Writing Centre Goals

What do we do at the Writing Centre?

    • We offer a place for students to find support with their essays at any stage of the writing process.
    • We encourage students to engage in a dialogue about writing with a tutor.
    • We aim to produce better writers by giving students the necessary tools to change their writing habits.
    • We help students gain self-confidence and enhance their abilities to convey their ideas through writing in Spanish.
    • We address both global and local concerns that may arise during a session.

Some techniques used during the sessions:

  • Reading the paper aloud helps alert both the student and the tutor to errors and areas for improvement.
  • The student will be asked to give their general opinion about what they have written.
  • The student and tutor might aim to summarize each paragraph in one or two words to better highlight the main ideas.
  • The tutor will ask the student general questions about his or her paper to guide the discussion.
  • Underline grammatical errors and other “local” problems.
  • Look at “global” problems – structure, essay flow, etc.

Misconceptions about Writing Centres

  • Writing Centres are only for problem students.
  • Writing Centres are “fix it shops”.
  • Students are only to make an appointment at the Writing Centre for final draft revision.

In fact, students of all levels and abilities can benefit from the Writing Centre. The aim is to help each student improve their writing process and technique. The session is geared to the student’s needs. The session will help the student to identify areas for improvement in the essay and their writing process, and provide some of the tools to make those improvements. Students are encouraged to visit as many times as they feel necessary and can bring an essay plan, a few paragraphs, a couple of pages, or a complete draft.


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