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My name is Tamara and I have been teaching grades 1-6 for over 12 years, while also serving as a district Technology Coach. I am very passionate about technology and am eager to learn about and discuss some new, innovative emerging technologies. 

I live in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband and my two daughters- aged 2 & 7. Since having children, I have worked part time as a Makerspace/ Technology teacher, and, for the past two years, as a French as a second language instructor. 

Currently in my spare time, I take care of my crazy toddler (who gets into all kinds of trouble!) and help/teach my daughter her online learning program (grade 2). She is registered in French immersion, but since CO-VID and online learning, she has had no language instruction, so I am supplementing that French learning on my own at home (reading, writing, vocab).

I am looking forward to learning with all of you!

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  1. EmilyChen

    Hi Tamara,
    Nice to meet you! It’s amazing that you are working and caring/teaching your kids. Looking forward to learning with you!

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  2. Erica Hargreave

    Hi Tamara,

    Sounds like you are doing some interesting work, and those two little girls of yours are adorable. I am curious, are you back in the classroom this Autumn or will your teaching be online?

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    1. Tamara

      I am back in the classroom this fall. Which I was a bit disappointed about at first, but after seeing the students and teaching them the first week, it has been really great to be back 🙂 Their positive energy is contagious, and despite all the changes and protocols in place, they are still so happy to be there and so eager to learn!

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      1. Erica Hargreave

        That is good to hear. Stay safe!

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  3. tara davis

    HI Tamara,
    I’m a french immersion teacher for K-1, so let me know if you ever need any more resources! I really like Je Lis for leveled reading (there are audio books that read french out loud).

    I also like Math IXL for online learning, although it is not in French.


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