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Only Two More Months Until Residence Move In!

For some reason, I like taking supa tough photos at work on Photobooth

We’ve hit July. Only two months until we begin a new academic year at UBC. It’s crazy to think I’ve already finished more than half my summer. Will I be ready to give up summer and go back to term papers and textbooks?

I don’t think I’m ready for writing and studying, but I am ready to be back in Totem Park. Lately, I’ve been missing Totem like it’s home and Niagara Falls never existed (sorry Mom). I miss my little cube of a room. I actually LIKE having a small cube. I made it my own space.

Every morning I woke up to the view of the Dene court yard and Kwak/Salish from my bed

Here’s how I rocked a little cube, which is something almost all first year students are presented with. It doesn’t matter if you are in Totem or Vanier next year, you’ll be presented with your dorm room when you move in and it’s your mission to make it feel like your own.

First off, I made friends with two girls on my floor who helped me take apart my bed frame only to put it back together so it was as high off the ground as possible. UBC leaves you instructions when you move in so you know how to adjust the height of your bed frame. This proved for ample room under the bed for things like the dresser that comes with your room, a fridge if you get one, and other things like big pieces of luggage from moving around the world to UBC Campus.

Next, I rotated my bed. Instead of having my bed against one wall that was facing my desk and dresser on the other, I moved my bed against the wall where my window was. I got this suggestion from an upper year student when I moved into residence. I put my desk next to my bed to make a ‘L’ shape in my room. My dresser was tucked under my bed along with all those big items. I still had room to access my closet and mirror. It made my room feel less like a dorm room and more like a bedroom with a ‘home’ vibe. It also proved for more space for things like visual art parties.

Meet Mychal, the guy wearing the Nootka shirt on my floor. He’s the Nootka House President next year. We had a visual arts party during first semester when I took this photo. You can see where I put my bed and to the right where the chair is peeking out is where I put my desk.

In addition to your cube, you are given a dorm chair that most likely is wooden with black seats that has been used many times over the years. I dressed it up and made it comfy. I kept a big green pillow from Ikea against the back rest and I folded up a plaid blanket from home on the seat. It made those long nights of studying feel a lot better.

I recently went to Ikea and bought my new bed sheets and pillows for next year. Meet the newest pillow (below) to take home on my chair next year. Is it weird that I get really excited with picking out bed sheet colours, pillows and lamps for my room? I’ve got two months until move in and I’ve already bought almost everything I need including Volcom posters from

Start dreaming of what you want your dorm room to look like next year. I was in love with my first year dorm room and I want you to feel the same way. Just don’t make the same mistakes I did with being messy which included accidently smashing a glass lamp. Broken glass is not a good thing.

Music Monday

YouTube Preview Image

M.I.A. vs Vampire Weekend Giving Up The Sunshowers (The Hood Internet Remix)

We just got through Totem Park’s Final Epic Weekend. How epic was it? Girls shaving their heads for BC Children’s Hospital, WTFL Finals, Casino Night, Totem Formal, Bass Love Dance Party, Totem & Vanier Pool Party and a multi-level fort in Maegan & Megan’s room.

Casino Night rocked, not because of the creepy guy walking around who was supposed to be a magician, but because of the free photo booth. We took advantage.

Only 15 Days Left of First Year

Our floor lounge in Totem Park

Myself, Katie, Megan & Maegan hanging out in our floor lounge.

The hardest thing about concluding first year is not getting to live with my best friends next year and I won’t be able to see them during the summer either. I’m going to be a RA in Totem Park, Megan and Maegan will be living in a house (hopefully) in the Village and Katie is taking the year off to travel and work in Toronto. It sounds crazy, but it’s like I have to say goodbye to my family all over again. No more running into Megan & Maegan’s room whenever I want to use their fridge and tell them a funny store. No more visiting Katie while she’s watching one of her many followed TV series on her computer. No more 6pm group dinner dates in the dining hall with our floor. No more Magdas trips. This is it.

I don’t want to have to leave my floor. I don’t want to be separated from my family. I leave Totem Park in two weeks and then first year is finished. It’s a strange feeling to be done an entire year of university. It’s strange not to have my friends living next door to me anymore. I’m just going to have to find a way to get them to eat dinner with me in Totem Park next year. Anna’s sandwiches for the win.

Whuddup BlackBerry Photos

Return of the BlackBerry!

I forgot to tell you that over Christmas my stolen BlackBerry was replaced. Since the beginning of Term Deux, I’ve been snapping photos with it’s tiny little camera everywhere I go. It’s like having great photos for TwitPic, but you are too lazy to use TwitPic. So you upload them onto your UBC Blog instead.

Totem's 10 by 10!

Totem Park’s 10 by 10 Campaign for Free the Children! Poster making in the PRC with Charlene!

Weekends with friends!

