EES program course list

NOTE these courses are fairly well determined as of March 2017, but names and labels may evolve as the project gains traction and the needs and priorities of students, faculty and the UCA are refined.

*Last updated March 24, 2017.

Prerequisite courses

  • P1           Chemistry – Introductory chemistry for Earth & environmental sciences
  • P2          Physics – Introductory physics for Earth & environmental sciences
  • P3          Ecology – Evolutionary Ecology

Required courses

  • RB1       Mixed Research Methods
  • RB2      Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
  • RE1       Ways of Knowing: Mountain Environments in Thought and Practice
  • RE2      Environmental Governance: Water, Air, Land, and Biosphere
  • RE3      Environment and Development in Mountain Regions
  • RE4      Science, Impact, and Complexity of Climate Change
  • RE5      Natural Hazards and Risk Management in Mountain Regions
  • RG1      Introduction to Geology and Earth Processes
  • RG2     Introduction to Geological Materials and Resources
  • RG3     Surface Processes in Mountain Environments
  • RG4     Hydrology and Hydrogeology

Elective environmental science courses

  • E1          Conservation Science
  • E2         Applied Ecology
  • E3         Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment
  • E4         Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing

Elective geologic science courses

  • G1          Geochemistry
  • G2          Geodynamics and Structural Geology
  • G3          Sediments, Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Resources
  • G4          Minerals, Petrology and Mined Resources


Header Image: Zack Knowles