day or week to answer them, letting you fully explore each question you answer – which I believe is the best way of learning.

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 StudentsDate: April 14, 2010 6:37 PM

To the future students of Psychology 320,

I think you made the right choice in taking this course! It will open your eyes to real situations in your life. Before I started the course, I believed that gender issues affected me minimally, and that I wasn’t that influenced by gender biases or societal norms. I had no idea that this course would challenge me to think critically about the gender issues surrounding my life. The lessons and all the class material have really enlightened me and made me more aware of the environment I live in. I now view things in a different way, and I remind myself not to always accept and assume things about others.

Having said that, this is not an easy course! There is a lot of work and it requires a lot of time and effort. However if you’re willing to work hard and be open-minded, you will benefit so much from this course. I recommend that you actively participate in the teleconferences because everyone has many insightful things to say! I benefitted a lot from this course and also found it very rewarding. I hope you do too!


Subject: Letter to Future Gender Psychology Students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Harmit S.
Date: April 13, 2010 5:30 PM

Hello Future Gender Psychology Students,

To be frank, before taking Psychology 320, I was not aware at all about the extent to which gender determined my behaviour and thoughts. I always believed that the choices I made were because I chose to make those decisions, not because I could have been influenced or socialized by society, parents or media. I didn’t think much about gender issues, either, it only crossed my mind when I explicitly saw or heard people displaying inequality thoughts and/or actions. I could not see past subtle or hidden stereotypes, because I unconsciously believed in them.

Now that I have finished the course, I tend to analyze not only others, but myself as well when participating in a gender conversation. After finishing this course, I realized that I really do not like when a man opens the door for me. I just started monitoring my thoughts and behaviours more intently. I realized, for instance, when a man opens the door, he may assume, subconsciously, he is doing the female a favour; however, I feel as though this act reinforces thoughts of female inferiority and dependence. Additionally, I now understand that gender roles are not fixed or ingrained; anyone can change the importance that people place in gender roles. We are the role models of tomorrow, so it is up to us to change the ways our children are brought up to ensure females and males gain equal opportunities in whatever endeavors.

The changes I experienced, which are stated above, were largely due to the text readings as well as class discussions. For me, the best way to learn about myself and society is by listening to others point of views, and then making my own judgment on the issue. It’s important to keep an open mind about others’ opinions, and to remember that you’re not always going to agree with others, which is what makes the discussion more fruitful.

To be honest, the ups of this course definitely outweigh the downs. This course was definitely not a “slack” class, which is one down. However, with that said, all the good things in life do not come easy. Although this course was challenging, in terms of numerous assignments and reading deadlines, I have learned important life lessons which I might not have ever learned if I had not taken this course. The things I learned in this course, I can directly apply to my own life to help me grow as an individual and a citizen of society.

I strongly recommend this course to all of you who aspire to become more insightful, knowledgeable and open-minded people.


Harmit S

Subject: For the future students of Psyc 320
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Katrina L.
Date: April 13, 2010 3:06 PM

Dear future students of Psyc 320,

Wow, this has been quite the class. I have to say taking this course has definitely changed my way of thinking and how I view the world. Before I began this course, I had always thought that I was pretty good at breaking gender norms. So I definitely entered this class with some reservations as to what exactly I was going to learn. However, working through the various lessons has made me realize just how much my life has been so influenced by societal gender norms, and just how much I had unconsciously subscribed to these norms. Before, I had just accepted many stereotypes and assumptions about males and females as fact, but this class has definitely taught me otherwise.

Not only has this course changed my views on myself and others, it has also given me a new empowerment and sense of agency. It has reinforced in me the knowledge that I have the ability to take care of myself and be my own person, and has helped me cast off many of the misconceptions that I had had before about my abilities and identity as a female. This has extended into my relationships with others, and I find I am able to have more meaningful relationships with others now that I am more able to think outside the “gender box.”

Of course, this class is only as rewarding as you are willing to make it. Take note: this is not an easy, breeze-through course. It requires constant hard work, lots of time, and attention and a willingness to keep an open mind. I also suggest you keep on top of the readings, as even falling behind one or two weeks makes it exceedingly hard to catch up. Also, you will gain more from the class if you participate in the forum discussions and engage in conversation with the rest of the students. Your classmates have lots of insight to offer!

Good luck! I know this course will change your life. It certainly did mine!


Subject: A letter to future students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Trina B.
Date: April 12, 2010 6:53 PM

To future students of Gender Psychology:

This course is a means to expand your perspective of what it means to live in a gender socialized world today. You may be surprised to find out how much of your personality has been shaped by gender norms that you were completely unaware of, I know I was.

Before taking this course, I had always thought I was free of gender biases and that I had been living my life according to personally forged ideals. The materials and personal reflection that are part of this course made me sometimes painfully aware of how naïve I had been in my assumptions. The discoveries of this course and sharing of perspectives and experiences of gender with the others has lifted the blinders. Many things I’ve found confusing in the past now make much more sense, and I have different way of looking at them.

If you are wondering whether or not to take this course, I would definitely say yes!!! It is not an easy credit course, there is lots of work and reading to do, but what you get out of it is life changing. Participating in the teleconferences gives a sense of connection to others and deepens your understanding of gender as social construction in a very personal and easy to relate to way.

The on-line community and group work involved with this course make it much more interactive than a typical distance education course. I had much more involvement with classmates here than in many of my on campus courses.

This is my last undergrad year at UBC and I’m very glad that I was able to fit this class into my curriculum.

This class is relevant to everyone – all genders, ages, ethnicities.

I hope you will take it and recommend it to others yourself.

Subject: to future psyc 320 students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Wei C.
Date: April 12, 2010 2:39 AM


I did not aware gender issues in my personal level but just knew the some big picture such as some inequality between women and men. Now I am more more aware the details of gender stereotypes.

the most important thing that I learned is that men and women are much like than different. And this fact contradicts my initial purpose of taking this course which is that I want to understand men.

lastly, just to inform you that if you are having too much work load toward other courses this course is not a good option for you to take because this course required lots of works and discussions.

and be sure to read the requirements of the course carefully as there are much details that you must pay attention to. it taught me a lesson that I did not pay much attention to the group activity 2 requirements so I did not do the peer review and when I noticed it the deadline is passed. and I lost some marks. I am so regret about this.

So the advise to give you is read the requirements carefully and post your discussions and fulfill the requirements on time.

Subject: To Future 320 students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Stephanie L.
Date: April 11, 2010 2:03 PM

1. How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?

As a psychology student I came to be aware of certain gender issues since the first PSYC course I took. But honestly it wasn’t until I took this course that I realize how little I know, even I thought I was aware of at least some.

2. Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?

No one can be solely unaffected by gender stereotypes. I need to accept that as a fact, but also I am a lot more sensitive to gendered language. If someone says “ladies should let gentlemen to hold out the door for them”, or something like that, I’d probably have a very different reaction towards it than before.

3. If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).

Readings! Sometimes unless someone point something out, it’s difficult to be aware of them on your own. Critical thinking is also important.

4. Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful?

Neither. It was a thought process, and I’d say it was interesting. Not difficult or easy, but interesting..

I would say for future students, come into the course with an open mind, and be prepared to have your previous beliefs (esp ones that you probably believed for ages or decades) to be challenged and debated on.

Subject: A Letter to Future Students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Yuen C.
Date: April 9, 2010 2:55 PM

1.How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?

I knew that males and females have different behaviour, thoughts, feelings and choices. However, I did not see the perspective that gender is what determines how we act, feel or why we choose certain things. It is the current society that molds gender to how we are suppose to be if we want to be ‘normal’. Obviously there are people out there that are creative and does not quite fit to what we see as normal. This class has definitely taught me that from the moment you are born, everything around you influences you to be the gender you are born with.

2.Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?

I am definitely more aware of gender around me. The journals that we wrote has given me the opportunity to truely dig deep about my experiences with gender and dig out the social issues and stereotype that I create for myself. I feel that my biggest issue is stereotyping so this class has made me minimize my feelings on assuming things and how we should be more open to creativity.

3.If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).

As I wrote in the above question, the journals has affected me the most because writing the journals has made me think critically on my experience and I feel that writing the journals allowed me to write down my thoughts and feelings on paper and reading it over makes me realize how much gender stereotyping and gender issues are a big issue and I do it all the time. Also the teleconference as well as shown that there are gender issues everywhere and everyone experiences this.

4.Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful?

I think that this course has been definitely pleasurable. Definitely challenging to keep up, however, at the same time the course is very refreshing, knowing that I can work on my own and not having to go to class is a relief. I have never been on a teleconference for a class before, and I really like listening to other peoples’ experiences and how I can relate to those experiences myself. I love writing the journals because I feel like this is the one course that I can write about anything I want and its enjoyable to write about my experiences. Also writing these journals opens up my awareness of gender issues and why we do certain things.

Subject: To Future Students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Asif P.
Date: April 7, 2010 4:49 PM

Future Psyc 320 Students,

Consider yourselves among the fortunate few who will gain a better understanding of the world around us. Looking back, it is only now that I realize the impact of this class on my day to day interactions. Unlike other psychology classes, or other university level classes in general, this by far has the greatest implications on our thoughts and behaviors. It really made me think about my outlook on the world in general and more specifically made me question some common gender stereotypes that I may have accepted in the past. I’ll admit, I do spend a lot of time channel surfing, be it on the TV or on the radio, however I now find myself paying attention to some subtleties which I may have not picked up before, or may have simply laughed it off. I have nothing but positive things to say about Gender Psychology, it is by far one of the best classes I have taken, not only at UBC, but throughout my academic career (I’m 4th year). At times, the material and work required in the class can seem a bit overwhelming, hang in there as the class is very rewarding. Having said that, a word of caution to you future Psyc 320 students, it is absolutely vital that you keep on top of your readings and not procrastinate, as they do tend to pile up, at least for me. Readings are essential in doing well in any class, but moreso in this class due to the fact that the class is online. Also make use of your peers; collectively they are an awesome source of information. I really do hope you enjoy the class as much as I did.

Subject: Letter to future Psych 320 students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Eva H.
Date: April 7, 2010 12:03 PM

1. How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?

Having studied gender lots before I was very aware of the effect of gender on my behaviour and feelings. I knew exactly how pervasive these messages are in our society and believed that I had overcome their effects by being so aware. What I didn’t know was some of the biology of sex differences (or lack thereof) and details of how extensively, and how early, we are socialized into certain roles.

2. Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?

This course did not make me any more aware of the presence of gender in our society and how much it influences stereotypes, but it did make me more aware of how it influences me personally. You would have to be ignorant, reclusive, and just downright not observant to have not noticed the gender stereotypes around us every day. But being aware is not enough without fully recognizing the effect those stereotypes have on you. Even consciously acknowledging these stereotypes while examining gender from an academic perspective is quite different than truly incorporating these findings into your own self concept, influencing how you behave and think in split second everyday decisions.

3. If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).

What led to this change was really the instructors continuously pointing out instances in which I generalized or made assumptions when talking about gender. I sort of assumed my lack of bias was implied thus I didn’t need to make it explicit, but that is arrogant and unfair. Just because I believe that I don’t hold gender biases and know that I am not seriously making an assertion about all members of a certain gender does not excuse me from having to specify that. Just recognizing these issues is not enough without bringing it to the forefront of daily interactions, pointing out inequalities and making gender salient for everyone, yourself included.

4. Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful?

This process was actually quite difficult for me. It took a long time until I was willing to admit that I had some learning to do. As an androgynous dominant woman I thought these issues didn’t apply to me, but clearly they do. They apply to everyone and no matter your experience or beliefs there is still plenty to be gained from studying gender for your own enhanced understanding of yourself. So I encourage you to keep an open mind. Even if you already feel familiar with some of the concepts, do the readings, you learn even more fascinating information that influences the way you view the world and yourself. As ridiculous as it sounds, I feel better prepared for future romantic relationships, having explored the male psyche, typical socialization patterns, and properties of successful relationships a little bit! So this class can have incredibly beneficial results even far outside the realm of academia!

Some additional advice:

The thing I struggled the most with in this course was the schedule. This was my first online course, so those of you with experience may be better at pacing yourself, but I urge you to stay on top of the schedule. I became very confused about which week was which and when I was supposed to be doing what, leading to a loss of points and frustration. So perhaps being meticulous about writing out when you should have read to where in each book and when things are due would be beneficial.

Good luck! I hope you find this process as enlightening and enjoyable as I did!

Subject: A Letter to future students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Xi P.
Date: April 5, 2010 10:37 PM

Before I started this class, I thought that our family background can have such a big influence on how we act/think/feel between the two different genders. After taking this course, my perception of this has totally changed. I learned that single parent families and normal families can change how a kid interacts with others. I also learned that age matters when it comes to behaviours between the two genders.

Overall I found this course very interesting! I enjoyed the group assignments with the students, and I learned a lot of new things from the textbooks and the online discussions.

