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This report examines Zoom, the video conferencing software that has proved itself in the market in recent years. Zoom has raised the bar for many competitors, and it is shaping online communication for the post-pandemic era. This report presents insights about Zoom and a complete analytical framework using the cube method.

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  1. shaun holma

    Feras, the structure of your report is wonderful: clean and connected. I thought you provided a great job in providing facts but did not let the report get bogged down in raw data. Like most people, I have had to learn several video conferencing platforms in last year. They all have own idiosyncrasies that eventually serve a person to favor or oppose them. I was not surprised to see that year-over-year Zoom numbers have risen dramatically but I was surprised to see the dramatic decline in market share that both Skype and Slack saw.

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    1. Feras Alachek

      Hi Shaun. Thank you for the nice words. For some reason, I see the decline of Skype analogous with the falling of Nokia in from of giant smartphone companies such as Apple and Samsung. Skype had failed to provide video-conferencing services that meet the demand of the market, especially in light of the recent pandemic. Slack has participated in the demise of Skype by integrating extra features such as Dropbox and Google Drive. I believe Microsft did more to counter Slack with teams than to improve Skype and maintain its efficiency in the market. Will Skype face the same destiny of Nokia?

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  2. Lyon Tsang

    Hi Feras — Zoom definitely proved itself this past year with remote work / learning / interactions skyrocketing!

    I found out recently that the company is launching Zoom Phone Appliances ( These look like your traditional office phones but reimagined with touchscreens, cameras, and Zoom built-in — as return to work picks up, it looks like Zoom is making an effort to stay relevant in post-pandemic life…

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    1. Feras Alachek

      Hello Lyon. I appreciate your response and web link. I agree that on the surface level, Zoom is providing audio and video conferencing services, but if we dig deeper, we can see a huge industry moved by this company. Zoom is indeed planning for a technological conquest and domination on a global scale. A keyword here is hybrid work, and Zoom is building upon this concept. Zoom events is normalizing blended workplace and the company is promoting immersive view as well. Check this link for more details:

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