2 thoughts on “Development

  1. Andrea Bullivant

    I watched/read all the film clips and article quite quickly. They seem to range between those which proposed ‘changing the rules’ but still within the same economic model/modern global imaginary (eg Global Inequalities; the article maybe?) and those which seemed to be pushing into ‘Alternatives to development’ (eg Who benefits from poverty? (possibly) and First As Tragedy Then as Farce.

    Very interested to know others views…

    This also set me thinking about how to work with teachers/practitioners to encourage consideration of more than ‘changing the rules’, for example, moving beyond Fair Trade as a solution, asking questions about the sustainable development goals etc

  2. Andrea Bullivant

    Posting this a bit late, but just an idea following the last tutorial – I wondered if, having posed our questions, we choose (or vote for) just one question to focus on as a group? A bit like Philosophy for Children. This might allow for deeper discussion in the time available?


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