Subject: rewards and challenges
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Annu M.
Date: April 5, 2010 10:30 PM

For anyone who wants a mixed mode of learning this is definitely the class to take. The course evaluation has a broad range of categories which can appeal to individual strengths. However, with that there is a downfall for those who prefer not to work with a group because this class is really about relying and learning from classmates.

The content of this course is so fruitful in the sense that there is so much to offer, you do not know where to start.

My difficulty was keeping up to date with this class. My advice is to set aside a certain time of the week for this class and treat it like any other lecture.

Overall it has been a great experience and one that everyone should at least give a try.

Subject: A Letter for future Psyc320 students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Lysandra C.
Date: April 5, 2010 9:46 PM


Psyc 320 was one of the many psychology courses that I took in my university years in which I was able to apply my own life experiences to the most. The materials that I learned from this course was really interesting and it also changed my view towards a lot of gender stereotypes that I had. I also feel that as a female, I am less restricted by the gender stereotypes of females and can actually step out the circle and see things differently.

I recommend to go on vista as frequent as possible to check if anyone posted new discussions in the discussion forum because there are many things that one can learn through reading and responding to what fellow students have shared. Furthermore, one can also participate in the discussion forum and get feedback from other students.

I also recommend to attend the teleconference as much as possible because the stories that people share are very interesting and surprising. Furthermore, I actually think one can learn a lot through listening and commenting to people’s presentation since the presentations are like examples that people give for the materials in this course and they definitely help! The other thing that really helps understand gender issues is the journal entries. The journals allow one to apply gender issues on oneself and they can really help one understand and change thoughts on gender issue. It is pretty amazing on how much daily activities and materials one encounter one can write about in their entries. Prior to taking this course, I have never thought of how much we can apply gender issues to from my experience in life. I was really happy that I took this course and I benefited a lot from it!

Good luck with all of you in this course and have fun!

Subject: A Letter to Future Students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Judi M.
Date: April 5, 2010 5:43 PM

I believe this course should be taken by everyone. It has truly been one of the best experiences I have had at University so far. Gender is such a dynamic topic that cannot be wholly understood simply through interaction with the opposite sex. It takes careful consideration and study of the exchange of behaviours between men and women to grasp the psychology of gender.

I am so grateful for this course and all it has taught me about life in general. I had always been aware of the fact that gender studies is a complex field of research. However, the educated opinions and viewpoints we have looked at throughout this course add a level of knowledge to my understanding that is irreplaceable and could not have been attained through any other form.

Students should keep up on the readings and make sure to do the self-quizzes. Also, I learned a lot from the teleconferences and group projects. It is always interesting to learn about the way others see the topics being studied. I believe that this course is pertinent to every aspect of life and will be enjoyed by all.

Good Luck!!

Subject: You will love this course.
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Christine W.
Date: April 5, 2010 5:32 PM

Hi everyone.

The most important thing to tell you is that you will love this course. It is engaging, interactive, self-educating, and extremely valuable to your life.

The most important thing that I got out of the course is the new awareness that I did not possess prior to taking the course. A lot of the material brought to my attention things that I had taken for granted or had not even thought about. This includes not only the behaviour and attitudes of those in our society but also those of my own. I realized that I had passively internalized many traditional values that I was taught by my family or that I learned though observation and experience. But today, I feel more aware and have realized that I have the power, and an obligation to myself as a woman, to evaluate commonplace attitudes before I internalize them as my own.

My tips for you:

– keep up on the readings

– attend all the teleconferences, if you can

– participate in the discussions as best as you can

– think about how you have been socialized about gender by (a) your family and (b) your society

– think about the gender-type assumptions you automatically make

– observe the kinds of comments people around you make that have to do with gender, even really subtle ones that might, at first, not even cause you to think twice about it–what underlying assumptions have those people made that they were not aware of?

– get to know yourself

– discuss topics with your own friends and family

– reflect and enjoy

This course is not just an academic fulfillment. You’ll find it quite personally rewarding to yourself.

The best of luck to you.


Subject: Letter for future students
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Amelia H.
Date: April 5, 2010 12:43 PM

This course has probably been the most enlightening course I have taken in my university career. It is one of the last two courses I am taking before graduating and I am so glad that it made it into my education because it has opened my eyes and affected my everyday life in ways that I did not expect. The main aspect of the course that really creeps into your everyday life is the prevalence of gender stereotypes and biases that are everywhere around us. Once you begin to engage with this course, you will find it impossible to continue to be blind to these.

Given this, one point of advice would be to really engage with the course. Do not be too overwhelmed by all the reading material because that may hinder your ability to really integrate the themes into your life and to understand them on a practical level. Also, stay organized! Go on WebCT as often as possible to keep up with the ongoing discussions. Before you start the course, put all the due dates in a calendar. Then read the description for each assignment so you know the amount of work you will be expected to do. For group activities, make contact with your group IMMEDIATELY. The due date will sneak up on you and it takes twice as long to organize a project with multiple people than it does for oneself, so start planning as soon as your group has been assigned and once you know what your assignment is about.

Having said all that, enjoy this opportunity to explore the construct of gender!

Subject: A letter for future students…
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Hazel H.
Date: April 5, 2010 1:55 AM

It’s unfortunate that this class is not a mandatory one for a psychology degree–but I think anyone that takes it will find it rewarding and worthwhile.

It isn’t very often that you take a course that will weave its way into your life to the extent this this class asks you to do–the journal assignments provide a unique opportunity to apply things that you are learning in the course material in a meaningful way. Actually, this course also got me back into the habit of keeping a journal…which is always a worthwhile thing!

I think it is always a pleasure to look at things from a different viewpoint but as far as practical advice goes, here are some thoughts. There is A LOT of information that is accessible on all different parts of Web CT—go through ALL of it (and print it if you can!) so that you have a reference guide. Also, make sure to keep up with the readings and stay in contact with your group…

Oh! And write down the year’s due dates in your calendar otherwise they seem to creep up on you quite quickly 🙂

Good luck!

Subject: Psych 320 should be a mandatory course at university level.
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Nora R-C
Date: April 3, 2010 9:59 PM


Just a quick comment in regards to one of the best courses I’ve taken at UBC.

I firmly believe this course should be mandatory at university level, because of its broad content and the importance of understanding the dynamics, power relationships and gender assumptions which affect us all, all the time.

To be successful in this course, you need to do the readings -they are lots, and lots. However, use your time wisely and you will see that many of the applications and requirements for the course can be easily integrated to your daily routine, e.g., listen to the podcasts while washing dishes, preparing dinner, etc.

– This course may be challenging your core beliefs and values. Please allow those thoughts and feelings to come out and fill your journals with them.

– As other people have said before me, this course will apply to everything that happens around you. Be aware and prepared to exercise your opinions while commenting in the discussion forum

Enjoy the ride!


Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students

Date: March 31, 2010 3:19 PM

Upon completing this course, and at the same time completing my BA, I can honestly say that this has been the most influential and personally rewarding course I have taken in my 4 years at UBC. No other course has changed my way of thinking in such a significant way. I spent two terms – eight months – reading about the relationship between sex and gender, thinking seriously about it, hearing and reading my classmates’ stories and experiences and digging deep to discover my own feelings toward various related topics. I’m not sure how someone could *not* be changed by this.

The content Psych 320 directly relates to all aspects of our lives. So I actually find myself looking at the world differently now, and I know that all that I’ve learned will continue to influence my life. There have been a few instances recently where I wished there was a 4th journal entry, because I find myself having more gender related experiences that I want to dissect. I really enjoyed the journaling aspect of the course and may start a journal of my own to continue this process. This course has influenced how I want to see myself as a person, how I want to raise my future children, the language I use, and what kind of person I should strive to be in general.

To the future students of Psych 320: my advice to you would be to look at the world around you as you go through this course, and compare it to what you read in the books. Look at the journal entries as an opportunity to learn something about yourself – try to surprise yourself with the things you feel and the experiences that may have caused these feelings. Attend as many teleconferences as possible; your classmates’ stories with be eye-opening and thought-provoking.

Oh, and be sure to keep up with the readings…there are a lot of them!

Good luck with the course,


Subject: A straight forward review of a very rewarding course.
Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Jason S.
Date: March 31, 2010 10:44 AM


I’ll keep this short and to the point as I’m sure right now you are exploring Web Vista and getting to know your way around the course website.

I found this course VERY rewarding. It gave me a new perspective on how gender and societies gender stereotypes shape our views on the sexes. I found that this course gave me a new lens to examine how gender experiences I had growing up have shaped me to be the person I am today.

My best recommendations would be to:

-actively participate in the teleconferences (the stories and experiences that fellow students have are wonderful)

-actively post in the discussion forums (other students are great resources of information)

-start the group projects as soon as your groups are formed to give you lots of time to do edits to them…don’t wait to do it till the last day they’re due.

Other than that, enjoy and hope you have as good of experience with this course as I did.



Class of May 2009 Letters to Future Psych 320 Students


Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Danielle C
Date: December 4, 2009 7:05 PM
Besides earning six credits, I hoped to gain a general better understanding of the roles and ways that gender impacts us in everyday ways.
I think that gender is important on both an individual and social level but I think that I was more interested in the individual aspects and how they apply to my life specifically.
I have to say that even after this course I still don’t clearly understand what gender is, which really is a bit surprising considering it is a term that I have been using for many years. However I feel that now I have a better understanding of what gender encompassed and how some people define gender and the limitation of many definitions.
Before this class I knew that gender did play a role in my actions but I never really thought about it. Through out this course I would say I have become more aware of the role that gender plays in my choices but also those around me. I can’t say that I have actively changed anything but just the general awareness increase has made me think much more about gender then I ever have before.
The process of this change was very gradual and natural for me. This my be due to the fact that I always tend to think about how what I am learning and understand the process behind it.
Overall this was a very interesting course and one that I feel has help to broaden my perspective on gender and wide range of areas that it has an impact in my life.

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Iris-Daniela Y
Date: November 22, 2009 6:06 PM
Besides earning six credits, what do you hope to gain from the study of gender?

I hope to gain an a deeper understanding of gender and how it effects society.
Do you believe the study of gender will be more relevant on an individual level (i.e., help you to understand why and how YOU are gendered), or on a societal level (i.e., to help you gain understanding of the role of gender in certain societal structures)?

Both. Gender on an individual level allows oneself to look within and ask the question, am I the same as everyone else? why or why not? This may lead you to learn things about yourself, if you allow yourself, that you didn’t think twice about.
Whereas, gender on a societal allows you to appreciate gender differences in society and throughout different cultures. I think as a society we follow the heard mentality, and do and think as we are told, rather than looking at gender in the context in which it exists, in different cultures for example.
Do you believe you clearly understand what gender IS?

No not at all!, I think i have just scraped the surface. I think it would be very arrogant to say that I understand something, when in reality I know very little because something that would be the gender norm in one culture would be shocking for me in another.
Next, reflect on your experiences in the course. You may wish to start by answering the following questions:
How aware were you before the start of this class that gender had determined your behaviour, thoughts, feelings, choices etc.?

I was aware that being a women, I had to overcome some obstacles, and being a part a visible minority I had to overcome twice the amount of obstacles. I felt that I had to work twice as hard to achieve what I wanted to achieve because I was from a marginalized member of society.
Now that you have finished the course, how has this awareness changed?
If there is a change, please describe what led to the(se) change(s).

I have discovered things that I suppressed for the last twenty years of my life. After I came to grips with it, only then could I start to heal.
Was the process easy and pleasurable or difficult and painful?
The process was definitely painful and difficult. Especially realizing what happened was not my fault that it was just circumstances that allowed my life to turn out the way it did. However, I would like to add that now that the healing process began, I can now help others in my situation, which has translated into a more pleasurable life for myself.
Class of January 2009 Letter to Future Psych 320 Students

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Katharine H
Date: August 10, 2009 10:03 PM
As a result of this course, I am better equipped to distinguish the reasons why my thoughts and behaviour exist, based my internalized assumption(s) of my gender role.

The inclusion of a male studies text offered a very balanced, honest and forward thinking perspective of a man’s gender role. I understand more about a male perspective and living in a gendered world, particularly with respect to relationship challenges men face as a result of the external expectations. I found that I feel more compassionate toward men, particularly the men that are closest to me. I am more aware of actions that one can take to reduce negative influence on both genders, and increase tolerance.

Another thing that I learned is that good outcomes between the sexes may actually be found in comparing similarities instead of differences. In fact, it is possible that an androgynous self identity is probably a healthy balance of masculine and feminine characteristics as they do exist within every person.

The process of this class was very rewarding, be prepared to see examples of living in a gendered world EVERYWHERE, on a daily basis. Through language, observing behaviour, your relationships the workplace,media etc. I’m sure I drove my friends and family crazy with rerouting conversations back to how the situation was related to a gender issue.

