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Deb(M1-#1): Indian Education Newsletter

This newletter for the First Nations was first published in 1970 by the Indian Education Resources Center (IERC). The reason for the establishment is to improve the educational opportunities for Aboriginal students in BC. If you scheme through each magazine, you may see that it consists of collaborative work of BC Aboriginal teachers. The first issue was printed in October 1970 and continued until February 1977. There are no printings from 1975-1976 due to some funding issues.

As the newsletter contains lists of resource materials available and distributed by the British Columbia Native Indian Teachers’ Association (BCNITA), conference reports, regional reports, grant information, activities, children’s literature, curriculum ideas and goals, counselling and guidance, history of the UBC Native Indian Teacher Education Program, and other things relative to Aboriginal education.

Although the Indian Education Newsletter became discontinued nearly 35 years ago, I can learn abou the history of Aboriginal education and how it has changed and improved since then. Moreover, I can also learn how the curriculum focus areas for Aboriginal students have changed.

Deb Kim