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  1. Hello!

    I am a teaching assistant for a course in the Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Department (with Stuart Sutherland). In this course I teach a lab on the “Jelly Roll” sedimentary structure in the Pacific Museum of Earth. The street view google interior that you did, which is on the PME’s Jelly Roll page is amazing! Stuart suggested that I reach out to you to see if you have any high resolution photos of the Jelly Roll that we could use in our lab. We would of course maintain any copy write one these images, and properly source where they came from.

    Due to the online delivery of our course now, it will be really cool to direct the students to the PME webpage, but for the lab itself we really need one high quality image they students can look at to make their drawings, etc.

    Please let me know! Stuart again suggested I reach out before we try to take our own (likely subpar) images!
    All the best and happy holidays,

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