This 2D animation introduces core principles and techniques required for the creation of two-dimensional digital animation projects.

The students had to create two main projects  for the VISA 266 Р2D Animation course.

The first project was a short abstract animated film, edited on a music of their choice (public domain/creative commons music). The minimum duration was 45 secondes.They had to use only shapes, colours, lines and patterns with no recognizable objects. Students had to associate the image with the mood and tone of the chosen music. The films must feature at least two animation principles seen in class (acceleration/decelaration; perspective in movement; stretch and squash).

The second project was a narrative animated film, with an original soundtrack. The minimum duration was 1minute 30 secondes. It had to contain one character minimum, maximum two, and backgrounds. The creative process included storyboard, animatic, character animation and character design. The film could be in colour or B&W.

Mei Henderson


Saki Irie


Amanda McIvor


Nick Tai