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  1. Connie Sim

    Quincy Larson is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who uses his background as an educator and a programmer to help students learn new skills (coding, in this case). With FreeCodeCamp operating on funding from donations and contributions, the courses on the platform remains accessible to everyone. It is also really impressive that FreeCodeCamp’s graduates successfully secure jobs at giant tech companies.

    What I am still figuring out is- How does FreeCodeCamp really make money? If it is solely based on donations and contributions, what does expansion for the company looks like?

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  2. luke pereira

    HI Connie, even though there is no over head and funding is based on donations, they are doing pretty well. See link https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/freecodecamp-2020/ and also their public tax return – https://freecodecamp.s3.amazonaws.com/freeCodeCamp+2019+f990.pdf

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