How does it work?

Before Coming…

  1. A schedule will be posted at 12pm on Wednesdays on the door of BuTo 804 to sign up for consultations for the following week.
  2. Your appointment will be in BuTo 898 on the day and time that you signed up for.
  3. If you haven’t signed up the week before but there is sstill space in the schedule, feel free to book an appointment!

What Should You Bring to Your Appointment?

  1. Two copies of the rough draft of your paper (one should be printed, for the tutor, and the other can be on your computer or also printed).
  2. A copy of the assignment ‘question’ or task.
  3. A list of your goals for the consultation. Consider two or three specific aspects of your writing assignment that you would like to focus on; such as structure, organization, proper use of transitions, etc.

Session Protocol

Each session has the following format:

    • Welcome and introductions. The student provides a copy of the assignment, and their paper.
    • Students clarify which specific things they would like to work on in their paper.
    • The student/tutor reads the paper aloud while the other follows along with his/her own copy.
    • The tutor offers suggestions that will help the student improve his or her work.
    • The students has the opportunity to ask further questions or ask for advice on particular aspects of the paper.
    • At the end of the session, the student completes a reflection form in which they describe some of the techniques used during the session and their overall comfort level with the tutor and the session in general.

Types of Appointments

The Spanish Writing Centre offers three types of appointments: individual, drop-in, and digital consultations.

  • Individual: Each individual appointment lasts 40 minutes. If you come in for a second visit for the same paper your appointment length can be shorter, depending on what is required.
  • Drop-in: You don’t need to book for this type of appointment and can just turn up at the ‘drop-in’ session on the timetable. The length of your visit will probably be approximately 20 minutes, depending on the number of other students in attendance.
  • Digital: At a specified time each week (normally Thursday mornings, but check the timetable to be sure), you can email your questions to for our immediate attention. This option may be used to answer specific questions, check for clarity of the thesis statement, discuss specific sections of the paper, or ask advice about specific grammar questions.

Protocol for Cancellations

  • First, cross your name off of the schedule at at least ONE DAY prior to your appointment
  • Then, email so that we know you have canceled your appointment, and can therefore offer it to any other student waiting for an appointment.

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