UBC LipDub inspires lipdub in Cambodia made up of 300 school children

I thought this might be cool to share.

Basically, this guy working in Cambodia saw the UBC LipDub, thought it was the best lipdub he’s ever seen, showed it to Cambodian school children, and then made this amazing lipdub of 300 school children at Angkoren Temple. He even tracked down Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and is now trying to fundraise money to support the kids’ needs.

This is awesome! Indirectly UBC school spirit has inspired someone across the world, how amazing is that? If you have time, please watch the videos and visit his blog to find out how to donate.

Video of the kids watching the UBC LipDub: click here

Link to the lipdub on Viemo: click here

And the detailed blog with videos of the project: click here

(Sorry, there were issues embedding today)