Lastly, through the journal writing, I was forced to examine my frustration and challenges of living in a gendered world. I now have explanations as to why I am impacted by living in this world, and if anything, my awareness has certainly increased as to the possible reasons “why” my gender role assumption exists and I think I have gained more self acceptance.

Good luck!

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Jena A
Date: August 8, 2009 10:42 AM
Dear Future Students,

WOW has this course changed my perspective! I learned so much, not only about how much of myself has been shaped through society’s expectations of females, but also about how much of what I encounter every day is gendered.

As other students have said, keep an abundance of time aside for the readings. They are long, but insightful.

The journals were my favourite part, and the part I found the most challenging. It was hard for me to open up to other people, but even harder being honest with myself. My advice to you is to be as forthcoming as possible – it will help you immensely!

Good luck, and enjoy this course!

Jena A

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Anna C
Date: August 8, 2009 10:06 AM
Dear future students of Psych 320,

Welcome to Gender Psychology!

The most enjoyable part of this course for me is the teleconference. It’s my first time doing presentation over the phone so I was a bit nervous at first, but I really enjoyed listening to others’ stories and thoughts, and also sharing my own.

However, the biggest challenge for me is to keep up with my readings. There is a lot to read but both textbook are very interesting to read and your will have a lot of reflections on the topics you’ve read.

Try your best to keep up with the reading and be open to share your thoughts with others in class. You will definitely learn a lot.

Good luck!


Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Carmen L
Date: August 6, 2009 9:50 PM
Dear Future Students

Welcome to the psychology of gender.

This class may seem intimidating at first, however I found out soon enough that a good half of an hour tour around the web page will easy any worries. The web page is clearly laid out with complete details and descriptions of all expectations and assignments.

The discussion forum may be overwhelming due to the continuous adding of comments and opinions however, daily log inn’s to the web page help you relax when it comes to assignments.

I am a human kinetics student who thought that they may not gain anything from this course. However, I soon learned that the psychology of gender has many angles of opinions that one can truly only understand via discussion. I was able to step away from just the typical “jock” experience of gender and see it through the eyes of many different ages, cultures and religions.

The most important component I gained from the course is that I have the power to change gender issues and I cant just take a back seat and wait for these changes to be made. I am confident that this course has opened may eyes to more issues revolving around the psychology of gender and how beneficial ones awareness of these issues is.

I found the journal entries extremely difficult to complete. The reason being is that I had a hard time digging deep inside of me instead of just touching on superficial components of an issue. The biggest reward I received was the final entries were I just broke all walls down and let my feelings flow. Try to be open and reflect how your topic of choice really makes you feel and why. It may be difficult to put your feelings down in writing, however I found when I was not distracted and put on some music I was able to escape in my writing. Remember that no one is here to judge you and the floor is always welcoming. Explore, investigate and find passion in what you want to say.

I wish you all the best and take the most you can out of this course because it truly applies to every day life.

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Vinnie Y
Date: August 5, 2009 10:13 AM
Having taken quite a few psychology classes and family studies classes prior to this one, I thought I already knew a lot about gender. I knew that women earn less than men. I knew that women were more at risk for poverty. I knew that men valued physical attractiveness in relationships, and etc etc. However, later I discovered that this class opened my eyes and my mind to just how much gender is relevant to my life.

I especially enjoyed how we had the chance to talk about gender on a personal level in journal entries and in teleconferences. In all my other classes in university, personal experiences are ignored and even discouraged. (Now I know that may be due to the masculine tendencies of academia!!) I never had a change to really explore and ponder on how gender truly affects my life. I feel that I have now emerged out of this class, full of knowledge that can help me defy gender stereotypes. I can finally relate the textbook material to my everyday life.

The process was enjoyable but difficult at first. I had trouble at first because I just couldn’t see how gender had anything to do with my life. How on earth am I supposed to write 9 whole journal entries, and give a teleconference presentation on my gendered experiences?! As the course proceeded and I read more and more material on gender, I discovered that I had more experiences of gender than I could possibly fit into just 9 journal entries. My life was full of them!

I highly recommend this class for students who want to become aware of how gender affects societies, families, and themselves. You will carry this new found knowledge and awareness for the rest of your lives.

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Gino M
Date: August 1, 2009 10:06 AM
This course deals a lot with issues that we see in everyday life. From sex to pregnancy to the media, I believe this course helped me understand more in depth, issues that I was aware of before, but never took the time to really look into. This class has helped me build a filter through which I can pass information, regarding gender, from outside sources, and really see what is legit and what is not. A good example is the media. Mostly due to the great presentation done on media and its effects on gender, I now truly understand that we must be careful how we process gender information given to us through the media, as there are dire consequences when one doesn’t consciously make an effort not to process the information – for example in a study by Chandra et. al., it was shown that teenagers who watch TV with a high volume of sexual content are more likely to get pregnant at a young age then those who don’t watch this sort of TV!

What I found most difficult about this class were the journal entries and the teleconference presentation. Personally (and I don’t blame this on being a male!), it is hard for me to really express my feelings about certain issues. I found out it was so hard for me to do so because when writing my journals I realized this was the first time I really was putting into writing, how I felt about these issues I have been aware of for a long time. Although I had these thoughts circling my brain for a while, I really found it difficult to expose them in a journal that I knew others would see. Perhaps it’s because of the eastern Asian culture I was raised in. None the less, my advise to you future students is to not be guarded when it comes to writing your journals and presentation. When I wrote my presentation, I feel that I really made a conscious effort to let my guard down – it felt good, almost cathartic/therapeutic to expose my raw feelings to the class! Although I was sweating bullets the whole time, I was pleased to find that my classmates appreciated the story I was sharing.
In conclusion, don’t be afraid to share what is really on your mind when writing the journals and the presentation! Have fun, you will learn a lot!

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Sanjeet S
Date: July 29, 2009 3:19 PM
Before taking psych 320, I really hadn’t given much attention to the concept of gender roles and stereotypes. The difference in behaviour and mentality between men and women just seemed like a normal way of being. However, after reading the very interesting and mind opening readings in this course I learned that individuals are actually conformed to these roles early on in their lives. This course really made me think about how and why these gender stereotypes continue. It also made me aware of a serious change that needs to take place in preventing genderization.

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Deanna W
Date: July 28, 2009 2:31 AM
Dear new 320 student:Hey!
If you were like me, you probably took this course to understand the social aspects in differences between the 2 sexes. Well, learn you shall!

I went into the course, full of stereotypes I had been taught vicariously through our culture, and as I finish this course, I begin to see just how many stereotypes that I believed was fact, when in fact, they aren’t even true.

For example, I bet you thought PMS was a normal time-of-the-month issue for women, that only affected womens’ mood because of hormones. Well guess again! haha It actually hasn’t been proven to exist, and as you will find in Dr. McFarlane’s research, its more of a myth than anything else: both men and women have mood swings but it has nothing to do with hormone differences between the sexes, but everything to do with the days of the week, affecting BOTH sexes!

Interesting huh? Well be prepared for more, and be prepared to be enlightened about the world you THOUGHT you understood, and look into a mirror to find a new understanding of yourself and your views. If you wanted to challenge gender differences, ever wonder why we behave according to gender scripts, or just to understand the opposite sex (and whether there are actually more than just 2), then this is the course for you.

Have fun, and enjoy!
Deanna W

Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Jessica J
Date: July 27, 2009 4:39 PM

Dear Future 320ers,

Even before taking this class I was a very self-analytical person, but my focus on gender issues and their impact on my life was never substantially developed, mostly because I did want to believe that a gender effect existed to a substantial extent. First off, may I admit now, I was 100% wrong in my original assessment. Though this gender effect may sometimes be positive or negative, just by virtue of being a gendered person, this will impact how we behave, and how others react towards us.

After taking this course, I have realized that gender effects are actually so incredibly pervasive because the effect may operate on subconscious levels. This is related to another important lesson I learned from this class: the unwavering importance of the pursuit of knowledge. This is related because the textbook, for me at least, had a tendency to call attention to things that I believe I already implicitly knew, yet had never formally analyzed or further explored. Although I already knew the pursuit of knowledge is important, this was made even more evident while reading these psychologists passionately discuss their subject and briefly discuss how feminism historically has been ridiculed to trivialize the subject. This attempt to trivialize feminism somewhat worked on me prior to this class because I did not feel particularly invested in or similar to feminists, and thus did not fully explore the subject. As I later learned, to be a feminist all you need to do is believe females deserve equality, and that social change should be introduced to make this equality a reality, and I believe this change can only become a reality with more education and exploration of the subject. This empowerment that I felt is not limited to females, as men too have many opportunities to be empowered by the findings and research conducted on men, and learn how their gender does operate to affect their daily lives.

I achieved this change simply by just by having an open mind to the readings, yet maintaining my critical analysis. Honestly, I do not believe that the authors of the textbook, or even the professors, could ask for anything more. This class was enjoyable because of the opportunities it provides for self discovery (even if you discover you do not agree with some of the theories!), and thus, this class is very easy to enjoy. My favourite aspects of the course were actually all the graded activities we had to complete, especially the telephone conferences and group projects which allow you to have real discussion with your classmates about gender issues. In all, this class promotes real learning and discovery, not just learning for the sake of 6 credits.

I wish you all the best in your studies!


Topic: Letters to Future PSYC320 Students
Author: Lauren R
Date: July 27, 2009 11:41 AM
Dear Psych 320 Students,

As you may have read from the other letters, this class can be intimidating at first. If one is not familiar with the concept of gender, this can also be extremely eye-opening and life changing.

For me personally, I have been exploring myself and others as gendered beings for quite some time, always exploring, questioning and digging through our ways of being in this world. However, coming from my own standpoint, I had yet to really look at the male perspective. For this reason, Kilmartin’s text was enjoyable and super useful.

The journal entries have enabled me to use my writing to really look at myself. I suggest really using the journals to explored your journey. This is one of the few times in university where you are encouraged to be completely subjective and it feels great!

Most of all, keep up with the class and engage with the forums. It is so rewarding to read what others have said and don’t be afraid to share your opinion.

Best of Luck,

Lauren R


Subject: Letters from Class of May05


Message no. 3042

Posted by Melinda C on Thursday, December 1, 2005 6:30pm

Subject: Dear Future PSYC320 Students

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a quick word to all future

PSYC 320 students. First of all I think you’ve made a great choice when you registered for

this class. You’re going to love it. Don’t let the amount of reading get you down, it’s not

overwhelming at all, everything is laid out very nicely. I found the workload easy to

handle as long as you stay on schedule and the instructors approachable. You’ll also find if

you have any questions the other students are always helpful.

The highlights of the course for me were definately the teleconferences

and the group project. I really liked talking with and connecting to my fellow

students. This made what I learned in the course more meaningful and applicable. There is

something very comforting about listening to other people going through and pondering

the same issues that you are. I also feel that this course has a very reflective component to it and

this provided me with both an opportunity to internalize what I was learning as well as

allowing me time to check in with myself and perhaps reaccess my belief system when it comes

to gender issues.

Overall, I think that I now have a greater sense of awareness about how

gender influences and shapes my daily life.




Message no. 3045

Posted by Kristy K on Sunday, December 4, 2005 6:14pm

Subject: Hello and welcome to Psych 320!

I must begin by telling you I wasn’t sure about this course when I

enrolled because I


worried it might be too feminist-based for my enjoyment. However, within

the first week

I realized that the course would provide a much broader scope and

perspective than this.

While there are feminism aspects, there are also many perspectives that

go above and

beyond this.

I feel the format of this course is ideal for the material and the

content. Having the online

forums as a way to discuss things with other students is a better format

than “in class


because you have time to ponder before you respond and in this way the

responses are

well-thought out and eloquent and much more detailed than an “in

class” discussion

would be. Furthermore, you can have an ongoing discussion with several

people that is

not limited by the constraints of a classroom setting. Moreover, the

forums were useful

and constructive never felt like a “requirement” because usually

posts were both

interesting to read and interesting to write. I found myself using

personal examples and

delving into my own issues and personal views quite frequently.

While I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel about the

teleconferences, I actually

enjoyed the interaction with other students and I also had fun with my

own presentation.

The assignments were thought-provoking and interesting to work on – my



would be the difficulty in preparing a group assignment in an online

course. However,

even taking into consideration the logistical issues with this

assignment, it was actually a

fun one to write and present. As for the journal, at first it was

daunting to come up with

ideas but after the initial entry they actually became interesting to

write because they

provided me with a sense of my own gender experiences. Once I began

thinking about

my gender experiences, I realized there were many areas about which I

could write


Overall, I feel like I have gained not only knowledge from this course

but also a more

well-rounded and perceptive view of the gendered world around me.

I hope you too gain this from this course ‚àí Good luck!


Message no. 3049

Posted by Catherine C on Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Subject: What You Need to Pass this Course…

…is lots of self-discipline and motivation.

