Analyst Report: Vernier Software & Technology

Vernier Software & Technology is an educational technology company that creates scientific probes, interfaces and software. The company’s aim is transform the science classroom into an engaging environment where students ‘do’ science. As a Physics teacher and student, I have used Vernier products for as long as I can remember. Please visit this link to view my analyst report for this company:

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  1. markmpepe

    Hi Josh,

    Great job on the analyst report for Vernier Software & Technology. I enjoyed reading it, I found your formatting easy to follow, and I was able to pick up a few things. It seems like Vernier has got quite the foothold in their market and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

    Being a music teacher, I don’t really get to use these types of software and hardware, but I recently did a cross curricular unit with the ADST teacher. Using micro:bits we programmed music and the LEDs, and our students made “robots” from recyclables taken from home. It was quite a success. We even translated music notation into the MakeCode editor. I hope I get to use them again.


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  2. michael orlandi

    Hi Josh,

    Great OER. I use Vernier calipers when machining in the metal shop with students. I’m assuming they are of the same company at the Vernier software and technology have a caliper in their logo. I had no idea they offered such a wide variety of products. Sometimes shop tech cross over into the STEM world and this is good for me to see as the company looks like it offers a great selections of tools. Thanks for sharing!

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