Analyst Report: Codecademy

Welcome to my Educational Venture Analyst report for Codecademy. I’ve created a video presentation, but I’ve also included a transcript with references in this Google Doc. Codecademy is an online learning platform to learn coding. I chose this venture because I have used it in the past and found it very beneficial for me. I wanted to dig a deeper and give Codecademy an in-depth analysis to the best of my “investor” abilities. Thank you, and enjoy.

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  1. SallyB

    Hi Mark,
    I loved your competition analysis! It was fair, balanced and informative. I wish I had thought of a google trends to compare search terms! The analysis of price points in the market was insightful and highlighted how codeacademy fits and is differentiating themselves in the space. This analysis has definitely made the name stand out for me; I’ll be keeping an eye on them in the future.

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    1. markmpepe

      Hi Sally, Thank you for watching my EVA and for your response. Much appreciated. Codecademy is a great platform, I learned a lot using using it, and I am going to return to it in the future. I highly recommend it! -Mark

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