I won’t be the only student to tell you about the amazing and applicable

issues you bring

away from this course into your life, so I’ll leave those details to the

other students.

Instead, I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned are skills that will

help you through this

online course.

1. Like I said above, lots of self-discipline and motivation.

This is an online course, there will be no “class-time” or “instructor”

telling you to come

to class, do readings, or hand in assignments. You are responsible for

all that on your

own. Make sure you check out the course schedule and mark down due dates

on a

physical calendar. That will help you a lot.

2. Make time for the course.

Even if it is an online course without a scheduled class-time, you need

to set aside about

two hours every week to read the online course material. Add on to that

the time you’ll

need to do the readings. Just because it is a distance course doesn’t

mean there’s no


3. Write down your thoughts as you read.

Because, trust me, they’ll come in handy for journals and discussions.

Some of the

readings are extremely provoking, thought- and anger-wise. You’ll want

to remember

your opinions, and no one’s memory is good enough to remember them all.

4. Contribute to discussions…

…as much as you can! This is what makes the online course work. If no

one comments

or responds, then discussions are dead. What I learned most from in this

course was

other people’s experiences and thoughts. Reading what other people

thought taught me a

lot and helped me to see how the concepts applied to daily life. Plus

its just a bonus to

see someone respond to your comment too.

5. I’m out of ideas, but those 4 should set you on the right path.

Good luck to you all and I hope you had as great a time with this course

as I did!

Catherine Chiu


Message no. 3055

Posted by Meghan H on Friday, December 9,



Subject: Letter to future students


Congratulations for choosing PSYC 320. This course will be both

challenging and

fascinating. Have you ever thought of how your life would be different

if you had been

born the opposite sex? This course will address that question and,

indeed, it will

challenge the very notion of “opposite” sex. I would encourage students

embarking on

this course to print out the course schedule and keep this handy – refer

to it often… YOU

are responsible for keeping on track with the readings, journal

submissions, and

assignments. This is easily accomplished if you follow the schedule. The


discussion forums are an excellent venue to have your say and to hear

what your fellow

students have to say. This aspect of the course is one of the most

revealing and

enlightening. Participating in these discussions allows you to derive

maximum benefit

from the course material, by investigating how the topics affect you

personally. Taking

part in the on-line discussions from the beginning is most beneficial

because you will get

to know your fellow students, some of whom you will work with on the


three “group” project. So don’t be shy, it is worth participating right

from the start!

Enjoy the course and best wishes!


Message no. 3056

Posted by Shannon O on Friday, December 9, 2005 7:15pm

Subject: Letter to future students

From a realistic point of view I think the most important thing to

remember when starting this course is to stay on top of the work! As

this is a year long online course, it is understandable to feel slightly

overwhelmed at times because of the work load but do yourself a favour

and write down the due dates, teleconferences and journals. It is

unbeleivable how fast the dates come up!

That being said, this is an amazing course that will offer every student

new opportunities to look at the world around them and their own lives

and experiences. Be open and honest in the discussion pages, because

that is really where allot of the growth happens with the material.

Working though problems associated with gender with your classmates via

the web is liberating in some ways because it provides a certain amount

of anonymity. That being said just share what you are comfortable with.

I hope you find this course engaging and thought-provokinng. Be prepared

to have your own set of “gender beliefs” challenged. I know that I have

learnt just as much about myself as I have about the course readings.

All the best, good luck!


Message no. 3057

Posted by Roger T on Thursday, December 15, 2005


Subject: A letter to the male future students of psych320

I wanted to take this time to speak directly to the male future students

of this course.

There is a very good chance as you are about to start the course, or you

are thinking about starting the course that you are feeling a little

apprehensive about studying gender. I want you all to know that I felt

the exact same way. But through educating myself on the topic of gender

and psychology I have come to understand that men are brought up never

to question, analyze and “think” about their gender other than “i’m a

guy, she’s a girl.”

But now that I have finished this course it was absolutely fascinating

to really look deep within myself and question who I am as a man, and

what my position is in society. For it is through deep thought and

analysis that we come to know ourselves best. Take this course – take

it with an open mind and an inquisitive nature and you will get more out

of it then you could possibly imagine. I wish you all the best.


Message no. 3058

Posted by Sherilyn S on Friday, December 16, 2005 10:32am

Subject: Stay on top of things!

Dear Future PSYC320 Students,

Looking back on this course, I can honestly say I learned a lot of very

applicable things

to my own life, as I am sure you will too. This was the first online

class I took part in,

and I like the dynamics of it. This is a VERY interactive class,

whether it be through

teleconferences or the discussion forums, and I found that because it

was an online


I shared more about myself than I normally would have in a real-class

setting. And I

enjoyed that!

On to the practical side of things… because there is no specified

class time, you NEED to

make your own time to work on the readings, etc. for this class. If you

look at the

readings and assignments as a whole, you will get overwhelmed. So make

sure you look

at things on a week to week basis and try to pace yourself in that way.


IMPORTANT THING is to make sure you make a weekly “class time” where you


discipline yourself to do classwork each week – then you will be fine!

Also, at the end of each section, there are study terms. I recommend

writing out these

study terms as you finish each section and NOT waiting for the end of

the course to do

this. This will help with your study time, as you will be covering a

lot of material in this


Good luck!


Message no. 3059

Posted by Michelle R on Friday, December 16, 2005 7:04pm

Subject: letter to future students

Dear Future Students of Psychology 320,

You have signed up for a very interesting course.

This course is a very different experience from any of the other

psychology classes offered at UBC. I think it is important for incoming

students to know that the course asks for a lot of self-disclosure and

by that I mean integrating the theoretical aspects of what you learn

with what you have experienced. The course is also different from other

courses in that the volume of reading required is far greater than any I

have ever experienced. The various topics covered illicit strong

reactions from students and understandably they have a lot to say, which

does make for a lot of reading, so definitely build into your schedule

extra time to cover it all!

Good luck!


Message no. 3060

Posted by Sonia B on Friday, December 16, 2005 7:45pm

Subject: Future Psych 320 Students…

Dear future Psych 320 students,

While I was initially hesitant about taking a distance education online

course, I soon realized the benefits of this type of course. A

discussion of gender involves personal and controversial topics, and an

online setup allowed us to be open about our experiences and opinions

without the fear of what classmates may think. When talking about

issues such as gender vs biology, PMS, relationships, and sexuality, the

discussion board provided a place where we could share our unique

experiences, and I am amazed by how much I have learned from reading my

classmates’ discussion postings. I feel that my views on sexuality,

relationships, and gender as a whole have been enriched with knowledge

from the discussion postings, readings, and teleconferences.

The instructors of this course, Jessica and Evelyn, provide more than

just a university course, they guide us through a learning journey. At

times, I wished that this course was required for all students, as we

explored issues that everyone should be aware of. The lessons I have

learned while studying the psychology of gender have opened my eyes to

new ways of looking at the world, thinking about the world, and figuring

out where I fit in as a woman.


Message no. 3061

Posted by Letah B on Friday, December 16, 2005 8:23pm

Subject: Future Students . . .


I hope that you all enjoy this course as much as I did. I found it

interesting, intruiging,

insightful, and

thought-provoking (just to mention a few things). It’s great to learn

about things that

you never seem

to think twice about normally. It will give you a whole new perspective

on the world

around you.

The format of the course is great, and it’s all laid out for you. Just

remeber to keep up

with the

readings! The textbooks are a great resource, and easy to follow.

Everyone was so open about their own personal experiences and I really

felt that I got to

know some of

the members of the class through the teleconferences and the discussion

board . . .even

when we

hadn’t met.

The assigments and journal entries really got me thinking about my own

experiences and

I was kind of

glad to share them with the rest of the class. A lot of topics will

come up throughout the

readings, and

you’ll be surprised to see how relevant they are to your own life.

I hope that you all have similar experiences with this course. Good luck!


Message no. 3062

Posted by Sandy Y on Saturday, December 17, 2005


Subject: To Future Psych320 Students

Hi future psych320 students,

This was the first online course I took in university. I took it in summer

because it didn’t require regular attendance to class and so I could work

on the course anywhere online! Plus, I wanted a 6-credit course. Without

any expectation, it has become not just a 6-credit course but a real life

course for me. It really has broadened my views and influenced me to

examine gender issues differently. Other than the concepts and terms, this

course has a lot of real life examples and allowed students to relate or


up personal experiences.

I am very pleased with the organization and the two textbooks of this

course. The instructors have organized the content of the course into

sections with notes, required readings, and additional references clearly.

It’s hard to get lost! In addition, it has been a surprise to me that an

online course can be this interactive. For people who are shy, it is

very good

to be able to get a chance to express your opinions online without


to speak up in front of the class. Both the online discussion and

teleconferences were very beneficial to me. I have learned a lot about


people’s experiences and inspired my way of thinking through these

discussions. Somehow, I feel close to the classmates and the instructors

even I have never met them.

Although it is an online course which doesn’t require regular

attendance in

a classroom, it does require regular attendance online! It would be easy to

be off track if you don’t keep up with the schedule. However, the

organization makes it very easy to follow and all you have to keep in

mind is

to mark your calendar and keep up to date!! I hope you all will enjoy this

Reply Forward

Topic: PSYC 320 advice — advice from past students who

have “been there –done that” (***do not erase; add

each class ***)

Date: September 3, 2008 2:37 PM

interesting course, learn some academic concepts, and broaden your

personal knowledge.

Have a great year!!


Message no. 3063

Posted by Laura R on Saturday, December 17, 2005 2:06am

Subject: Dear future PSYC320 student

You are about to begin studying a very interesting course that will


you in ways that you might have never thought of before. It will really


you think critically even at times when you think you have all the answers.

My advise to you is to keep an open mind about all the topics you will be

discussing and try to see how your own conceptions and beliefs about

gender are confirmed or challenged and then make an informative decission

on what your final thought on that topic will be. Also very important,


to the other students comments and ideas and try to see where you stand

and if you feel strongly about something make sure you let your voice be


I hope you enjoy the material and the discussions and that at the end of

the course you will be able to make a difference where ever you may find





Subject: Letters from class of Sep05

Author: Psyc 320 Instructor

Letters to Future students

Psychology 320

September 2005 class

Subject: Welcome Letter

Message no. 5902

Author: Natalie A

Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 8:42pm

Without stating the obvious, this is a very intense course, but one that I believe you will

gain from. You will deal with not just the theoretical, but the practical. Through the

journal assignment, group projects, and other discussion opportunity you will gain further

understanding into how gender affect you and society. The teleconferences are great

opportunities to discuss and have closer contact with your classmates. Make sure to take

this opportunity.

Over all, an opportunity to become more enlightened about gender issues and how they

affect my life.


Subject: To future students

Message no. 6007

Author: Angela L

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2006 2:16am

I can say without a doubt that this course is really refreshing. It makes you see such

obvious gender differences that we encounter on a daily basis that seems to have been

invisible to us before the course. Make sure to make good use of the teleconferences for

it’s the only chance to have a verbal encounter with other fellow students. The

presentations that are given during the teleconferences opens your eyes to the different

experiences people have had with gender-issues and makes you really think.

The group project is also somehting to look forward to. Even though you might feel like

you’re pressed for time, it’s a great opportunity to work together with others in looking

deeper into a specific issue related to gender. Lastly, make sure to participate in the

discussion board regularly. It’s filled with alot of different and interesting opinions about

different issues that you might have never thought up yourself.

Overall, this is a great course to take and a real eye-opener. Remember to keep an open




Subject: To Future PSYC320 Students

Message no. 6031

Author: Charnpreet C

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2006 8:17pm

First of all, I want to thank Evelyn and Jessica for being sensational

instructors. They made this course fun and interesting. Who would have

thought a distance education class could be so enlightening?

This course involves a lot of work, and therefore, a lot of time. But,

the way the material is supplemented and presented, it was all worth it.

I never thought a distance education would be so lively! When I first

enrolled in this course, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of

teleconferences and journal submissions. But, as I completed them, I

realize how much I appreciate these methods of learning. These

activities, along with the group activities, made the course very

interesting. The teleconferences offered a way to learn and relate to

others experiences. Through these conferences, I learned that there are

many other people that think the same way I do about gender issues.

Honestly, I think these methods of learning are a lot better than the

typical course formats (one midterm and a final). I wish other

instructors would incorporate these methods of learning into their

syllabus. I can honestly say this is one class I looked forward to when

I registered, and still look forward to now.

This course has made me aware of the gender inequality and gender issues

that we face in day to day life. Until now, I didn’t know any solutions

to these problems, but this course offers a wide array of information

that all of us can learn from. I have come out of this class knowing so

much more about gender that I thought I would! I recommend this course

to future students as it is one of the best courses I have taken at UBC.

Good luck to all the future students!


Subject: To future students

Message no. 6049

Author: Olga A

Date: Sunday, April 2, 2006 6:41am

I definitely had fun taking this course, although there were lots of activities and readings

involved that makes you wonder how you’re going to do all these, it definitely was an eye

opener for me.

