Embodiments: Work by 4th year BFA students


VISA 482

Embodiments is a collaborative and collective showcase of the Creative and Critical Studies fourth year BFA graduating class. Within this exhibition lies a variety of artists working with a wide selection of materials, techniques and viewpoints. One of the exhibit’s principal strengths is the showcasing of these diverse artistic practices. The majority of these artists’ works represent the culmination of years of exploration and investigation within UBCO’s Creative and Critical Studies department.

The journey of each artist has been carefully developed and cultivated to reach this apex alongside their peers, many of whom have greatly contributed to the fruition of this exhibition. Though each artist’s work resides in an individual space and artistic expression, the curatorial vision highlights a cohesive and balanced exhibition. As students who grew and learned, relying on each other through past years, so now do these works on display enrich the diverse voices of this class collectively.

Embodiments represents the first of two exhibitions planned for this cohort in 2021/22. We look forward to a return to the larger year-end exhibition in April, 2022 with great enthusiasm. We hope that you will join us to celebrate our achievements at that time as well!


Credits to: Candice Hughes for the writing & Kenzie Beeman and HongYu Zhou for the images

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