Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning integrates educational content into interactive games, engaging learners in immersive experiences that promote active participation and problem-solving skills. By combining entertainment with learning objectives, it fosters intrinsic motivation and deep engagement, making concepts more memorable for learners of all ages.

Opportunity Forecast

This is a unique opportunity to revolutionize education through the use of technology and interactive experiences. By providing immersive environments where students can apply knowledge in various scenarios, game-based learning creates connections between concepts and real-world applications. It accommodates diverse learning styles and preferences, allowing for personalized learning tailored to individual students’ needs. Furthermore, the inherent feedback loops in games enable continuous assessment and adaptive learning, ensuring that students receive targeted support and encouragement as they progress.

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GBL in Education OER

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One response to “Game-Based Learning”

  1. nstokes1

    Hello Carlo and Nik,
    Thank you for your OER this week!
    I really appreciate that you split up the age groups because, as a k-2 teacher, I feel like my students and my teaching experience are left out of the conversation in EdTech. It also brought back quite a bit of nostalgia with Math Blaster so thank you. (I also really appreciate the clue game and the names you picked, it made me giggle)
    I loved the Mathblast games and I seem to remember something about bugs but cannot remember what it is. I had a flashback to “type to learn” and being really fast at typing but all of my teachers were so angry that I could type very quickly without having my fingers placed in the “proper” ways, which feels like a metaphor for my whole educational experience.
    Carlo, I have to give a special shout-out to your trailer, it filled me with so much nostalgia!
    The different VR games that you suggested are so interesting and I cannot wait to implement them into my classrooms soon!
    I am still shocked when I read the figures for all of the different OERs but once again I am impressed. With a CAGR of 38.67%, I think that may be the highest yet! Your outline of the market is so comprehensive and I feel like I understand it much more than before.
    Once again, thank you for this OER. It made me think and gave such a good oversight of Game-Based Learning.

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