I did not realize that genderdization really exists until I took this course. I just accepted

that women are women, and men are men. The teleconferences were a wonderful

experience, as you get to hear voices of real people that makes you realize that you have

real classmates and not just names in the discussion board. It makes you feel that you’re

not the only one feeling genderdized but there are others who feel the same way too.

Also, journal writing was a way too of releasing your feelings and thoughts, and makes

you analyze what is really happening and what can be done with the situation at hand.

The instructors were so caring and fun to be with, and gives you the support and

encouragement to speak out and say what you feel, without being frightened or doing the

required activities just because you have to do it, but because you enjoyed doing it, and

they were a great part of it.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take Psychology courses. You

won’t feel “distanced” in any other way. The instructors will see to it that you won’t.

Thank you Jessica and Evelyn!

Good luck!


Subject: Welcome

Message no. 6151

Author: Eric H

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2006 10:40am

This course teaches you through many ways. The text material, the

article, the discussion, own personsal experiences and the

teleconference. It is a very intense course, and it requires group

participation to do well. It is an interesting course to take. If you

like to know more about gender, this is the course your should take


Subject: letter

Message no. 6153

Author: Hiu Tin L

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2006 11:47am

This was the second online psych course I’ve taken, and to be honest, it

was nothing like I expected. I thought this course was a walk-through.

I’m glad I was wrong.

This course is much more intense than any actual “lecture” psych course

I’ve had to take. I appreciate how the instructors have set up the

course to be so interactive and so reflective. The journals demanded

that I explore my own psyche and the beliefs I held about gender,

people, and life in general. It is far more than acquiring knowledge

and knowing facts. This course involved peeling away the layers of my

mind to analyze my view of life. At times this was daunting because I

didn’t have to courage to look at some of the beliefs and values I held

about gender. It’s always more comfortable to keep doing (seeing)

things the way you always have.

Instead of just learning theories, we were encouraged to explore and

apply these concepts in practice. The teleconferences helped reinforce

what we learned by giving us an opportunity to discuss and share

personal experiences and stories in which we’ve seen gender being acted

up in certain ways. It gave me the insight and perspective of not only

a professor, but of 30 other classmates.

So often, we live life confined in our own bubble, holding our own

little perspective of how the world should run and be. University is

supposed to encourage us to see a wider and greater world. I believe

Psych 320 has not only done this, but has encouraged me to keep

exploring and seeing this world in all the shades and hues it’s meant to

be seen. I hope you embark on and enjoy the journey of discovering

yourself in light of a gendered coloured world


Subject: Dear Future Students

Message no. 6188

Author: Rowena A

Date: Friday, April 7, 2006 11:38am

Dear Future Students,

I salute you for taking on this course. It is unlike any other psychology course I have

ever taken. I not only learned objectively about many interesting facets of gender

relations and dynamics, but I also learned a lot about myself. In particular, I was able to

explore my own opinions, biases and how I fit in the world as a gendered being.

Be prepared, will be my only advice. Be prepared to be interested. Be prepared to be

able to make honest opinions about certain issues, and be prepared to be able to share

them with others. And with that, be prepared to listen to what others have to say. Be

prepared to feel angry, frustrated or sad about things; you will be exposed to many

types of injustices that occur in this gendered world. And finally, be prepared to learn

about yourself. You will be doing a lot of self-reflection in this course, questioning the

reasons behind why you think, behave or perceive in the ways that you do. You will be

surprised in what you learn about yourself.

Sit back, have fun, look around–you will have a very interesting year.



Reply Forward

Topic: PSYC 320 advice — advice from past students who

have “been there –done that” (***do not erase; add

each class ***)

Date: September 3, 2008 2:33 PM

Subject: Hello to future students!

Message no. 6232

Author: Pamela M

Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 4:46pm

When I began this course, I read some of the letters to future students as well.

A particular ‘letter’ that stands out in my mind was more of a power point presentation

about what was to come. A much more animated rendition than what I have to say about

PSYC 320! Regardless, here I go……”Dear Future Students of Psych 320; Psychology of


While many students perhaps take this course to get six credits toward their degrees, I

would venture to say that you will get so much more out of this course than a mere few

credits toward a bachelor’s degree at university. I would venture to say….’put your

seatbelts on, and prepare for a journey of self discovery’….

All of us are ‘gendered’ in one way or another; and most certainly not just in two simple

ways (i.e. stereotypically female and/or male socializations). As well, we are all ’sexed’ in

one way or another; and also most certainly not in just two simple ways (i.e.male/female)

This course can be simply that; a course that will get/give you six credits!

Or…this course can be an adventure of self discovery and growth….There is an

expression: “as you sew, so shall you reap”… will get out of this course what you

put into it….”for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”….

I hope that you will enjoy this journey as much as I have. I hope that you will gain more

clarity about what it truly means to be human; regardless of sex and/or gender. I hope

that you will share the information that you learn herein with others….and others will

share with others and others will share with yet others, and on and on the circle

goes/grows!! *

May we create a better world for the children of tomorrow in the process!!

Enjoy and appreciate the learning that is to come; and most importantly, invite change

into your circles of families, friends and communities….this is the key……

“Think Globally…..Act Locally” !HAPPY LEARNING! *Namaste*

Subject: Letters from class of Jan06

Author: Psyc 320 Instructor

Subject: Letters from Class of Jan06


Message no. 4020

Posted by Polly B on Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Subject: Psyc 320

This course was absolutely amazing. It increased my knowledge about the

psychology of men and women. It improved my critical thinking and

anaylsis. It increased my awareness of my assumptions about gender and

gender roles.

Thank you Jessica and Evelyn for a job well in teaching this course.



Message no. 4777

Posted by Dana Schindel on Friday, August 4, 2006 3:06pm

Subject: Dear Future Students

Dear Future PSYC320 Students,

Congratulations, you have chosen one of the best classes in the

Psychology department

at UBC! Unless you only want to regurgitate statistics and theories, in

which case,

transfer out now.

Looking back on my experience in Psychology 320 I realize that I gained

more than I

thought I would from this class. This is because of the many different

ways we explored

gender. Not only were various aspects of gender covered, such as gender

and how it

interacts with aging, sports, relationships, work, etcetera, but we were

able to apply what

we studied in ways that made it relevant to our lives. The activities,

presentations, and

journals were useful in looking at how gender affects me personally

while hearing other

people’s experiences gave me insight a text book can not provide.

Through the

discussion boards and group activities I was able to take what I had

learned and use it to

defend or challenge ideas about gender. I like that the format and

marking scheme of

the course is inclusive of so many different areas and learning styles,

including but not

limited to a standard test. The structure of the course and interaction

with my classmates

made me more interested in the subject and I feel like I actually

learned something

rather than just completing work for credits.

There is a lot of reading and at times the texts can seem redundant when

they are

making a point. The texts are well written though and also have interest

pieces like focus

boxes on people that are working to change gender boundaries. I found

the work a lot

easier when I followed the time lines the instructors provided and kept

up with my

readings. Hearing other peoples’ negative experiences with gender and

finding places

where I have been hypocritical about gender was also hard but worth it.

The best parts

of the course were the many opportunities to challenge other people’s

and my own


about gender.

The instructors Evelyn and Jessica are helpful, supportive, and fair in

the way they

interact with students and evaluate activities. I also appreciated how

easy it was to get in

touch with them and the quick speed with which they replied to my questions.

Overall this has been one of my favourite classes in pursuing my

Psychology degree at

UBC and I highly recommend it for its engaging subject matter,

thoughtful layout and

quality instruction.

Good luck!



Message no. 4845

Posted by Garrett W on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 5:59pm

Subject: Future Students

For those of you who are considering registering in Psychology 320,

I would highly suggest you doing so as I have learned a great deal about

how much

gender realted issues are affecting our society today. Through the

teleconferences and

group activities that we have, the students in this class truly grasp a


understanding about the gender issues that all of us are facing today.

The way that this class is structured is extremely unique and

interactive as discussion

forums provide the students with a means of getting other students’

inputs on gender

related topics. Jessica and Evelyn, the instructors, are easily

accessible, fair, and seem

like part of the class as they often post in the discussion forums to

shed some light on

many of the topics that we go over in this class. Over all, this has

been the most

applicable psychology class that I have taken as a BA in Psychology and

I would highly

recommend it to any student who wishes to learn more about the topic

that affect them

every day in their lives.



Message no. 4846

Posted by Lauren F on Wednesday, August 9, 2006 12:25pm

Subject: To Future Students

I originally took this class because I thought it would be an easier

distance summer

course (easier because I took cognitive psych last summer). However, now

in hindsight I

am so glad I took this class. Everything I do now I see gender

intertwined in some way.

From a girl who would hide that I was reading “Women and Gender” on the

bus because

people might think I was a crazy feminist, this class has definately

changed my opinions.

I’ve now become the slightly-annoying politically-correct

non-gender-typing friend. After

this course, I will never see things the same away again, you look at

children, adults and

the elderly so much different, and you question any sort of hidden

motives to decisions. I

speak up and just let people know if they’re following gender

stereotypes, roles, etc. I

especially want my boyfriend to read the “Masculine Self” book, and I’m



paying him, because I believe it is so worth while. I believe the gender

issues can slowly

be resolved on an individual basis, and even if you don’t like

psychology or you don’t

think they’re are gender issues, take this course because it’s so

interesting and

educational it’ll make you re-think your everyday actions.


Message no. 4847

Posted by Robert G on Wednesday, August 9, 2006 2:53pm

Subject: future students

i won’t write a big long letter since you have a lot of others to read.

over all this course

made me view people, society and our world with a much more open mind.

this course is

a great one because it directly relates to the lives that we are living.

everyone wil come

across something in this course that they can relate to.




Message no. 4849

Posted by Michelle W on Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Subject: Future Students

This isn’t your typical psyc course. And I took it distance Ed, because

I couldn’t stand

sitting in psyc classes. But I learned more in this class, than

anyother psyc course. It

stretches you to think critically about gender topics, and ask yourself

hard questions, like

why am I this way? Why do I think and act this way? I enjoyed it a lot,

the group

dynamics are always fun, and its always nice to be able to post things

and say what you

truely feel because no one knows who you are, or can see you and roll

their eyes in


Have fun, and good luck.

And be open to view things in a different perspective, and to read and

talk about many

issues where you may have a completely different view. Don’t be afraid

to step out of

your comfort box.



Message no. 4852

Posted by Shakiba M on Thursday, August

10, 2006


Subject: Dear Future Student

Dear Future Student

Psychology 320 is a very interesting and informative course and I really

enjoyed it.

Before taking this course I finally thougt women are getting closer to

achieve equality in

our society, in our workforce, and in our families, however, this course

was an eye

opener for me. Unfortunately, we still have a long journey ahead of us.

Throughout my

school years I have taken a few gender studies but none of them were as

complete and

informative as this course. I have to be honest there is lots of

reading and activities or

mini projects, but overall they all will add to your understanding of

gender and also help

Reply Forward

Topic: PSYC 320 advice — advice from past students who

have “been there –done that” (***do not erase; add

each class ***)

Date: September 3, 2008 2:25 PM

you to get to know yourself a little better. Overall, I enjoyed the easy

reading texts and

the disscussion forums. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is

interested in

learning about gender and its surrounding issues.

Good luck, Shakiba


Message no. 4853

Posted by Laura M on Friday, August 11, 2006 3:50pm

Subject: Letter for Future Students

Dear Future Students,

This course is an excellent way to discover things that surround you

everyday that you

may never have thought affected the way you see gender and yourself.

This course

allows you to see that gender issues are not limited to male/female

roles, but that

gender plays a part in everything we observe and do, such as work, watch

movies, listen

to music, get ready in the morning and the choices and thoughts we make

throughout the

day. Taking this course allows you to be an active particpant in

observing the importance

of gender all around us.

You also learn much about yourself in this course through exploration of

gender issues

that you experience on a normal basis. The interaction with classmates

is unlike any

other Distance Education class I have experienced, with teleconferences,


boards, chatrooms and group activities that make you feel included in

the learning


You will learn to challenge yourself and the dichotomies of male and

female in this

course. Enjoy!

Laura Jean


Subject: Letters from class of May06

Author: Psyc 320 Instructor

Subject: Letters from Class of May06

Message no.

Posted by Jackie

Subject: “In a nut shell”

“In a nutshell”

No matter how much you think you know you are always at the beginning

of a new

journey filled with a long road of learning and self-discovery. Take

this path as the

opportunity to become more to yourself and to others.

Dear Future Students,

I write this letter to you as I am coming close to the final exam, and

therefore, ask

that you do not find this letter raising your own apprehension with

regards to the course.

I decided upon taking this course to do it as an accelerated course.

