Sea Dreams
An exhibition by alumni Joanne Gervais (BFA ’06, MFA ’10) and Shauna Oddleifson (BFA ’98)

This animated tale that tells a story of a little girl character wearing an octopus mask and her interactions with sea-creatures, underwater plant life and the impact of human negligence. With increasing temperatures brought about by climate change, and the accumulation of plastics, the health of the oceans is under threat. With this work we are referencing the affect we have on our environment, and how the way we interact with nature can have consequences. The naive drawing style allows for a buffer for the deeper meaning of our human condition and interactions with each other and natural environments. The elements that make up the animated narrative are hand drawn and sewn creatures along with photographs that are cut out, staged and brought to life through a combination of stop motion and digital media.

Sea Dreams was on display in the Project Gallery at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art from January 28 to March 12, 2022.

Photo courtesy of the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art.