Teacher Candidates


The following are links to resources that will assist you to navigate and participate in the upcoming 2022 UBC Education Virtual Career Fair .

  1. Preparing for the UBC BEd Digital Career Fair, Video (Jan 10 2022) (https://tinyurl.com/2s9trhms)
  2. Quick Tour of the online Career Fair environment (for students)
  3. List of 2022 Attending Employers
  4. Teacher Candidate Guide:
    • Event Structure
    • Event Logistics
    • Day of Support
    • Tips for Success
    • FAQs
  5. How to Use Your 5 Minutes to Get an Interview (Andrew LaCavita)

Other Resources that Support a Successful Teaching Job Hunt

  1. Resumes & Cover Letters for Teaching Positions – how to’s
  2. Sample Resume (Word; PDF)
  3. Sample Cover Letter (Word; PDF)
  4. Some popular questions that employers ask during an interview or 5 minute conversation are:
      • Why did you decide to become a teacher/work with children?
      • What subject or grades have you taught/do you wish to teach?
      • Why are you interested in our district?
      • What subjects & grades are you interested in teaching? Are you open to teaching multiple grades?  Why/why not?
      • Are you open to teaching subjects outside your grade or specialization level? Why/why not?
      • Name two ways you motivate students?
      • Describe a time when you worked with a team to solve a problem.Additionally, it is always wise to have some question of your own for employers.  Such as:
      • What are some of the initiative in your district?
      • How involved are parents in the school?
      • What are your districts/organizations’ greatest strengths?
      • What are your districts/organizations greatest challenges?
      • What FTE loads do most new teacher start with?
      • Please describe the mentoring support available to new teachers in your district?
      • What is the estimated time a newly hired teacher stays on the TOC list?

5. Examples of question a teacher candidate may ask an employer:

      • Do you have a teacher mentoring support program in your school/district for new teachers? How does this program support new teachers?
      • What types of continuing education is there for new and experienced teachers?
      • What steps have been taken to encourage professional and social interactions amongst the faculty (teachers/staff/principals) in your school/s.
      • What is the average class size?
      • What are the school’s/district’s strengths/challenges?
      • Please describe the PTA’s role in the school?
      • Is there support coming from the local community?. Please describe.
      • What measures is/are your school/s taking to promote truth and reconciliation?
      • What anti-bulling measures does the school/district employ?
      • What do you believe makes your schools/district unique and one to work in, and one that makes it a privilege to come to work every day?
      • I’ve read the district’s mission statement and reviewed the current goals.  I’m wondering how these are unfolding (have unfolded) and, if the district will be developing these and or new goals in the near future, and if so what might these be?
      • I was intrigued to learn that your school/district has embraced the [policy, approach, program, etc] and I was hoping you could explain a little more on how teachers have integrated this into their instruction.