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Hi everyone! I have created my report using Articulate Rise, which I use extensively at work for producing courses. My focus is on virtual labs and broke down the report into 3 sections: Overview, Market Analysis, and an overall holistic view on the company including my thoughts.We have a few universities currently using and testing the product and while still in early stages, the company has a background of extensive research on vlabs for student. While, its not the holy grail of lab simulation, modern problems require modern solutions and Labster seems to be leading the race.

Please check out the report here

Thank you!


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  1. analesa crooks-eadie

    Awesome presentation Luke! It flowed really nicely and was very informative. I have never used articulate rise before, but it was on my list to try out for sure. Virtual labs are interesting, I would like to try this in my classroom. I like the fact that game-based learning is applied because let’s face it, some of our students find science ‘boring’ and our students enjoy gaming! So that is a motivation for those students. I do like that there is no risk, sometimes I am limited to what I can do because I don’t want any ‘accidents’.
    However, after looking at the recommendations, I am a bit skeptical since it’s not really aligned with the curriculum. If improvements are made to tailor to student needs, I would definitely explore but that uncertainty is the biggest piece of the puzzle.
    Well done!

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  2. jason toal

    Hi Luke! I’m reading this in 2022, and very interested in the Labster product. Your analysis was extremely informative, particularly for the company background and the investment capitol driving its growth. I’m new to UBC but looking at Labster and other more open source alternatives. I have come across PHET as an interesting eg. Some faculty at UBCO are very interested in Labster, but I am looking for more non-corporate models for delivering virtual labs. Regardless, this report has been invaluable to learn about what me be considered ‘best in show’ virtual lab vendors. All the best.

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