This means that I

have decided to do it in less than half the time that most students take

a six-credit

course. Although it has been difficult with tons of reading and lots of

response writing, it

is completely achievable. My best advice to you is not to procrastinate:

time flies so

quickly. You truly do get more out of this course if you are able to

take the time to not

only understand the concepts but to reflect on how they have been a part

of your

upbringing and how they continue to affect you today. I have felt that

this course has not

been so much an academic endeavor as it has been a search for personal


definition, and discovery, with gender being the central defining criteria.

Academically, I came into this course believing that most of the

information would

be common sense and that most of the course would be a breeze. I very

quickly came to

realize how little I knew about socialized gender issues. I believe that

this course has

given me a new perspective from which to try and understand others and

myself. I

believe that it will be very applicable in my future academic and career


As for self-exploration, I quickly learned how little I knew about

myself. Never did I

realize how much gender socialization had influenced my development as a

person. I

came to realize that some of my hardships have been at least partially

due to gender

issues, and I came to understand them in a new light with possible new

ways of dealing

with them.

The most rewarding experience of the course had to be in the


Coming from an emotionally restrictive family, I found it incredibly

moving to hear

people’s personal stories and struggles with different gender issues. I

also found myself

become braver as I discussed some personal issues that I have never

shared with

anyone else.

I took this course out of interest in learning about gender in a more


predicable way, but found that this slightly different way of learning,

although it involved

more work, was so much more rewarding.

Good luck with your studies,



Message no. 4357

Posted by Nikki B on Monday, July 31, 2006 4:08pm

Subject: Wow!

Hi there,

I’m not quite sure where to start when describing this course purely

because it is one of the most unique courses I have ever done.

I accelerated the course and completed it in just under 2 months. I

have to admit that although it appears to be overwhelming at first, when

you get in to the course, it doesn’t feel like you are actually doing

work because the material is so interesting.

As I progressed through each topic, I found that I could apply the

concepts to my own life which gave the topics so much more meaning.

This is a “life changing” course – I know that sounds like a cliche, but

I really mean it! I have found this course so useful in “real life”

situations! I have to admit that I sometimes end up analysing my

friends and family outside of the course but it’s really fun!

There is light at the end of the tunnel! I feel that you really will

enjoy this course! Keep motivated and it will be fine!

Thank you to Jessica and Evelyn for such an interesting and fun course!



Message no. 4639

Posted by Mindy H on Friday, December 1, 2006 1:57am

Subject: Enjoy!

Hello everyone!

Okay, I have to be honest. When I first took this course, I just needed

the credits. I laughed with my friends about how dumb the content was

probably going to be…please don’t be mad. I have never been so wrong.

I can not tell you how refreshing it is to take a class when you are

actually truly interested and intrigued with all of the content. At

first, it might seem like it’s just a whole lot of reading. That

couldn’t be further from the truth. The discussion forums are such a

great way of getting things going and they help you to understand the

topics more clearly with a forum to get answers to unanswered questions.

I only wish I was more aware of just how helpful they were earlier on in

the course. I felt that this was a peer driven course. Don’t get me

wrong, our instructors are excellent, but what I mean is, we had the

ability to take our questions wherever we wanted. If we wanted to

discuss certain things more deeply, we could. The teleconferences were

a very interesting twist. I had never taken part in something like that

before. It was a very cool way to get to know one another without the

traditional classroom setting and it got everyone to loosen up and

explore different topics of our own choice. I was in the first group so

I had no idea what to expect or what to present. Fortunately, the

conferences were held in such a supportive, genuine manner that

everything felt comfortable and smooth. By the final teleconference, it

was almost like being on the phone with old friends. I have to say that

the journal entries were by far the most helpful, interesting, and

motivating aspect of the entire course. I learned so much about myself

through this activity. I can now take any topic thrown out to me and

discuss it with reference to gender. You should hear topics I bring up

with my friends these days. It’s actually quite amusing. All kidding

aside though, this class was a growing experience and my advice to all

future students is to take advantage of the time you have in the course.

Don’t wait too long to get involved and let your mind flow wherever it

will take you because the more open you are with your ideas, the more

you will help yourself and the people taking the class with you. Good

luck to you all and thank you Jessica and Evelyn for everything. I

truly enjoyed the course.




Message no. 4684

Posted by Carmen C on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 12:20am

Subject: Awesome Experience

Just like some of you reading this, you are taking this course for

credits. I admit, at the

beginning I was taking this course to fulfill my requirements, and you

may think this

course involves quite a lot of work, however I can tell you right now

that it doesn’t look

as bad as you think. In fact, it’s quite interesting and captivating.

There aren’t many

courses at UBC that you get to use personal experiences and encounters

for credits. So

technically speaking, you can never really have a wrong answer because

it’s all based on

your own experiences!! Through the process of writing and analyzing my

journal entries,

I have learned quite a lot about myself because it really makes you

think why you felt or

reacted a certain way. Moreover, listening to other’s encounters made

me see things

from another perspective and at times, I realize I’m not the only one

facing a certain

gender issue and makes it easier to explore and expand on the topic with

others in an

encouraging and friendly environment where I never felt discouraged to

express my

thoughts. I can honestly say I don’t think I will ever find another

course that actually

helps and applies to me on a personal level. I’ve taken many psychology

courses, but

none of those can compare to this course. I’m not kidding!! This course

lets you explore

any gender related topics that you have in mind and it is truly a

growing experience.

What else can I say other than that you really won’t regret taking this

course!! The

instructors are incredibly helpful and friendly. Jessica and Evelyn,

thanks for making this

course a great learning and growing experience for me and THE most

enjoyable class I

have taken at UBC!


Message no. 4705

Posted by Rashel L on Friday, December 15, 2006 7:53pm

Subject: Super

Dear future Psych 320 students,

I am finally wrapping up this course and with it I am bringing along

alot of valuable

knowledge that I will use in the future. When I first registered in this

class I was just

hoping to get 6 credits for it but once I started to fully understand

the material and got in

to the readings I started to learn how valuable this stuff is in

everyday life. I was able to

think about and apply the subjects to my own life.

I truly enjoyed the lay out of the course. Sure it seems like there are

alot of components

to make up the grades but all I can say is that they are fun,

educational and is a great

way to spread out the marks. Writing the journals at first was difficult

but Jessica is

amazing at reading your journals and telling you what to do to improve

for next time.

The teleconfrences once you get into it are intersting because you get

to interact with

your classmates and hear their voices which really makes this course

seem intimate and

small. And the group activities I dreaded from the beginning but I was

blessed to have

two great partners to work with for the second activity and now I can

truly say that I

enjoyed every minute of it.

I truly enjoyed all the assignments and having this time look into

gender through a

different set of eyes. I want to thank Jessica and Evelyn for making

this course enjoyable

and a goof atmosphere to work in.

Good luck with the course, I promise that it will be fulfilling and

worth while.



Message no. 4708

Posted by Colleen S on Friday, December 15, 2006 9:41pm

Subject: Pleasant Surprise

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, since this was my first DE&T

course; however,

the information was actually interesting and the profs were amazing!

Just be sure to keep

on top of the reading, and enjoy the class!



Message no. 4709

Posted by Valerie Handa on Monday, December 18, 2006 1:08pm

Subject: give it a go!

I’ve been struggling for a while now about what I wanted to say about

this course. By

now you have probably read mnay glowing leeters that sing the praises of

this course

and although I share my classmates’ enthusiasm I wanted to offer

something a little


This course has made an amazing impact on my life. I feel as though I

have begun a

new journey of exploring the impacts of gender on my life with a new and


perspective than before I took this class.

If the course seems like a lot of work that’s because it is. I found it

a challenge to remain

focused and on schedule because of the distance education format. And

even though the

discussion forums were always open I found I missed a real discussionface

to face.

The group projects (which I usually hate) were a surprisingly enjoyable

part of the

course. It was then that I felt most connected to my classmates. But,

distance ed or in

the class I would definately take this course again given the chance. I

hope you enjoy it

as much as I did.


Valerie Handa


Message no. 4711

Posted by Matthew S on Monday, December 18, 2006 3:01pm

Subject: A journey of self discovery

Dear future students of Psyc 320,

Welcome to the beginning of an exciting journey of self discovery. As

this is an online course, it can be easy to get behind on assignments or

to neglect the discussion forums however those assignments and

discussions can be a hugely rewarding experience. As with so many things

in life, this is one of those situations where you get out of this what

you put into it.

The most noticeable things that sets a course like this apart from other

courses in your university is you will find yourself discovering alot

about the world that you live in and even yourself. You will start

thinking differently and noticing different things than you did before.

Be prepared for this, and most importantly be prepared to embrace it and

welcome it. This class offers a great chance to learn about yourself,

about your world and about how to make your life so much more meaningful.

Have a great year!



Message no.

Posted by Vivien C


Dear: Future PSYC320 Students,

When I first started this course, my mind took on the academic approach.

I wanted to

“discern the truth”, “analyze the differences”, “find the grey”… But

actual experience in

retrospect uncovered the unexpected. I uncovered the underlying reasons

to why I took

this course. My journal entries revealed the hidden problems buried deep

in my family

for these years. At a young age of 19, it seems like a heavy burden to

be releasing.

Being able to put my life into writing forced me to realize my problems

beyond my

control and eventually to seek professional help.

I began to see my relationships differently. I began to think beyond

myself. My thinking

expanded to my family, colleagues, friends, classmates, and the future

generation that

would follow.

Perhaps it is also the anonymity I feel of taking this course online

that has allowed me to

freely express and share my experiences that I otherwise would not have

dared to raise

in a lecture. I pushed the boundary of culture differences. For the

first time, I felt no

cultural barrier that “Asian students sat quietly and listened to

lectures” and was able to

voice how I truly felt in the study of gender and of myself. This, in

turn, revealed a

deeper meaning to my identity as a Chinese-Canadian and being highly

influenced by

both my heritage and Western education.

If you are here for easy credits, I can advise you to take other

distance education

courses. If you are here to answer questions for yourself on your

identity and passage

through life, and how gender inadvertently affects all of us, then this

is the place for you.


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Topic: PSYC 320 advice — advice from past students who

have “been there –done that” (***do not erase; add

each class ***)

Date: September 3, 2008 2:19 PM

Vivien C

Subject: Letters from class of Sep06

Author: Psyc 320 Instructor

Psyc 320 Sept 06 Letters to Future Students

Subject: Letter to future students

Message no. 1978

Author: Sonia H

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 4:00pm

To students who wish to embark on a gender journey:

First off, definitely register for this course, because you won’t be

disappointed, and secondly make sure you bring some personal experiences

with you, because, without them you’ll be lost and finally, have fun,

because this course is more than rote memorization and boring lectures, it’s

far beyond any other course you have taken, or even will take!

The reason I loved this course so much, was that it was personally relevant

for me, it allowed me to analyze gender with my own personal experiences

and I got to share these with other people who had similar experiences. I

really learned a lot about myself, and discovered things that I never knew

about myself. I discovered gender biases lurking everywhere, hidden

beneath subtle comments and out in the open for all to see. After taking

this course, I don’t think I’m the same person who started in September, I

have definitely learned to critically analyze anything and everything, and I

have learned to not settle for average, but to challenge and speak up about

my ideas and opinions.

My favorite part of the course were the teleconferences and the discussion

forums. The phone conferences were awesome, and so much fun! If you

can attend all of these, because it’s well worth it!

Good luck, fellow gender students!


Subject: Self Exploration-Yes Please

Message no. 6193

Author: Mike G

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 6:18pm

At the beginning of this course I was unaware of how much of our daily lives were

affected by our genders. Now that I have been through the process of self exploration I

realize how crucial a role gender plays in our daily lives. My change in attitude stemmed

from our first journal entries and allowed me to ponder the real life effects of being a

male. Social pressures to conform to certain gender roles have challenged my previous

thoughts on why I am who I am. The process of studying gender was more difficult than

I had expected as retrieving internal thoughts and feelings is not as easy as it may

seem. Besides the fact that our three journal entries comprising of a total twenty-seven

pages of writing has been a challenge, gender psychology has been a fulfilling course in

which I would recommend to anyone interested in exploring themselves.


Subject: Re: Self Exploration-Yes Please

Message no. 6205

Author: Danielle B

Date: Monday, April 16, 2007 6:26pm

I would most certainly recommend Psychology 320 to anyone that wants a challenging

and rewarding class. This course truly teaches you that we are gendered beings in a

gendered world. One of the most valuable aspects of this course that I am walking away

with is the ability to truly examine my gender and analyze how it affects me. It can be

quite difficult to place oneself under a gender microscope; however, once one does it is

so very insightful. This course is also very unique in its ability to interact with other

students. It can be quite difficult to interact with students on an online course; however,

the live teleconferences make it very possible to converse with other students. This

course was truly one that I enjoyed and I hope that other students will find the

satisfaction that did while partaking in this course.


