Trip summary

Trip summary

Our 2 week visit in October 2017 was packed with opportunities to meet faculty, students, administrators, affiliated organizations (NGOs and others) and groups with whom we may interact for a range of reasons related to discipline-specific content, student learning, community engagement, and academic development. Here, NOT in order, is the list of groups or people we had the privilege to meet.

UCA people & groups

  • UCA cultural heritage: research and teaching faculty (Naryn)
  • SAS (School of Arts and Sciences) curriculum meeting
  • Bohdan Krawchenko , director general & dean of graduate studies
  • SAS; courses and curriculum meeting
  • Head of student recruitment
  • Math teaching: instructing faculty
  • Khorog Campus tour (student)
  • Coop program – Naryn
  • Student life team, Khorog
  • UCA science teachers, Khorog
  • Student focus group, Khorog campus
  • SAS; curriculum meeting
  • Khorog faculty focus group
  • Math class visit
  • Human geog. class visit
  • Bohdan Krawchenko , director general & dean of graduate studies
  • Interviews on camera for EES recruiting

Affiliated – related to AKDN

  • AK Agency for Habitat; Ruslan Bobov
  • AK Foundation, Tom Orr & Amin Virani, from policy development
  • Central Asian Faculty Development Programme; two participants
  • Mountain society development support program, Khorog offices
  • Mountain societies research institute, Acting Director, Marc Foggin
  • UCA School of Professional & Continuing Ed., Dushanbe office and facilities
  • School of Professional and Continuing Education, Khorog facilities

Non-affiliated organizations

  • Institute of Physics and Technology (2 Faculty members)
  • Pamir Energy; Mr. Mamdsaidov, strategic partnerships lead
  • PECTA – Pamir eco tourism;
  • Khorog State U. (biology, geology faculty + 2 from admin.)
  • GIZ: Business and Investor Relations Manager, Mineral Resources for Development, Central Asia.
  • EITI: (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative)

Other visits / tours

  • Ismaili centre
  • Walks; markets in Khorog and Dushanbe, the Dushanbe botanical gardens, vicinity of Ismaili centre, etc.
  • Dushanbe Museum of Antiquities
  • Barsem debrisflow; 45mins from Khorog, bus trip, guided
  • Khorog botanical gardens, not guided
  • Fly to Khorog, Tajik Air
  • Drive to Dushanbe (13hrs)

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