The program itself is free. You pay for room and most meals. That’s it. That’s all. That is how important we feel getting an early start into living at SJC is.

You won’t pay anymore for room and meal fees than when you officially start your resident contract on September 1. In fact, the standard early arrival fee is $55 per day and does not include meals or programming.

What you will pay:
$48 per day (*includes meal plan, Sunday – Thursday)
$32 per day (*no dinner on Friday & no meals on Saturday)
*effective September 1, the meal plan will be Sunday to Friday


If you arrived on August 15, the total cost to you would be approximately $720. This will include room fees, meal plan, special meals such as the Welcome BBQ happening at Ambleside, brunch, and orientation programming. Some optional activities may have additional fees.

If you arrived on August 1, the total cost would be approximately $1,376. This includes the same as above.