Going out on the weekends with Nicola and Maegan!


Buying last minute tickets at a ridiculous price to see Phoenix and 300 fans storm the stage is the way to go!

Music Monday & A huge accomplishment

YouTube Preview Image

The Arcade Fire- Wake Up

It’s a good song, and a good throw back to when I used to watch Much Music before going to school in the morning. I remember their music videos. And I was a confused young child. It also reminds me of EQAL’s promotional video. Click here to check out the video. Because of the video, all I see is Alicia Silverstone getting out of a pool when I listen to this song. They are the folks behind LonelyGirl15. Never heard of LG15? Google it, it was huge. I even had a small acting role in one of their shows within the LG15 canon. Say whatttt?

Accomplishment: In only a few short days, I have gone from halfway through season 2 of How I Met Your Mother to the season finale of season 4. Legen- wait for it- dary!


Oh yeah, attention all prospecteeves, I’m going to be a Residence Advisor in Totem Park next year. See you then.

Ohhh yeahhh.

A typical Totem Park Sunday for Erica:

– UBC REC League soccer game. Team name: Tiger Pants. We’re legit.
– WTFL football game.
– Post soccer game. Trying to get the best shower in the floor bathroom before your other teammates.
– Lunch. Dim Sum Sunday or Belgium  waffles and ice cream? Or the classic scrambled eggs and bacon?
– Laundry. Today I was the cool kid who made their washing machine fill up with bubbles and suds.
– Watching Ferris Bueller’s Day off (The best movie to come out of 1986) on Mega Video. It’s becoming kind of a Sunday afternoon tradition.
– Back to the laundry room. I pay to have my clothes go through the dryer a second time and hope they all are dry by the end of their second round.
– Chocolate milk run. I go for the large carton.
– An attempt at studying is eventually made. Emails are always answered.
– Facebook creeping.
Dinner with my floor mates in the  Dining Hall around 6pm, everyday, like a ritual.
Post-dinner. Random things from my “To Do” list, work on getting things done for the West Coast (Mob)ilizers Program, catch up on more How I Met Your Mother, and pretend I like to read my text books.
– Magda’s trip for some onion rings and candy.
– I go into Megan & Maegan’s room several times to either a) bug them b) tell them a funny story or c) talk really loudly after quiet hours in their room for the purpose of AJ having to close their door.
– Bed. Eventually. But this semester, it’s pretty early compared to what it used to be.

AMS Elections

1) You need to vote.

2) Find out how and when to vote, here.

3) My RA, Alyssa Koehn, is running for a Student Senate Member-at -Large position. She seriously would be amazing for this, and I know this from getting to live on her floor for the last 5 months and viewing her leadership abilities. She’s also hilarious and cares about this university. Check out her amazing tumblr page, here.

Alyssa Koehn, one wicked-awesome individual you should vote for.

I’m on a UBC Student Involvement High

Things are really blossoming this semster when it comes to my level of invovlement in the UBC community. Last semester I still belonged to clubs, blogged, supported Magda’s with my candy addiction, attended events, and did as much as I could to be involved in campus life. I’m less than 2 weeks into Term Deux and already I’ve attended SLC, joined a teaching prize selection committee as the Arts undergrad rep, became an art history rep at AUS meetings, met exciting new people who want me to join their cause (which I will), I joined my floor’s WTFL flag football team and my friend’s Rec soccer team. That’s just a little sliver of the entire cake!

I’ve never been so pumped about everything that I get to be a part of. UBC is so big that everyday I learn of something that is out there that I had no idea about. Like today for example, I was sitting in the Sub Art Gallery while I was volunteering for AHSA & VASA and I met a super awesome individual who runs a campus publication about women in politics! That’s right up my alley! That’s something I love about UBC. 1) It’s so big that it can offer over a million different things to the student body. 2) You’re always learning something new and it never feels dull.

As I blogged about over the winter break, I have a new toy- my iPod Nano. It’s my new tool to blog to you guys with videos of UBC and residence life. Here is my first video where I’m testing out the technology & showing you residence life here in Totem Park.

YouTube Preview Image

Secondly, here is a clip I shot from the very front row of SLC of the opening part of Romeo Dallaire’s keynote address.

YouTube Preview Image

Thirdly, please donate to help those in Haiti. My high school has sponsored a school in Haiti that was hit so hard by the hurricane that happened last year that the children couldn’t go to school for months. The worst part is that school is where they get their food for the day. Without school they don’t eat. Haiti still had not recovered from the hurricane so imagine what it is like now after the earthquake. As a Vancouver Mob-Lead, here is a link to Free The Children to donate to help Haiti.

That’s all for today. Hopefully I see some blog readers tomorrow in the Norm Theatre inside the SUB for the town hall meeting with Michael Ignatieff. It’s at 3pm & It’s going to be a blast.