2019 looks to be a dynamic year for the Okanagan tech scene. With over 693 tech businesses and rising and a year on year growth of 15% it’s no wonder that Kelowna has the fastest growing tech industry in the region!

Starting off the year with a bang is the Okanagan Angel summit which hopes to train new and existing Angel investors. This training will last for 4 months and conclude with a ‘Shark-tank’ style competition on April 11th with the winning team walking off with up-to 100,000CAD in investment for their start-up! Joanna Schlosser, the Brand and Communications Ambassador of Accelerate Okanagan, hopes that such a program will “develop a larger angel investment ecosystem” to support tech businesses in the valley. It may then serve almost as the kindling needed to set the start-up tech-scene ablaze.

Throughout the year, Accelerate Okanagan aim to grow their programs for growth-stage companies. Schlosser commented that “companies in their growth stage may have between $0.5 to $20 million in revenue therefore the needs of each may vary quite greatly”. The impact of these companies can be immense for the Okanagan region both in terms of bringing in employment and contributing to Kelowna’s economy. Currently, the tech sector creates employment for 12,474 workers and contributes $1.67billion to the Okanagan’s economy. At any given time, there are over 100 jobs on the Accelerate Okanagan job board adding to the attractiveness of Kelowna to new graduates from both OC and UBCO.

In 2019, Kelowna will be home of multiple tech events ranging from ‘trep cafe Tuesdays, to the Okanagan start-up weekend all open to current and hopeful entrepreneurs, and anyone generally interested in the tech scene. All in all, with so much happening and so much potential 2019 is looking to be a great year for the Okanagan tech scene.


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