UCA EES Curriculum Leadership

Dr. Diana Pauna, Dean of Arts and Science, UCA.

Dr. Murodbek Laldjebaev, Assistant Professor in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Khorog Campus

Dr. David Rodgers, Visiting Faculty in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Khorog Campus


Nasiba Amanova, Past manager of planning and development, School of Arts and Sciences.

Undergraduate students, Fatima Mannapbekova, Chingyang Liu, Akash Tirkey, Iram Malik. Details elsewhere.

UCA curriculum review committee

Finalized for prerequisite courses January 2018.

Finalized for EES core courses, December 2018.

UBC Team

For further information contact the project coordinator,

EOAS Department Head: Dr. Roger Beckie; Dr. Beckie’s UBC web page.

Geography Dep’t Head: Dr. Marwan Hassan;  Dr.  Hassan’s UBC web page

Project coordinator: Francis Jones, geophysics and science education specialist, Dep’t Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. Background includes industry experience in instrumentation design and applied geophysics for mineral exploration, geotechnical and glaciological applications; teaching geoscience and geophysics at UBC; science education research and development at UBC. Current focus is in development of geoscience education, curriculum and educational technology. 
Francis Jones’s UBC web page.

Geography faculty liaison: Dr. Loch Brown, instructor, Dep’t Geography. Areas of interest include theory and practice of sustainable development, human environment interactions, and considerations of sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective and at multiple temporal and spatial scales. Courses taught include Environment and Sustainability, Environmental Impact Assessment, Agriculture and the Environment, and Natural Hazards.
Dr. Brown’s UBC web page.

Science education specialists

As of May 30, 2017, nine SESs have committed to this project. Each will be responsible for 1 or more courses in their field of expertise. As a team, we will all work on curriculum and the “flow” of learning between and among courses. Ideally each will work on their own courses, but we may distribute work-load as we discover which areas need more or less time or energy.

People are summarized in alphabetical order below.

Dr. Marc Foggin

Subject area: Mountain societies, mountain ecosystems
Commitment: two senior environmental science / geography courses
Past acting director, Mountain Societies Research Institute
Web-based information: link.

Dr. Elizabeth Gillis

Subject area: Chemistry, science education
Commitment: Prerequisite chemistry course
Web-based information: link.

Dr. Arthur ‘Gill’ Green

Subject area: Geography, geographical information systems (GIS)
Commitment: two GIS courses
Web-based information: link.

Dr. Phil Hammer

Subject area: geophysics, geoscience and natural hazards
Commitment: two geoscience courses
Web-based information: link.

Dr. Tara Holland

Subject area: Environmental science, geography, science education
Commitment: six environmental science & geography courses
Web-based information: link.

Brendan Hunt

Subject area: Fluvial Geomorphologist
Commitment: Two course, one on surface processes and one on hydrology
Web-based information: link.

Erica Jeffery

Subject area: Ecology, science education
Commitment: prerequisite ecology course
Web-based information: link.

Dr. Christopher Kopp

Subject area: Conservation biology, ecology and botany
Commitment: two conservation and ecology courses
Web-based information: link.

Prof. Kyle Larson

Subject area: Geology and tectonics
Commitment: One course on geodynamics and structures
Web-based information: link.

Dr. Lucy Porritt

Subject area: Geology, volcanology, science education
Commitment: two, possibly three, geoscience courses
Web-based information: link.

Dr. Linda Strubbe

Subject area: Physics, astronomy, science education
Commitment: prerequisite physics course
Web-based information: link.


Ozlem Suleman

Subject area: Geochemistry, sedimentology and hydrocarbon resources
Commitment: two courses on geochemistry and sedimentary geology & hydrocarbon resources.
Web-based information: link.

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