Subject: awareness to gender issues

Message no. 6221

Author: Diana W

Date: Thursday, April 26, 2007 6:58pm

I am very glad I took this course because I’ve learnt so much about gender issues and

how it affects society. Like other students, I’ve never thought about how gender issues

could affect everything that goes on in our life- health, work, school etc. In other words,

gender issues are something we encounter 24 hours a day so it does affect a large

portion of our lives. Gender is also not just about our biological sex but also gender

roles, stereotypes that we have adapted to in our lives. They may have some positive or

negative effects and by education, we are increasingly aware of the gender issues people

are facing everyday. The discussion forums, the teleconferences, the journals are

excellent means of getting us to think about how gender affects us in general. I think

unconsciously, all of us have different perceptions on different gender issues. However,

we don’t really pay much attention to it nor do we discuss it because especially

nowadays, gender can be a very sensitive issue.

There are certain things about gender that we can change in the society to make the

status between men and women more equal that will benefit both sides in the long run.

But nonetheless, it is very hard to achieve but we are getting there. This course by no

means an easy one but the course is kind of like a self-exploration for all of us and get

us to think about gender issues at a deeper level. Challenging yet fulfilling.


Subject: Letter to Future Psych 320 Students

Message no. 6226

Author: Lindsay A

Date: Friday, April 27, 2007 12:43am

I have taken several gender-based courses in the past, but psychology

320 is the first class that really went into depth in all categories of

gender. It really helped to start with the biology of gender and how we

even came to classify gender in the first place and worked ourselves up

to the grander issues.

At first I thought the class was going to compare the genders, but one

thing I’ll take away is that our genders are not “opposite”, but more

complementary and on a continuum. The class taught me that gender

is deeper than “boy or girl” or “male or female”. We all have

characteristics of both genders.

I’d also like to say that this class has opened my eyes to gender issues

around me in my everyday life. Especially in advertisments and media I

notice myself asking questions more about why they use only women in

an ad or only men in another ad. I notice more how companies use

gender to manipulate their audience.


Subject: Dear all,

Message no. 6230

Author: Kimberly L

Date: Saturday, April 28, 2007 2:11am

As I finish studying for tomorrow’s Psyc 320 final exam, I would like to

say that this course has been a tremendously enriching experience for

me. I found it more personal than the traditional classroom setting as

the student is encouraged to engage in self-reflection, and also read

about the personal experiences of others. Before this, I came into this

course thinking that gender studies was in a large part comprised of

bridging the inequality gap and feminist movements. Upon reading the

material, I learned that those are only small parts of the whole

picture. This course completely broke down my binary view of gender,

that the behavior of women and men are exclusively defined and

influenced by their separate biological sex. I now appreciate the

similarities more than the differences. The biggest impact this course

had on me was learning about Queer Theory; the challenging of views

other than the norm. It has completely changed my worldview and how I

form my opinions on not only gender issues, but also race, socioeconomic

status, sexual orientation, etc. I urge you to begin this course with an

open-mind and be prepared to have your personal beliefs challenged, and

hope that in the end you will gain better fulfillment in understanding

complex issues, which at the end of the day, aren’t that complex after

all. I would also like to thank my instructors Jessica and Evelyn, for

all the support and feedback, and for playing such a big part in making

this course enjoyable.


Subject: Loved it!

Message no. 6248

Author: Aleksandra O

Date: Monday, April 30, 2007 5:23am

Until having taken this course, I was quite unaware of the gender inequality and certainly

did not believe that there were any significant differences in rights of either women or

men. Also, I had fallen prey to the negative stereotyped opinion about anything feministrelated.

This course completely changed my points of view!

It made me value gender differences and similarities more, it created much more

understanding and empathy for all the issues related to it, and made me question my

own habits, beliefs, actions. This led to a much better understanding of myself as in

individual and my own contribution, either positive or negative to all gender issues. As

this course happened to coincide with my own personal difficulties, it helped me

understand that it is simply unfair to demand, expect or blame anyone for anything

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Topic: PSYC 320 advice — advice from past students who

have “been there –done that” (***do not erase; add

each class ***)

Date: September 3, 2008 2:10 PM

based on their sex, and let their sex dictate their gender.

The instructors, Jessica and Evelyn, were one of the best instructors I’ve ever had as

they truly made this course enjoyable, and made learning easy, by involving me (and

I’m sure other students) in all the topics instead of dictating lists of definitions and

terminology to simply memorize – this way, we actually understood the material and

wanted to as well. I loved the convenience of the online course (it was the only online

course I’ve taken), availability, help and guidance of the instructors, as well as the

insights shared by all the students. There are so many different experiences and

opinions, and it was great to be able to enrich my own in this way.

Thank you!!



Subject: Dear Future Psyc320 Student

Message no. 6265

Author: Xi C

Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 4:38am

I had a lot of fun exploring the different aspects to this course. First

of all, it is unlike any other course I’ve ever taken. The

teleconfereces are a great way to interact with others in the class.

Unlike traditional courses that are taught in person, many of the times,

individual responses and thoughts are unencouraged because of class

size. However, this class lets everyone express their thoughts and

feelings, I thoroughly enjoyed the teleconfereces for it had given me

the chances to voice my opinions and others’ opinions. Sometimes it

could be very theraputic for some people! It’s like free therapy!

Another aspect of this course that I loved is unlike many other distance

education classes I’ve taken, this course offers helpful notes and

guidlines about the materials, instead of just readin textbooks, this

course will inform you the important issues to focus on.

My advise to you is to do your readings! They’re very interesting! I

regret that I didn’t get to my readings till the last minute. I wish I

had more time to read about these topics because they’re very

interesting, no lies!


Subject: Letters from Jan, May, and Sep, 2007

Author: Psyc 320 Instructor

Letters from Psyc 320 students Jan, May, Sep 2007

Author: Donna C

Date: Monday, December 3, 2007 9:02pm

Hi there,

Maybe you are a serious student of psychology, or have just taken this course on a lark

(like me). Whatever the case, I hope you find it quite the adventure. Not that it will be

all great, as adventures never go totally smoothly, but that it will be a very rewarding


My favourite part of this course was the teleconference presentations even though at first

I dreaded it. Partly the teleconferences were great because you actually get to (finally)

hear the human voices of your classmates. Also, it was fascinating to hear all the

different perspectives from students of different age groups, cultures, and genders. I

used to get a kick out of some of the TV show references that I had never actually

watched but that people adeptly related to course content.

I found this course challenging and very flexible. Don’t worry about doing all the reading

or online course material, just try to participate with what you know, citing the sources of

where you learned it. Most of all, don’t be afraid to get personal and share your

experiences, I found when everyone was open it really enriched the course.


Donna Corcoran

Class of May ‘07


Message no. 7269

Posted by Michael C on Thursday, March 6, 2008 6:05pm

Subject: hello from the past

hi future PSYC 320 students,

i found the journal entries to be one of the most interesting items in this class. Of course

the readings were insightful and the teleconferences were amusing, the journal entries

really allowed me to explore the gender issues that are prevalent in my life, but are often

overlooked. i learned the most about gender issues from reflecting on situations that

happened to me and exploring the reasons they happen and why/how i have these

feelings. I was able to learn more about myself, and how i rationalize and interpret issues

that relate to gender, though they are not as evident at first. i found the journals very

rewarding, and very worthwhile. i encourage you all to deeply explore your feelings as

you will learn more about yourself (and will probably provide you with higher marks for

your journal entries).

good luck, and god speed.


Message no. 7849[Branch from no. 7269]

Posted by Jacqueline M on Friday, April 18, 2008 11:28am

Subject: Thought Provoking

Greetings students of Psych 320.

I found this class to be really thought provoking. I enjoyed the readings and I especially

liked the links provided in each section….really useful if you wanted to delve into a

particular topic and very current. You might find it useful to do some journalling

immediately follwoing readings/teleconferences. This way it will be fresh in your mind

and you may be better able to make the links between subject and what we are


I liked the idea of weaving ideas together as gender really does touch on EVERYTHING.

You will be surprised, once you begin the course, how it affects yopur view, what you

read etc.

enjoy, journal weekly , and join in on thoses teleconferences.



Message no. 7675

Posted by Tara M on Sunday, March 30, 2008 5:50pm

Subject: great course

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it to be a real eye opener, as so much of our

everyday lives are affected by gender. Many of the topics discussed are issues I have

dealt with yet never really attributed my thoughts, feelings, or behaviour to gender

influences. This course helps you to explore yourself as a gendered being. Participating

in the forum discussions and teleconferences gives you the opportunity to learn from and

share experiences with fellow students. It is a very useful and interesting part of the

course in which I would highly recommend that you participate in. Other suggestions

include keeping on top of the readings, relax, and enjoy!


Message no. 7694

Posted by Sherry H on Sunday, March 30, 2008 10:06pm

Subject: to future students

This is my first Distance Ed. course at UBC. I never thought that

distance education is a good way to learn because without physically

attending the class, it seems impossible to learn well.

However, from the start to the end, this course really surprised me

because I never would have expected to be able to interact with the

students and the instructor in a distance education course. From what i

heard about distance education, it is a course that you only need to

prepare for the test and submit some online assignments, then you are

good to go. However, this course is different, you are required to

participate in teleconferences and talk about your own gender

experience. Moreover, working with group members online without meeting

face-to-face is an valuable experience, especially in a gender

psychology class because people are often too readily to make

judgements. Therefore, if you are ready to try the fresh experience of

exploring your own gender issues and working online virtually with you

instructor and colleagues, I think you are the right person for this course.

Finally, I am really glad I joined this class as I got to learn more

about myself as a gender being – how I become gendered and how the world

is gendered. Now, I feel I am ready to step into the gendered world and

make notice of all the gender-happenings.


Message no. 7722

Posted by Dongni Z on Monday, March 31, 2008 12:57am

Subject: Dear psyc320 students

Dear Psyc320 students:

CongratulationsԺŠYou got the most interesting course. I am sure that

you will get lots of useful information from this course. This course

will help you understanding better in future psychology studies. Some of

them could even be your guideline of your life. I have learned a lot in

these two terms. Before I took this course, there always lots of gender

issues around me, and sometimes I am quite confused. I got all my

answers from this course. For example, one of the chapters talked about

romantic relationship. This topic is popular in my age group even

outside the class. I found lots of useful information from this course,

and it can also guide my behavior. I learned that romantic feelings or

being attracted by someone is really a small part of a relationship.

There are lots of problem we have deal to keep the relationship work.

There are much more work to do after we fall in love. Those problems do

not only happen to some people, but they tend to be universal. There are

many similar topics through this course, and I am sure you will get more

mature and knowledgeable after this course.

Good luck to your future study. Enjoy Psyc320.


Dongni Zhou


Message no. 7727

Posted by Patrick T on Monday, March 31, 2008 3:03am

Subject: Future Student

Dear future student,

I’m glad you chose this course. As my first experience in distance education course,

I found this course really interesting. The teleconference can really enhance your

learning because you can base it on your own life experience. Furthermore, your

perspective towards this world will open up. For me, I didn’t realize the impact of gender

stereotyping in this world at the beginning of the course. After going through the course,

I realize the tremendous impact actually blinded us.

Overall, I think the course is very fun. Many little activities which makes the course

seems easier. The self reflection activities such as journal and teleconference

presentation is really useful for understanding your knowledge. I hope you guys will

enjoy this course too.


Message no. 7729

Posted by Kerri E on Monday, March 31, 2008 7:59am

Subject: Dear Future Students


This was my first distance ed course with UBC. It is very interesting and well laid out. You

will learn how gender affects everything we do, even things we don’t expect it to affect.

Because of the journal writing that is required, I have become much more aware/observant

of gender in my everyday life and I think about my actions in different ways now. What is

really great about this course is that even though you are miles apart the class runs like you

are all in one room. The discussion boards and group projects keep the class connected.

You will really enjoy this course. I know I did.

Kerri Earl


Message no. 7739

Posted by Sherry B on Monday, March 31, 2008 6:50pm

Subject: Future Psyc 320 Students

Hello Future Students,

By registering for this course you will be learning more about gender than just gender

inequality. You will learn about gender and yourself and how it affects you in your

everyday life.

Take part in the teleconferences. Sharing personal experiences are very insightful and

rewarding. Also, invest in your journal, taking advantage of reflective practice will

certainly make you more aware of gender issues and gender biases.

And most importantly, being a mature student I learned of gender stereotypes especially

about traditional roles for women. I thought women had really moved into the 21st

century but I realize they still have a long way to go.

Enjoy the course, there usually is a large diverse group to share ideas and experiences


Good luck in your future studies.


Message no. 7741

Posted by Ratha S on Monday, March 31, 2008 8:22pm

Subject: Hola to Future Students

Hello All

This class is more than just a class, I found there is a lot of self discovery as well

especially through writing the journal entries. The journal entries taught me a lot about

myself and my past as well, but in positive ways.

