Assignment 2:3 – Formal Report Progress Memo

To:              Dr. Erika Paterson
From:         Jenny Bachynski
Date:          February 22, 2019
Subject:     English 301 – Assignment 2:3 – Formal Report Progress Memo

My formal report is being done for the Vancouver Public Library’s Content Marketing Lead, Mairin Kerr, as well as the Manager of Children’s and Teen Services, Christie Menzo. This report will outline the importance of free children and youth programs offered at the VPL, research which branches have the highest and lowest attendance of these programs, and develop a solution to promote the programs and achieve higher attendance. The information gained from investigating these issues will help Mairin Kerr and Christie Menzo understand why and how young families are using these programs. Ideally, the study will provide insight into why families choose certain branches, and offer solutions to increase attendance in low-attendance areas (with a strong focus on the DTES branch) .

My research plan is as follows:

  • Survey young families living in different areas of the city. I will be collecting data from at least 8 different families and will compile this information to get clarity on how families use and hear about these programs. Find a link to the survey.
  • I will be interviewing a lawyer who works in the DTES, who led an initiative to start a free Music Together program. This program was offered to young mothers and their infants who live in the DTES. Find attached the interview questions at the end of this memo.
  • I will be interviewing Christie Menzo from the VPL about the Children’s and Teen services that the VPL offers, with a focus on branch attendance.
  • I will be interviewing Mairin Kerr from the VPL Marketing team, with a focus on their promotional channels and budget. I will supply visuals of promotional materials.
  • I will be including secondary sources that pertain to the DTES, as well as the importance of children’s literacy:

                  “Embracing access and inclusion at the Downtown Eastside’s Carnegie Library.” British Columbia Library Association, 01 May. 2015,


                   Chen, Pamela, et al. “Associations between Public Library use and Reading Aloud among Families with Young Children.” Journal of                                                       Pediatrics, the, vol. 173, 2016, pp. 221-227.e1.

In terms of schedule, I will have the interviews with families and the coordinator of the music program done by March 1, 2019. I will have the interviews and data from the library professionals done by March 5, 2019. I have already starting compiling information from my secondary sources and have been in contact with both Christie Menzo and Mairin Kerr to confirm their interest in the project.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Jenny Bachynski

Family Survey

VPL Interview – Mairin Kerr

VPL Interview – Christie Menzo

Interview- Servane Phillips (1)


2 comments on “Assignment 2:3 – Formal Report Progress Memo
  1. erikapaterson says:

    Hello Jenny,

    Thank you for this progress report – this is excellent; BUT – I suggest you survey families in place of interviews. And, both interviews and surveys need proper ETHICAL INTRODUCTIONS. Please review the example on the instructor’s blog and create a new survey in place of interview questions. Thank you – I look forward to learning more. Enjoy, Erika

  2. jbachynski says:

    Thanks Erika!

    I have made adjustments to everything you have suggested.

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