The course is an Intro to Video Production class. Students learned various fundamentals of aesthetics (composition, shot types, lighting, etc), as well as technical and editing skills this term through several exercises and one large project. These videos were their large/final projects, and were fairly open-ended in that they could explore any topic or theme they wanted. The requirements were that the final videos had to be between 3 and 5 minutes in length, include a title and credit screen, use at least some diegetic sound, and be composed of a minimum 75% original material created by the student for this assignment. Any music and archival material had to be utilized from approved creative commons sources, and credit provided. Other than that, students got to make the video of their choice: narrative/fiction, documentary, experimental/artist’s video, music video, or a hybrid of these forms. They all came up with their own ideas and shooting plans, edited it all themselves, and many of them were shooting with iPhones.

ZIRAK – A shadow puppet production by Karina Nardi


PLAYBACK by Maura Tamez




ISOLATION by AmandaMcIvor