PRINT – Works from the UBCO Print Collection


Works from the UBCO Print Collection


September 5 to Sept. 28, 2023


We are pleased to host an exhibition of printmaking works in the FINA Gallery featuring fine arts alumni artists with works from our UBCO Print Collection.


The umbrella term printmaking involves a number of different methods of creating art works through the process of printing.  Typically, a print-artist makes a matrix in one form or other (an image drawn­ onto a lithographic stone, or etched with nitric acid into an etching plate or made as a stencil on a silkscreen, etc) and then uses that matrix to transfer the imagery to another surface – usually paper or fabric.  While not all printmakers work in editions (multiple originals) prints do tend to be made in multiples.  Editions of an image allows a p­­rint-based work to be sent all over the world and be exhibited widely.

Amy Bugera 2023 Etching/Aquatini 2/3

Printmaking at UBC’s Okanagan campus is quite varied.  Students can work with a number of different print media – stone lithography, zinc-plate etching, relief printing (woodcut and linocut), ultra-violet screen printing, monotype printing and letter press printing.  These different media (used individually or in combinations) provide limitless possibilities for creative expression.

Liane Juchinipsky ‘Emmett Kelly’ 2009 1/1 Screenprint

Screen printing at UBCO is quite unique in North America.  Students use inks that are water soluble but can only be cured/dried by intense ultra-violet light.  This allows for the printing of minute detail and subtlety that is not normally open to a screen printer’s practice.


A number of UBCO printmaking students have won awards and recognition in exhibitions across Canada and internationally.


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