Be warned, this class definetely makes U and see gender in everyday life. U really begin

to question society and norms. U gain an awareness but it is with awareness that comes

understanding and growth. I also advise U all to keep up, I had some trouble because it

is online but the work is fair. This class and subject will always stick with you because it

is so self involving and gender is everywere. Thanks and Welcome to an awakening!


Message no. 7742

Posted by Alison H on Monday, March 31, 2008 9:43pm

Subject: welcome!

Hello Future students, welcome to a most interesting and thought provoking course!

When I began this course I had many questions about gender and the differences

between males and females and now I have EVEN MORE!! ha ha, just kidding, actually I

have had LOTS of questions answered and my views have been expanded. I have

always puzzled over the question of biological behaviour and socialized behaviour and

this course has really illustrated how much we are socialized and how distinct differences

in behaviours between males and females should not be only attributed to biology as

there are far too many other factors. I also really appreciated Kilmartin’s “Models of

Masculinity”, I have taken some other gender courses and rarely has the course offered

a masculine perspective also. I find there has been a glaring hole in gender studies in

this regard so it was refreshing to take this course that looked at both sides of these very

important issues. I loved the interaction in this course, …I felt a little nervous to post my

opinions but at the same time it was fun to share my thoughts. I’ve found that as an

undergrad, you do not get many opportunities to force your views on others (until this

course ..hehe) oh and I loved the journaling for this same reason…what an opportunity

to write down your thoughts and your prof HAS TO READ IT! But really, it’s fun and very

interesting. I find that the journaling helped me to become introspective about how

gender has affected me and this in turn has helped me better understand myself. I really

hope you enjoy this course and that it has much of an influence on you as it has had on


Sincerely, Alison


Message no. 7744

Posted by Janice W on Monday, March 31, 2008 11:02pm

Subject: dear future students

Dear future students,

This was my first distance education course and I took it as an

elective. I only took psychology in first year and this is my first

senior level psychology course. I didn’t know what to expect from it. At

first, I read the course outline and noticed that it required quite a

bit of work: reading both texts, writing journals, telephone conference,

two group activities, plus participation in the discussion board.

However, I decided to give it a try anyways, because I found this topic

quite interesting. I realized I made the right choice. I have learned so

much about gender and our society. We experience many things in life but

we never really think about how it is related to gender and society.

Gender has such a huge impact on our lives. This is a huge and

interesting topic. I enjoyed reading the text because it was not boring

at all; it was something I can relate to. As well, I thought it would be

difficult to work with other students for the group activity, but it

turned out quite well at the end. This is an excellent course. Enjoy!

Janice Wong


Message no. 7750

Posted by Isaac S on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 9:45pm

Subject: To Future Psych 320 Students

To future psych 320 students:

This course is unlike any other Psychology course I have taken at UBC,

and I’ve taken quite a few as I’m a Psych major. All of the psych

courses I’ve taken have consisted basically of rote memorization of

psychology terms and experiments. There’s really not much in-depth

thinking required in those courses, just memorization. This course is

the one exception. In this course, you are strongly encouraged to think

outside the box, to relate your own experiences to the course material.

In fact, if you don’t, you won’t do very well. There is a textbook and a

final exam, but just about everything else in the course will be quite

foreign and strange to new students.

As strange as it may sound, this online course is the most interactive

psychology course I’ve ever taken. What other psychology course is there

in UBC that requires you to attend teleconferences, participate in group

projects, and post extensively on discussion boards? But even though it

may seem daunting to participate in all these activities throughout two

terms, the experience is worth it. Here, you learn psychology not only

through a textbook, but through your fellow classmates. And that’s what

psychology is about after all: the study of people.

If you don’t mind trying something new, you won’t regret taking this

course. In my four years at UBC, this is one of the most unique courses

I have ever taken.


Message no. 7751

Posted by Stephanie C on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 10:19pm

Subject: Some words to future students

Hi guys,

Good job for selecting this course, you’re all in for a fun ride. =]

Logistically speaking, psyc320 requires quite a bit of dedication when

taken online. So before I go on about my experience in this course, I’d

suggest that you have taken the time to look through the outline and

made sure that this course is right for you.

Learning about the issues in gender studies was quite an emotional

process for me. Reading about the history of injustice and prejudice

can have a huge impact on your outlook on the topics. After taking this

course, you will be much more aware of gender themes and will begin to

notice these issues popping up around you in real life.

This change has given me the opportunity to think critically about

embedded gender roles and their effect on our thoughts, actions and

values. Gender studies is a very important part of human thinking. I

did not realize this until I have completed this course.

With that, I wish you all good luck!



Message no. 7758

Subject: Letter to Future Students from Darlene K (copied from email)

Dear future students,

In the beginning of this course we were asked to answer the following questions:

Besides earning six credits, what do you hope to gain from the study of gender?

Do you believe the study of gender will be more relevant on an individual level (i.e., help

you to understand why and how YOU are gendered), or on a societal level (i.e., to help

you gain understanding of the role of gender in certain societal structures)?

Do you believe you clearly understand what gender IS? This course has been a wonderful

vehicle in which to explore gender.

When I began this course, I thought of gender rather more literally than it turned out to

be…I thought of girl, boy, woman, man, how are we different and how are we the same…?

What I wasn’t prepared for was just how much socialization has an impact on gender. At

times it was tough to learn about, since it meant that there were significant challenges in

my life to overcome, and that can be hard to hear…

This course was interesting, open and non-judgmental. I always felt safe to explore and

express my thoughts about gender. Evelyn and Jessica really foster a supportive

environment in which to learn in.

Within this course I explored my thoughts about gender, read about and listened to

others’ ideas and points of view, wrote about my gendered life, and gained a working

knowledge of gender from both a physiological and social perspective.

It was refreshing to finally take a course in which I really felt a connection to the

assignments and all that we did was truly relevant!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a genuine interest in self-discovery.


Message no. 7771

Posted by Adam W on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 2:34pm

Subject: Welcome to psych 320

Future psych 320 students

This is one of the most thought provoking courses that Ive taken so far

at UBC. The material is interesting, and the teleconferences and

journals are well worth the effort. What i found to be some of the most

valuable things I learned in this course were the thoughts of others on

the topic. Participation in teh discussion boards was definitely one of

my favorite parts of this course.

Overall this is a very rewarding course, assuming that you can keep your

procrastination under control :p Good luck to you all


Message no. 7772

Posted by Alice G on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 3:00pm

Subject: Hello future PSYC 320 students!

Dear Psyc 320 students,

Since taking this course, gender analysis for me has evolved from scary


That said, I am really, really glad to have taken this class and I

honestly got a LOT more knowledge than I expected from a distance ed

psyc course. In my free time, I would find myself freely applying what

I have learned in this course to a number of present and past life

situations – it is great and I have found this especially easy to do

with my journal entries. What I like about the journal entries is that

being a distance education course, you can really think freely with your

time and quiet space about what you want to write and thus there is a

lot of time to reminisce if you want to use your past experiences as an

example in the journal entries.

Oh, participate, participate, participate! At a given point in this

course (hopefully early on), you WILL realize that this is more than

just a case of participation marks over shyness. The idea of commenting

on topics in the discussion forums and teleconferences may seem foreign

at first to someone who has never openly analyzed gender before. But it

really is not once you think about them and realize you may already have

a multitude of colorful views about them ingrained in your belief

system. Once you put in the effort, you will be going for the topics

even more than you will be going for the marks – promise.

Good luck and have fun!


Message no. 7774

Posted by Tonia R on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 8:46pm

Subject: Ready, set, Feel!

Future PSYC 320 student:

The one thing I would say to students about to start this course is be prepared to get a

bit emotional. Whether it’s getting angry or frustrated from reading about gender

inequalities, or uncomfortable as you reflect on your own experiences in your journal, or

happy and excited when you listen to the interesting stories other students tell in the

teleconferences, I think this course has you feeling the whole gamut. And to this I say:

Good! For a couple of reasons:

1. Psychological research is showing us more and more how emotion is really important

to learning and cognition. That old idea of having to keep reason and emotion separate

is not completely true. So feel away, you’ll absorb the material better, remember it

better, and …

2. You’ll use it better as well. I think emotions are great motivators, and if you feel

strongly about something you learn in class, go ahead and do something about it! That’s

what learning is for. Research is not meant to sit on a shelf, it’s meant to get out there

and make a difference. And the great thing about gender issues is it’ll never be difficult

to bounce ideas off of friends and family, and get others interested in the issues you are –

because everyone has an opinion when it comes to gender, and there’s always

something new to explore. So, don’t let the learning here sit on a shelf, take it with you

out into the world.

Have fun,



Message no. 7787

Posted by Katherine W on Monday, April 7, 2008 12:25am

Subject: Letter to Future Students.

Dear Future Student,

This course is a wonderful experience and I would like to congratulate

you on joining! If you let it, this course can teach you a lot about

your own and others’ experience of gender. This course is centered on

both a history and context of gender experience, as well as a self

discovery in the world of gender. I learned a lot not only about how

gender affects us everyday, but also how differently gender affects

people. The teleconferences are one of the best ways to connect in this

class; they give you a chance to get to know people in a more open and

honest way than face to face contact often does. I would highly

recommend you attend as many as you possibly can, they are actually

really fun! Another tidbit of advice is keep on top of the readings

they can get quite daunting, but keep on top of them! And lastly, the

most important advice I can give is keep a personal calendar for

assignments and readings so that you don’t accidentally forget something

important. It is easier than you might think to forget about an online

class! This class is a great experience and I wish everyone luck!

Katherine Ward


Message no. 7795

Posted by Bella C on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 3:28am

Subject: Hi future students!

Hello there and welcome aboard to the course that will take you on an

exploration into the world of gender! Before I took this course, I

thought that I had a pretty good idea and sense of how gendered this

world is. However, I have come to realize that there are plenty of

issues that are often neglected. The forums as well, have allowed me

acknowledge that there are many people who have the same feelings as me,

and others who expand my visions. So participate lots, and go to the

forums to share your feelings or new views on gender! It is quite casual

and thought provoking at the same time. The course material of course is

extremely inspiring as well. Especially Kilmartin’s text; I was

introduced to many existing male gendered issues that I’ve failed to see

before. Overall, this course, although being distance ed., is extremely

focused on feelings. Teleconferences, forums and journals are all tools

in helping us learn more about others and yourself. So, if you are not

afraid to dig deeeeeeeeep into your feelings, you will have a fun ride



Message no. 7826

Posted by Yuka A on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:09pm

Subject: To Future Students

Hello future students,

I enjoyed this class. This was my first time to take an online-course,

but even though I had minor difficulties to get used to use all online

functions at the first few months, it was well-structured once you get

to know the each function.

In terms of content of the course, I think this course is very

interesting to develop knowledge about gender and gender related issues

which are very common among us in recent societies. Some topics opened

my eyes and they were very interesting to be aware of. Personally, I am

originally from a country where women are still considered less-powered

in the society, so this class was a good opportunity to learn about most

advanced studies about gender related issues, especially feminism.

Further, if you were interested in working with people who have sex or

gender identity issues in the future, this class would be very useful.

Lastly, even though this class is online-based class and you cannot see

each other, everyone was more likely to be supportive each other through

discussion columns, mail, and chat lines, so as the instructors. I

really appreciate the classmates’ and the instructor’s support when I

work on each topic and assignment. Thus, I believe if you are planning

to take this course, I would suggest you to join discussions and

teleconferences as much as you can and you would find your enjoyment

there in this course.

Good luck and have fun!

Yuka Arai


Message no. 7880

Posted by Cindy H on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 12:58pm

Subject: To Future PSYC 320 Students

To: Future PSYC 320 Students

I am not going to tell you how great this course is, because that is something for you to

discover yourselves. What I will tell you is that this course is an adventure – an

adventure into self, into gender. Keep an open mind and be prepared to think in a

different way than what you may be use to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so

don’t hold back. Especially since the format of this course, being online and all, should

save you from feeling judged. So speak up, even when everyone seems to be saying

something else, because there is no point in having a discourse if everyone is just going

to agree.

Free your mind, and you will get something out of this course.

From: Past PSYC 320 Student


Message no. 7986

Posted by Tamami K on Saturday, May 3, 2008 1:32pm

Subject: To future students

Hi, everyone. Welcome to this distance education course.

First of all, let me share one of my experiences that i gained through this course.

Reply Forward

When I registered for this course, I was not sure how much I could learn through

distance ed as I had never taken one. I was quite nervous and worried about everything

like, catching up on readings, presentations on the phone and so on. Although my

worries were gone right away thanks to wonderful instructors and awesome students.

Eventhough this is distance ed, you can actually communicate with instructors and

students and discuss gender. So you can actually talk(post) more than you do in reagular


Readings are actually interesting and you will love them= ) After completion of the

course, I see things more objectively. I am really glad that I took this course, I know

you will have the same thought as I do soon!

Enjoy the course and good luck!